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When it comes to your clients, your goal is probably to deliver excellent marketing services and results to help them grow their businesses, right?

And, your agency is probably excelling at that in the services that you offer. You’re getting your clients seen on Google with PPC and SEO, and you’re creating great websites that help them capture and convert customers.

You want your agency to offer your clients the best marketing solutions, but sometimes you can't offer them all in-house.

But, as marketers, we know that the most successful marketing strategies include a multichannel approach that puts your clients in front of their prospective customers no matter where they’re searching or spending time online.

And you want to be the ones to offer them those marketing services to your clients so they don’t go elsewhere or have to deal with the hassle of working with multiple marketing agencies.

While SEO, PPC, and website design are foundational marketing strategies, there are four additional marketing services that your agency can’t afford to miss out on.

In this post, we’ll be covering each of these services, why they’re important for a successful marketing strategy, and how your agency can look into delivering them in the future.

1. Targeted Display: Help Your Clients Increase Brand Awareness

Targeted display puts your clients in front of consumers as they’re spending time online.

What Are Targeted Display Ads?

Targeted display ads are ads that appear on sites across the web – usually at the top and/or sides of a website page.

Here's an example of two display ads on a local news publication.

These ads can be targeted to specific users based on demographic information like age, location, and more.

Why Offer Targeted Display Ads?

Targeted display ads are essential for building brand awareness and helping your clients stay top of mind throughout the customer journey.

For example, say a prospective customer sees or clicks on a PPC ad you placed for a client – if they leave the site without converting, they may see a targeted display ad on their local news site reminding them about the business. This ad could then prompt them to take action and convert – increasing the effectiveness of your PPC ad campaigns.

Targeted Display Advertising Resources

Want to learn more about targeted display advertising? Check out these resources:

2. Geofencing: Drive More Customers to Your Clients

Geofencing is a great marketing strategy that’s action and location-oriented.

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a digital advertising strategy that allows you to draw a virtual fence around a specific area. Once a person enters that “fence” with their smartphone, they are then targeted with an ad for your client either in an app or through a push notification on their phone.

Geofencing lets you target people who enter a specific area with their smartphones.

These ads typically include an offer or promotion of some kind to entice the user to visit your client’s business.

Why Offer Geofencing?

Geofencing is a unique marketing strategy because it allows you to get really granular with your location targeting and drive people to take an action – typically in the form of an in-person visit.

You can use geofencing to target prospective customers in your client’s direct area, a popular area nearby, a complementary area, or even their competitor’s area.

Here’s an example of geofencing in action: An apartment complex targeted a hospital nearby with a geofencing campaign promoting the perks of living close to work – the ad included a leasing special for medical professionals. They had multiple doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals from the hospital tour their complex and signed multiple new leases as a direct result of their geofencing campaign.

Geofencing Resources

Ready to learn more about geofencing and how it works for local businesses? Check out these resources:

3. YouTube Advertising: Get Your Clients in Front of an Active Audience

You probably already know that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, which makes it a crucial place to advertise a business.

What is YouTube Advertising?

YouTube advertising is exactly what it sounds like: ads that show on YouTube.

YouTube advertising allows your clients to show up on YouTube.

There are many ad formats and targeting options for YouTube advertising, making it a flexible and invaluable marketing solution.

Why Offer YouTube Advertising?

Did you know that people watch 1 BILLION hours of YouTube videos every day? YouTube is a great place to build awareness for your clients’ brands, increase engagement with their YouTube channel if that’s one of their marketing goals, and drive people to take an action like calling or visiting your clients’ websites.

YouTube is also a relatively low-cost marketing solution, but it can pack a punch in terms of results delivered – a win-win for both you and for your clients.

YouTube Advertising Resources

If you want to learn more about YouTube advertising, take a look at these resources:

4. Live Chat: Superpower Your Clients’ Websites

Live chat is a must for any modern website.

What Is Live Chat?

Live chat is a type of web chat that is answered by a real person.

Live chat lets your clients capture web visitors, respond to questions, and deliver great customer service.

Live chat appears on a client’s site and enables web users to ask questions, get information, or provide feedback.

Why Offer Live Chat?

With live chat, you’re able to open up a whole new customer service and lead collection solution for your clients. People prefer web chat over pretty much any other customer service format (phone, email, etc.), and they’re more willing to become repeat visitors of a website if they see web chat enabled.

With live chat, your clients can feel confident that queries are being answered accurately and quickly – and they’ll be able to follow up with web users directly if needed because live chat agents will collect the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of each person who reaches out.

Live Chat Resources

Interested in learning more about live chat? We’ve got you covered:

How to Offer These Services

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of offering additional services for your agency, take a breath. You can find a partner to help you deliver these solutions to your clients in a way that keeps you in control and maximizes the great work you’re already doing.

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