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  • 40 Best Real Estate Call-to-Action Phrases to Convert Buyers, Renters, or Sellers

If you work in real estate, facilitating the purchase or sale of a home is just a typical day at the office for you. But for many clients, decisions around real estate are some of the most consequential they’ll make in their lives.

Building trust and maintaining open lines of communication is essential to winning new business. One of the ways you can do that is by incorporating compelling call-to-action phrases onto your real estate business’s website and across other locations in your digital real estate portfolio.

Whatever your circumstance—whether you’re the property manager at a luxury high-rise apartment building in a bustling metropolis or leader of a small realty team selling in your rural community—you can find real estate call-to-action phrases to try below.

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What is a call to action and why does it matter in real estate?

Before we get into specifics, let’s step back and define a call to action (or CTA for short). What is it, where do you use it, and what purpose does it serve for your real estate business?

A CTA invites your audience to take a specific next step with your business. The copy you see in a button on a website or at the end of a social media ad is usually a CTA. Essentially, it says, “If you like what you’re reading here, this is the next thing you should do.”

what is a real estate call to action phrase - example real estate call to action phrase from small business website

Whether you’re ready to contact the team or prefer to browse open units, there’s a CTA for you on The Ashland’s home page.

CTAs are essential in digital marketing precisely because a real person doesn’t facilitate a prospect or customer’s online interactions with your business. And with 96% of buyers using online tools at some point in their home search, you can’t afford to leave these people to their own devices.

A CTA is your opportunity to guide their next action. Think of the phrase as a stand-in for a representative from your team.

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Where should you use your real estate call-to-action phrases?

If someone attended an open house you were hosting, you’d be there to invite them to jot down their email or number so you can keep in touch. If they’re browsing your website, a CTA can do the same by asking visitors to sign up for your email newsletter.

You can employ call-to-action phrases just about anywhere across your digital presence, including within:

How to use real estate call-to-action phrases across the customer journey

When thinking about when, where, and how to employ call-to-action phrases, it’s vital to remember that you’re speaking to a vast audience with different needs.

Someone who checks out your website might be a casual viewer—eager to enjoy beautiful photos of a fantasy home but not ready to make any substantive moves.

At the same time, another new visitor might have just gotten a pre-approval letter from their mortgage lender, and they’re ready to begin the house hunt in earnest.

real estate call to action phrases - pop up example

This pop-up message acknowledges the importance of playing the long game in real estate marketing. 

These two very different consumers will not be served by the same interactions with your business.

The first wants to keep it casual—they may be ready to buy in the future, but for now, they just want to keep an eye on your work. Meanwhile, the second visitor might be eager to schedule a call with your team this week.

You want to offer a variety of call-to-action phrases that speak to the needs of different groups across your audience. The CTA for the casual viewer might invite them to sign up for your newsletter, follow you on social media, or take another action that allows them to stay in your orbit but not engage one-on-one (yet).

However, the person who’s ready to buy a home will want to see a CTA that invites them to take a serious next step. Something like “buy with us” or “schedule a call” will resonate with these website visitors.

Real estate call-to-action phrases to warm up leads

Just because someone is a browser today doesn’t mean they won’t be a serious buyer or seller tomorrow. That’s why you must create opportunities to keep these real estate leads engaged—even if it won’t result in immediate business.

real estate call to action phrases - example resource call to action

Providing your audience with free resources, like calculators and home valuations, can help build trust and turn you from just another real estate team to the team someone wants to work with.

These call-to-action phrases for the top of the funnel help you stay top-of-mind with this audience for however long it takes for them to transition from casual to serious.

Whether you’re working in rentals or sales, these are some real estate call to action phrases you can use to hook leads and warm them up over time:

  • Get our newsletter
  • Learn more
  • Meet our team
  • Follow us on social
  • Subscribe to our property alerts
  • Receive updates from us
  • Get our monthly listing round-up

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Rental property call-to-action phrases

If you’re working specifically in the rental market, there are other call-to-action phrases you can employ to keep this top-of-the-funnel audience interested.

Inviting them to view the amenities at your gorgeous luxury building or explore the vibrant neighborhood your property is a part of can help you make a solid first impression.

real estate call to action phrases - rental property example

The Lincoln at Bankside site invites prospects to explore the high-end features of its units and shared amenities.

Try these CTAs to catch the eye of prospects who are just starting to explore their rental options:

  • View availability
  • See available floorplans
  • Take a 3-D tour
  • Discover our amenities
  • Get to know the neighborhood
  • Explore our other properties

Calls to action for home buyers or sellers

The nurture phase can be even longer for those looking to purchase or sell a property. There’s a lot tied up in the decision—financially, logistically, and emotionally—and it might result in a wider gap between when someone’s starting to think about it and when they’re ready to make moves.

real estate call to action phrases - call to action for home buyers example

The Upstate Curious team’s name refers to the long lag there often is between real estate curiosity and real estate action. The CTAs on their website, “Our Listings” and “About Upstate Curious,” invite low-pressure perusing

Incorporating call-to-action phrases designed to warm up those leads across your digital assets is essential. Here are some phrases to try:

  • Get updates and news
  • Join our newsletter
  • Try our calculator to see what your home is worth
  • How much home can you afford? Use our mortgage calculator
  • See reviews
  • Explore recent sales
  • Learn more about our marketing
  • Search properties
  • Explore community guides
  • Register for listing alerts
  • Join our webinar for first-time homebuyers

Real estate call-to-action phrases to drive immediate action

On the other end of the spectrum, you have people ready to move now. These may be renters who are terminating their lease elsewhere and need new housing imminently. Someone may be relocating for their job and suddenly need to sell their home. Or, it may be a prospect who’s been following you for a while and is now ready to buy, sell, or rent!

No matter the story behind their urgency, you need a series of call-to-action phrases designed to help them take the next step with your real estate firm.

real estate call to action phrases - newsletter example

This “Contact Us” is a simple, clear CTA that invites prospective buyers or sellers to reach out immediately.

Some general CTAs—applicable for home buyers, sellers, or renters—will simply encourage the prospect to get on the phone with one of your representatives:

  • Get in touch
  • Contact us
  • Say hello
  • Let’s chat
  • Schedule a call

For rental properties

If you work in the rental space, the next step for eager renters will be to get them in the front door of your property.

real estate call to action phrases - example of call to action for rental property tour booking


Whether that’s to take a tour of your available units or to lease now and move in shortly, these CTAs can help encourage that action:

  • Schedule a tour
  • Lease now
  • See immediately available units
  • Take a virtual tour
  • Schedule a virtual showing

For home buyers and sellers

If you’re a real estate agent working with home buyers and sellers, these CTAs can help them take concrete next steps to do so with your team:

  • Talk to an agent
  • Sell with us
  • Sell your home
  • Buy with us
  • Buy a home
  • List with us

real estate call to action phrases - residential seller website screenshot


Use these real estate call-to-action phrases to generate real results

Whether your leads are buyers or renters, ready to move today or considering a home purchase next year, the right call-to-action phrases can encourage them to take the correct next step with your team.

Once you establish that initial touchpoint with new leads, you can put them on the marketing track that makes the most sense for them. Some will go right to serious sales talks, while others will enjoy some light, ongoing nurture tactics.

Either way, the correct call-to-action phrase will make that critical first contact possible.

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