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With increased privacy regulations and decreased third-party cookies, you’ll need new ways to get more visitors to opt into your marketing programs. Good thing for us that there are some excellent lead generation website examples to learn from.

Lead generation comes in many varieties (what works for a plumber might not work for a direct-to-consumer beauty brand). That’s why I’m breaking down a few different types of lead generation websites. Read on to find inspiration from businesses like yours.

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What is a lead generation website?

A lead is any potential customer who has provided some type of contact information so you can continue to nurture the relationship until they buy. A lead generation website is a site or landing page that’s purposefully designed to turn visitors into leads.

Whenever you see a website offer something valuable in exchange for your email address (aka a lead magnet), that’s a lead generation website.

lead generation website examples - fabfitfun website

A newsletter promising valuable content is a common lead magnet.

There are lots of ways to capture leads on your website. And plenty of design and copywriting tactics you can use to boost your lead conversion rate. These nine lead generation websites are excellent examples to learn from.

9 copyable lead generation website examples (+ why they work)

From compelling calls-to-action to creative copywriting, these websites are full of lead capturing components you can pull for your own site.

Local business lead generation website examples

Local businesses are often up against the clock to make a sale. Most people looking for flowers, coffee, or a non-drippy sink need it fast. These local business websites use elements that encourage visitors to convert to leads quickly so they don’t end up with the competition.

Lovingly Flowers of Charlotte

Our first example is from Lovingly Flowers of Charlotte, a local florist. Shopping for flowers can be overwhelming. I love this website because it makes the confusing process easy. And it adds a sense of urgency to encourage more visitors to take action right away.

lead generation website examples - lovingly flowers of charlotte website

If your sales cycle is short, add a timer or other device to instill a sense of urgency.

Why this website will generate leads

  • Unmissable CTA button: A clearly worded, color-contrasted, centrally located CTA button is non-negotiable for a good lead generation website.
  • Shortcut navigation: The clickable “Occasions” icons saves visitors from going down a click hole to find what they need.
  • Countdown timer: Nothing motivates fast action like a countdown timer.
  • Differentiator popup: Click the central bar (We are a REAL local florist) and you get a popup that explains four reasons to choose this florist.

lead generation website examples - lovingly flowers of charlotte popup

Popups can boost lead generation in many ways, like using them to differentiate from your competitors.

Bright Now

When you manage marketing for a dental office, or any service business, your top lead-generation goal is to get the appointment. Bright Now does this brilliantly with its website. One quick scan of the page and you can tell it’s been optimized to generate appointments.

lead generation website examples - QuickBooks website

Don’t be shy about placing several lead capture devices on your website.

Why this website will generate leads

  • Multiple links to call: The clickable phone number appears in bright red in several places throughout the home page.
  • Transparent appointment form: The appointment form is simple, obvious, and tells visitors that it’s a two-step process up front.
  • Smartly placed testimonial: Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a patient testimonial placed right next to a call to action and, you guessed it, the clickable phone number.

lead generation website examples -bright now social proof

Social proof plus low-friction is a power lead-generation one-two punch.

Deljo Heating & Cooling

This website from Deljo Heating & Cooling is an efficient lead generation machine. There are no frills. Just content and design that’s made to instill trust and capture new leads.

lead generation website examples - Deljo website

Live chat or chatbots are a great option to capture leads from people who aren’t keen to make a call.

Why this website will generate leads

  • Convenient live chat: The unobtrusive but noticeable “Text us” button gives visitors another way to communicate and become leads.
  • Get a quote option: The quote request button asks people to enter their contact info in exchange for a project quote. I usually want an easy way to get a quote from contractors, so this is a really effective lead generation strategy.
  • Text popup: There’s a popup for new site visitors that promises valuable deals delivered by text. It’s a bold move, but text marketing is effective so it’s worth a try.

lead generation website examples - QuickBooks website

SMS marketing is a great way to keep the conversation going with new leads.

