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Superior Kia

Cincinnati, OH

Superior Kia is the premier new Kia, Certified Used Kia, and used car dealership in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.


market share increase


traffic increase to dealership website




Superior Kia was looking for a way to increase market share in its assigned sales area (ASA) and needed a marketing strategy focused on increasing brand awareness.



  • Display
  • Video Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Targeted Email Marketing

Superior Kia partnered with LocaliQ for an integrated marketing campaign designed to drive traffic to the Kia dealership website while raising the dealership’s brand visibility in the market, using solutions including:


The LocaliQ team conducted research using IHS/Polk data and dealership information to uncover key areas where the dealership was losing share in the ASA. Using this in-depth data analysis, the LocaliQ team pinpointed the best opportunities to increase market share, and it paid off big time.

The campaign results in a huge lift to website traffic and increased market share. In fact, Superior Kia saw a nearly 930% traffic increase to its website, and their market share increased to 70% from 18%, a 288% increase in market share. The brand’s dramatic turnaround caught Kia Corporate’s attention, and top executives visited to learn more about the dealership’s custom automotive marketing strategy.

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