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  • 7 Top Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2024

In the past, healthcare wasn’t known for its ability to adapt to new technologies quickly. Now, patient preferences, along with the healthcare landscape as a whole, are shifting rapidly.

If you want to stay competitive and ensure you reach as many patients in need as possible, it’s essential you stay on top of the latest in healthcare marketing. That’s why we’re sharing the top healthcare marketing trends you need to know for 2024.

Top healthcare marketing trends for 2024

The past few years have put healthcare through the wringer. Large surges in healthcare demands coupled with a mass exodus of staff have made it difficult for many providers to serve their communities as well as they’d like. This has resulted in having to do more with less for most healthcare organizations across the country.

But, while the last few years have been trying for healthcare, they’ve also resulted in some surprising advancements. For instance, who would have thought telehealth would not only take off but also become something many patients view as favorably as in-person visits?

Here are the top 2024 healthcare marketing trends:

  1. Even more emphasis on personalization
  2. More patient-focused content
  3. Continued focus on HIPAA
  4. Increased social proofing
  5. More focus on mental health
  6. Increased social media presence
  7. A spotlight on chatbots

Let’s dive in deeper.

Even more emphasis on personalization

Personalized care is more important than ever in this increasingly digital frontier. A whopping 50% of patients went as far as saying a poor digital experience ruins their experience and perception of a provider. There are clear steps you can take to improve the patient experience, such as ensuring your new patient experience is simple and seamless. But, you can go a step further and personalize the experience. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Use dynamic online intake forms that change based on responses, allowing patients to provide as much information as possible without clicking through unnecessary fields.
  • Offer more robust patient profiles that deliver personalized information on the home screen, including appointment info, details on tests, and more.
  • Utilize AI-powered chatbots that deliver a personal care experience, guiding patients through questions they have and helping them get exactly what they need.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. When patients are coming to you for help, many are already in the midst of a difficult, stressful time. Make a great first impression and offer your patients a personalized experience that lowers the barrier to entry.

More patient-focused content

Great patient engagement typically translates into a great experience for the patient. In fact, 61% of patients want patient engagement to improve over what it is. Patient engagement ultimately boils down to communicating with patients and ensuring they’re seen and heard. Patient-focused content is a great way to foster this.

Develop a content marketing plan that focuses on the patient and their experience. Brainstorm topics that your audience and community would care about—seasonal allergies, staying healthy during cold season, mental health tips, and so on.

example of patient-focused healthcare marketing content

Northwell Health’s The Well is a great example of how to handle healthcare content.

Along with your patient-focused content, develop blog articles that humanize your organization and put caretakers at the forefront. Do you have a physician who’s passionate about a certain topic? Let them be the name and face behind a piece on it!

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Continued focus on HIPAA

HIPAA violations are costly, with caps of more than $2 million for some incidents. As healthcare organizations give marketing more attention, HIPAA will likely remain a top concern.

Many healthcare organizations are well-versed in staying HIPAA-compliant with their actual patient practices, files, etc. But, marketing is a different beast with new variables. Ensuring marketing is always compliant, personalized experiences don’t risk protected health information (PHI), etc. will be critical in 2024 and beyond.

Increased social proofing

It’s easy to forget that healthcare systems are businesses despite also acting as care providers. Seeing as providers are businesses, it’s important to give social proofing the care it deserves. Especially when 76% of people frequently check online reviews for businesses before going.

Establishing trust with the local community is critical for healthcare organizations, especially those in areas with multiple systems and more competition. Social proof can help you build this trust and stand out, even in a crowded and competitive space.

Encourage your patients to rate your location online after they’re seen. You can do this both in person and via email. It’s also a good idea to run customer testimonial campaigns. If you have any patients who are advocates for your location, see if they’d be interested in publishing a statement on your site or any marketing materials.

Patient groups around the globe are losing trust in healthcare, so expect to see the competition focusing on social proof. Stay one step ahead and start building trust ASAP.

The Cleveland Clinic is a great example to follow when it comes to social proofing. Instead of typical testimonials, they have entire people-focused pieces that put a name and face with the care their clinics provide.

example of social proof healthcare marketing content shared on site

More focus on mental health

For years mental health has taken a backseat in conversations around health and wellness. This changed over the past few years, especially as the pandemic and quarantine set in.

During the first year of the pandemic, anxiety and depression climbed at least 25%.

Healthcare organizations should speak more about mental health as part of their healthcare marketing in 2024, especially as they build out content marketing programs. Produce pieces that help patients navigate stress, anxiety, etc. Then, lean into your mental health-centric messaging with marketing efforts.

Increased social media presence

Social media isn’t just for hip retailers. Any business can leverage it, including healthcare. As social media use continues to increase, healthcare organizations should make sure they have a presence on major platforms.

Create social media content that both humanizes your brand and speaks to the issues patients are facing. Include topical healthcare tips during flu season, mental health tips, etc.

Continue building social proofing by including videos from anyone who’s had a great experience with your organization, but make sure to respect HIPAA compliance.

And make sure you’re active on the right social channels. Many healthcare businesses and physicians are having success with channels like TikTok and Instagram Reels to reach their audiences.

example of doctor with massive following on tiktok


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A spotlight on chatbots

Recent developments in AI have allowed chatbots to go above and beyond, offering patients a more personal, helpful experience.

If you’re not already, invest in an advanced chatbot tool that enables you to better support patients with a dynamic, personalized, and HIPAA-compliant experience. Find a chatbot that can help answer quick questions and direct patients to the right specialists upon receiving certain prompts.

Finally, run a marketing campaign that promotes your new, health-focused chatbots. Advanced chatbots can help you stand apart from the competition while delivering a better experience for your community. It’s a win-win!

Use these healthcare marketing trends for healthy results in 2024

Healthcare doesn’t exist in a bubble. While many elements make healthcare unique in comparison to other industries, many marketing best practices still apply. Pay attention to your competitors, stay on top of general digital marketing trends, and listen to your patients to set yourself up for a healthy 2024.

Want more 2024 marketing trends? We’ve got you covered:

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