B2B lead generation websites

B2B marketing is a different animal in general. Sales cycles are longer and you often need to nurture leads for a while before they make a purchase. These B2B lead generation websites are built to begin those slow-drip relationships.


QuickBooks has been selling financial management software for over 30 years, so I’d expect this website to have a solid lead funnel. It certainly does. In fact, it packs in just about every lead generation device you can think of.

lead generation website examples - QuickBooks website

If you have a valuable offer, like a discount, place it near your primary call to action.

Why this website will generate leads

  • Discount on the CTA: The 50% off discount is mentioned right in the CTA which will get more people to click the button.
  • Transparent pricing: The plans and pricing are presented just below the fold so visitors don’t need to hunt for that information. Pricing ambiguity can keep people from taking the next step to become leads.
  • Self-qualifying questionnaire: A little further down the page there’s a quick questionnaire to help you figure out which plan is best. That’s a great way to pre-qualify leads and help them get right to the most relevant product.

lead generation website examples - QuickBooks website

QuickBooks put its lead qualification on autopilot with this brief questionnaire.


What really stands out about Basecamp’s website is how directly it addresses customer pain points—and then details the solution. Project management, after all, isn’t for the faint of heart. When site visitors see that the company knows their unique pain and can solve it, they’re way more likely to become a lead.

lead generation website examples - Basecamp website

Let visitors know exactly who your solution is for so they can quickly self-select to become a lead or not.

Why this website will generate leads

  • Hyperrelevant copy: The speech bubbles, the mention of “small teams,” and a tagline further down the page “Not everything under the sun, just the stuff to get things done” tells visitors who this solution is for.
  • Tons of trust factors: Awards, ratings, customer quote, and a case study video…that’s how you show social proof.
  • Friendly CTA copy: The upbeat tone and no-risk wording in the CTA smooths much of the friction for people on the fence about becoming a lead.

lead generation website examples - basecamp social proof

A lead generation website is no place for modesty.


GrooveHQ provides customer support management software. What’s fantastic about its website is that it eliminates the most common reasons a visitor will say no. Then it backs up its offers with some really solid customer testimonials.

lead generation website examples - GrooveHQ website

Try to fit some social proof, no-risk copy, and your best offer above the fold so people don’t have to scroll to see them.

Why this website will generate leads

  • Conversion copy combo: GrooveHQ smartly grouped its 4.6-star rating, a money-back guarantee, and a valuable discount within easy peripheral view of its main CTA.
  • Funnel design: It’s kind of subtle but notice how the header and subheader are laid out like a funnel, with the CTA at the bottom. That draws eyeballs to the most important lead conversion element.
  • Video testimonials: There are four video customer testimonials from high-profile customers a little bit down the page. That’s overwhelming proof that GrooveHQ delivers on its promises.

lead generation website examples -GrroveHQ video testimonials

If you can convince customers to record a video testimonial, make sure it’s featured prominently on your website.

Ecommerce lead generation website examples

Ecommerce marketers often have to balance both converting new leads quickly with building a relationship, so customers clear their shopping carts and buy more in the future. I picked a few ecommerce websites that are designed to generate leads for quick sales and create a long-term relationship with buyers.

True Classic

True Classic has built a men’s clothing brand on the back of its promise to provide clothes that fit better. Its online experience is all about getting visitors to buy into that value proposition.

lead generation website examples - True Classic website

You’ll boost lead generation if you can quickly explain why shoppers can’t get what you sell anywhere else.

Why this website will generate leads

  • Personalized video: Check out the three video options for medium, large, and X-large fits. True Classic establishes its unique selling proposition before asking you to buy or sign up for anything. A great way to build trust and boost conversions.
  • Customer love: Just below the fit video and Shop by Category links there’s a customer feedback scroll. You get quotes from real customers with their height and weight, the product they bought, and the size. It’s social proof and fit confirmation all in one.
  • Multiple lead magnets: Email marketing is obviously an important conversion tactic for the brand given the frequency at which they send emails. So it’s great to see how much value they offer to build an email list (a discount, early product access, and exclusive discounts).

lead generation website examples - True Classic popup

If email is a big part of your conversion funnel, give a little extra to build your subscriber list.


