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Mitchell Medical Group, P.C.

New York City, NY

Mitchell Medical Group takes a comprehensive approach to holistic and immunological medicine in New York City and Long Island, NY. Mitchell Medical Group ensures patients are receiving an excellent level of care for allergies and other immunological illnesses.


increase in total leads from LocaliQ digital marketing solutions


increase in web traffic from SEO


reduction in cost per lead since starting with LocaliQ

"They just cover all the bases. They can do your website, they can maximize your SEO, and they also handle the digital marketing ads, which are all critical in the overall plan."

- Dr. Dean Mitchell, Board Certified Allergist & Immunologist, Mitchell Medical Group, P.C.


Mitchell Medical Group wanted to reach new patients through Facebook advertising, establish an effective lead management strategy across the practice, and establish relevancy on top search engines through a paid and organic strategy.


Mitchell Medical Group previously focused on traditional marketing practices but wanted to make the transition to online marketing in order to attract new patients to their practice.


Dr. Mitchell has been working with LocaliQ for digital marketing for the last five years. Before working with LOCALiQ, Mitchell Medical Group was focused on traditional marketing practices but saw that digital was quickly taking over and wanted an integrated approach. Dr. Mitchell believes that LocaliQ provides the full package and their management of his campaigns has helped deliver incredible results and a number of new patients.

For example, although he was already working with LocaliQ for search marketing, he partnered with a different company for SEO. After seeing consistently dismal results, he began running LocaliQ’s SEO solution and has noticed a continuous improvement in web traffic, converted leads, and more. In fact, web traffic from organic sources alone has increased by 500% since beginning his SEO campaign.

“They quickly reorganized things to maximize my SEO standing, especially in the key areas that I was interested in,” said Dr. Mitchell.

Mitchell Medical Group recently added LocaliQ’s Facebook advertising solution, Social Ads, to their digital marketing strategy to retarget website visitors on Facebook. Dr. Mitchell believes Facebook is a vehicle local businesses can’t afford to ignore due to the number of users and targeting capabilities available. Although this is a newer venture for them, he knows it can be successful in driving more leads to his website to become patients. Marketing Dashboard, LocaliQ’s lead management solution, helps Mitchell Medical Group prioritize leads as they come in as well as track where their leads are coming from so they can determine what marketing tactics are working best for their business.

LocaliQ has also changed the way Mitchell Medical Group interacts with their incoming leads. Because the Marketing Dashboard features a HIPAA-compliant call recording function, Mitchell Medical Group’s staff was able to listen to calls and analyze where a lead may have dropped off. Based on this information, they internally addressed business practices that may have kept leads from converting and have since seen an improvement in conversion rates.

Dr. Mitchell appreciates LocaliQ’s full-service approach to his practice’s marketing strategy and believes he’ll continue to see great results from his digital marketing campaigns.

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