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Georgia Department of Community Affairs

Georgia, USA

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs Georgia Dream Program is the only state-wide assistance organization that covers down payment and closing costs for eligible first-time homebuyers. Unlike other assistance programs, Georgia Dream covers the entire state of Georgia and purchases all associated loans in order to offer easy, low-cost financing.


higher Social Ad CTR than industry average


higher nurture email CTR than industry average


increase in organic leads

"The expense is minimal in comparison to the benefits we’ve received and the capabilities that LOCALiQ demonstrated. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LOCALiQ to anyone. The scalability, efficiency, and resources available were wonderful."

- Nathan Christiansen, Director of Home Ownership Finance, Georgia Department of Community Affairs


The Georgia Dream team’s goal was two-fold: to generate general brand awareness so that people across the state were aware of all that the program has to offer, while simultaneously growing their number of qualified leads.


The Georgia Dream team operates in all 159 counties within the state. Not only is that a massive area to cover, but they can only cater to specific demographics within those areas. Before the pandemic, in-person locations generated awareness for the organization. However, with folks being forced to stay home during COVID-19, the team needed another way to reach their target audience.


Georgia Dream was able to easily collect quality leads using:

  • Social Ads
  • Marketing Dashboard

These LocaliQ solutions helped increase awareness and grow the program’s participation rates.


Since working with LocaliQ, Georgia Dream generated a 79% increase in organic leads from their brand awareness efforts. Additionally, Georgia Dream’s program participation rates increased to 99.9%, meaning nearly all eligible, interested individuals within each county ended up taking advantage of the program.

Since Georgia Dream can only assist those that meet their specific eligibility guidelines there weren’t a ton of targeting options the social platforms gave them at hand. Georgia Dream decided to leverage LocaliQ data instead to identify specific zip codes the team could target.

With access to the LocaliQ platform, they were able to extend their Social Ad targeting options. This maximized their impact while sticking to their budget. The hyper-focused targeting led to a 4% click-through rate (CTR) on their Social Ads—which is four times higher than the industry average.

Aside from just pulling clicks, the customized LocaliQ Social Ads campaign also brought in a whopping 4.4k leads in only five months.

The magic didn’t stop at collecting leads on Facebook, either. The Georgia Dream Program was also able to leverage LOCALiQ’s Client Center to create automated email campaigns that nurtured their leads after they signed up. With this, they were able to reach their goal of growing participation in all 159 Georgia counties and saw a CTR of 10%, compared to the industry average of 4%.

Success with LocaliQ 

Between the data for targeting that the LOCALiQ platform provided, along with the 24/7 access to Client Center and expert support, Georgia Dream’s success was seamless.

“LOCALiQ did a lot of the heavy lifting. It was effortless on our part. The platform worked along with us—indicating which emails would work in what order, and how to structure and schedule our campaign. I felt like we got the best bang for our buck with the expertise, guidance, and resources we received. It was phenomenal,”  said Nathan Christensen, Director of Home Ownership Finance.

Partnership with LocaliQ

Working with LocaliQ meant that the Georgia Dream Program team received consistent, trustworthy, and reliable support throughout their journey. The LocaliQ platform was doing the work along with them every step of the way to maximize the impact to the business’s outcomes.

“Our previous marketing director left our company at the beginning of our campaign. LocaliQ stepped in when this was so new for us. The platform made it seamless, and we relied heavily on the provided expertise. And it paid off. It’s truly invaluable,” said Tracey Turman, Housing Outreach Coordinator.

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