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Social media marketing is an important component of a good education marketing strategy. Social media not only provides a way for you to reach prospective students and their parents, but it can also serve as a place for you to build a community around your school that can translate into brand awareness, increased school spirit, and more.

If you’re feeling stuck about what to include in your posting schedule for your school’s social media marketing strategy, we’ve got you covered with 25 free post ideas to try.

5 Resourceful or Informative Social Media Post Ideas for Your School

Social media is increasingly becoming a source of information for users – and your existing audience may turn to your school’s social media pages for information outside of schedules and closures.

Make your school’s social media pages a resource for existing students and parents by sharing relevant information that they might find helpful. This can be information you find and share from a trusted source like your local news media publication or content you create and share yourself.

This private preschool in New York City shared a resource from a third-party source for parents on managing anxiety as schools reopen.

Right now, there’s plenty of information you can share as part of your school’s social media marketing strategy, like:

  1. How to create a mask out of a T-shirt or bandana.
  2. Up-to-date information on COVID-19 cases in your county.
  3. Ideas to keep kids occupied inside (while parents are working).
  4. Tips to make the most of remote learning.
  5. Virtual clubs or organizations kids, teens, or college-aged adults can join to build a sense of community.

5 Social Media Post Ideas to Educate About Your School & Your Culture

While your school’s social media pages are a great place to build community with existing students and their parents, you also might be using your social media profiles as a place to reach prospective students and their families, so you’ll want to share information that educates them about your school.

These types of social media posts don’t have to be taken directly from your school’s brochure or website – you can identify some features, offerings, or specialties that might attract prospective students and highlight those. For example, maybe your school was recently recognized with an award or certification or maybe a group of your teachers recently volunteered at a local food kitchen. You want to find ways to set your school apart and connect people to your school, your staff, and your students to build an emotional connection.

This social post from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Facebook page highlights their spot as a best university for agriculture and forestry, which will appeal to both current students and prospective students looking to apply for that area of study.

Here are some more social media marketing post ideas that can educate your audience about your school:

  1. A video that shows how your school is preparing for a new year.
  2. An interview with a teacher highlighting their favorite thing about their area of study, the school, or their students.
  3. A video tour of your school facilities.
  4. Pictures from previous events your school has held or sponsored (a little #tbt is always a crowd-pleaser).
  5. A graphic that outlines what your school is doing to keep students and staff safe this year.

5 Brand-Building Social Media Post Ideas for Your School

Your school’s social media pages are an additional place where prospective students and their families can find information about your school and what you have to offer. What better way to give them a sense of what to expect than to hear directly from a student – or a former student?

Testimonials are a great way to share feel-good stories to educate both current and prospective students about your school. And, you can also highlight your alums who have gone on to do great things!

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This day school in Rhode Island shared an article featuring one of their alums and his accomplishments, which is both inspirational and aspirational for parents considering this school for their kids or if their kids already attend this school.

Here are some ideas for brand-building posts for your school’s social media marketing:

  1. Interview a recent graduate and ask them how they feel your school prepared them for the next stage in their life.
  2. Feature an interview with a parent talking about the difference your school has made for their child.
  3. Share an article about a special alumnus you’ve had and ask them to send you a quote you can feature about how your school played a role in their success.
  4. Share a picture of a group of friends from your school with a quote about how that friendship has impacted their life – and how it was formed at your school.
  5. Highlight a student in one of your programs (band, a language club, football, etc.) talking about what they enjoy most about their experience.

5 User-Generated Content Post Ideas for Your School’s Social Media Pages

Another way to diversify your school’s social media marketing content calendar and share a different perspective is to share user-generated content. User-generated content is content that was originally shared to a user’s personal profile that you then re-share to your school’s social media pages.

User-generated content is a great way to feature your current audience on your pages, promote engagement, and give prospective students and their families a glimpse into your world.

My alma mater, The University of North Texas, does a great job sharing user-generated content on social media, and it’s a fun way to see how students are enjoying the campus and activities or celebrating their accomplishments.

Here are some examples of user-generated content you can share to your school’s social media pages (just make sure you ask the original poster for permission!):

  1. A picture that’s been geo-tagged at your school with a group of friends.
  2. A photo shared from a school-sponsored event, like a basketball game, to show off some school spirit.
  3. A video clip shared from the drama department’s most recent production.
  4. A post shared from a teacher getting their classroom ready.
  5. A picture shared of a recent graduate at their next venture – whether that’s college or their job.

5 Fun or Entertaining Social Media Post Ideas for Your School

Social media is meant to be fun, so don’t feel limited in what you can post as part of your school’s social media marketing strategy. There may be some posts you want to share just for fun – just make sure they align with your school’s brand. These social posts are a great way to further humanize your school and build a connection with your audience.

This college preparatory school in California has been regularly sharing updates from teachers to students to keep them connected during the summer.

Here are some examples of fun social media marketing post ideas for your school:

  1. A recent “viral” video some of your students made on TikTok.
  2. A funny gif or meme related to navigating remote learning technology.
  3. A picture of students participating in a socially distanced gathering.
  4. A photo of your teachers preparing for back-to-school.
  5. A funny sign you found in the facilities.

A good social media marketing strategy for schools includes a mix of these types of content to promote engagement with your full target audience that can include current students, parents, prospective students, and alumnae. Once you have a good variety of social media posts, you can measure which types of content perform best and promote the most reach and engagement and then refine your school’s social media marketing strategy based on that data.

If you’d like help creating your school’s social media marketing strategy, we can help with every part from ideation to implementation to reporting. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with us.

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