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Sussman & Simcox Attorneys at Law

Sussman & Simcox Attorneys at Law is a personal injury firm dedicated to providing fair and honest representation for members of their community who have been injured or involved in an accident.

+Site Visits

from 50 visits a month to 60 a week


reporting from where leads are coming from


from surrounding communities after expanding SEO efforts

""Our experience now versus our prior internet marketing provider has been night and day," said Simcox. "The results have been immediate, and we have stayed with them for six years now because we see positive results, we have a game plan looking forward."Â "

- Howard Simcox, Partner, Sussman & Simcox Attorneys at Law


The firm found they needed a way to bring in clients on their own with the help of online marketing. They began working with a large online marketing company that specialized in law and promised big results but could not deliver on what they promised.


After seeing very few results from their initial entry into online marketing and beginning to lose patience from the lack of customer support, Sussman & Simcox partnered with LOCALiQ for our SEO, search marketing, website, and lead management solutions to increase website visits and leads.


After switching to online marketing solutions from LOCALiQ, Simcox reports the number of visits on his site went from 50 a month to 60 or more a week almost immediately, and that many of those website visitors were converting to leads by calling or contacting the firm through their website. Simcox recently had a new client tell him the firm has great SEO ““ after doing three searches for lawyers in the area, she saw Sussman & Simcox appear each time, so she called.

The firm also appreciates the LOCALiQ team’s dedication to service as well as their robust reporting capabilities. LOCALiQ’s comprehensive reporting shows exactly where his website visits and calls are coming from, and he’s been able to work with the LOCALiQ team to make adjustments to his campaign. For example, he expanded the firm’s reach to neighboring communities through a targeted keyword-focused approach.

The hands-on service and the ability to closely track progress has given him a sense of control and relief he was missing from his last provider. “Ultimately, it’s a better sense of being in control of the whole plan, and we didn’t have that before. I feel now like we are dealing with professional people who get it, and they’re giving us guidance that is working,” he said.

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