Ipsy is a beauty membership that sends personalized products to your doorstep. The first step in the process is completing a quiz about your preferred shades, skin and hair type, and the past products you’ve loved. The unfussy home page keeps the viewer focused on completing that one important task.

lead generation website examples - Ipsy website

If you have a single action you want leads to take, design your home page to make sure they do it.

Why this website will generate leads

  • White space: When you need people to take a specific action, surround that button with lots of white (or in this case pink) space so it stands out.
  • Interactive content: At the end of Ipsy’s quiz is a registration form and opt-in for text notifications. Interactive content like quizzes are great engagement tools for lead capture.
  • Uncluttered design: The last thing you want is to confuse visitors. The simple design here doesn’t distract with a dozen offers, links, and products.


Our final lead generation website example is from Moosejaw, a purveyor of premium outdoor clothing and gear. This brand proves that you can have a little fun while capturing leads on your website.

lead generation website examples -Moosejaw website

Choose the right emotional copy for your brand and watch those new leads roll in.

Why this website will generate leads

  • Fancifully content: You’ll find puns and fun plastered all over this website, even on its CTA button and text messaging opt-in. Notice that it’s still a clear message. You don’t want clever to get in the way of clear.
  • Floating CTA button: No matter where you scroll, there’s a floating “15% off” button in the lower right corner of the website. Convenience is a major factor in converting leads, so keeping that button handy everywhere is a nice idea.
  • Benefits: I like how Moosejaw tells you exactly what you’ll get when you become a member. I don’t want to give away my email address for no reason, so I like to know what’s in it for me.

lead generation website examples - moosejaw popup

Transparency is paramount when you’re describing the benefits of opting in.

What should your website include for lead generation?

Deconstruct the best lead generation websites and you’ll find some common elements that convert visitors into leads and buyers. Use this checklist from the tactics above to optimize your own site.

  • White space: Surround your most important CTA with whitespace so it stands out.
  • Trust signals: Highlight industry awards, the number of people you’ve served, and important customer logos to build confidence in your offer.
  • Social proof: Add video or text testimonials and review ratings so visitors know you deliver on your promises.
  • Call to action: Make them clear, obvious, and plentiful.
  • Navigation: Use a logical organization with as few steps as possible that leads visitors to points of conversion.
  • Valuable offer: Give something of value—content, discount, free shipping—as a lead magnet to encourage more registrations.
  • Interactive content: Use quizzes and other interactive content to increase engagement with your lead magnets.
  • Mobile friendly: Make sure your navigation, CTA buttons, and other lead generation elements look and work well (and fast!) on mobile devices.
  • Search engine optimized: You can’t convert visitors that never show up, so have a plan to optimize your website so it ranks well for important keywords (Google Bard can help).
  • Emotional language: Use language that evokes an emotion in your website copy to motivate action.
  • Popups: Use popups often but wisely so your message is hard to miss but not annoying.
  • Chat: Include either live chat or a chatbot (or both) on your website as an extra way to educate customers and capture leads.

If this seems overwhelming, there my be some technology that can help. Here are real-world examples of businesses using AI to help create websites (and other marketing tasks).

Create your ideal lead generation website

No two businesses, audiences, or products are the same. Likewise, every lead generation website will be built just a little bit differently. So while you snag ideas from the examples above, make sure you’re thinking about your specific business goals.

Are you still in the audience-building phase? Do you need quick conversions? What level of interaction will your customers accept? Answer these questions, then plug in the lead generation tactics that work best for you.

Oh, and don’t stop here. Driving new leads is way too important. Download this free guide to get 25 more lead generation ideas.

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