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Can you sense it? That excitement in the air? That familiar smell of peppermint mochas around every corner, and twinkling lights in every tree?

The holidays are officially upon us. And we’re ready to celebrate.

This year, our family of digital marketing experts has been unwavering in their commitment to helping local businesses thrive–and we couldn’t be more proud.

To kick off holiday celebrations, we wanted to find out what makes the holidays special to our employees–both at work and in their personal lives! So, we asked them to share their favorite family tradition and the holiday marketing strategies that they’ve had the most success with this year.


Holiday traditions our teams love

Without further ado, let’s take a peek behind the curtain at the people who make achieving LOCALiQ’s mission possible…

The fondue feast

kathy jack romero holiday tradition“Ever since I was a kid (a child living in the ’70s), Christmas Eve is a fondue dinner and everyone gets to open one gift under the tree (which is already pre-selected). It is ALWAYS matching family pajamas. We’ve carried this tradition on, and it continues today with our adult children and grandkids.”

Kathy Jack-Romero, President, Local Sales – Loveland, CO

A new tradition

tara petitt holiday tradition“In 2018, I found out at the age of 28 that my family is Jewish. My grandparents had to get through Poland in order to get to America, so they lied and claimed they were Italian, and they continued to hide the truth all the way to their graves. When my dad, his four siblings, my sister, and I took a DNA test in 2018, we found out the truth about our heritage. Since then, we have made it a tradition to celebrate Hanukkah every year and learn more about Jewish traditions. Hanukkah just started this past Sunday, and each night we have given our kids a random gift that slightly alludes to Disney World (Last night was Mickey Mouse socks!). On this coming Sunday, they will get the surprise of their lives when they find out we’re taking them to Disney for Christmas! After Disney World, we will fly back home on the 24th, and on Christmas day we always pass out breakfast tacos to the homeless community.” 

Tara Petitt, Account Executive – Austin, TX

The holiday lamb cake

“The holidays are my favorite time of the year–the lights, the food, the holiday spirit and cheer–but the best part is the time to gather with family and enjoy their company. Our family is BIG, LOUD, and full of love. I am so thankful that I have so much family close by to enjoy year-round, but especially at this time of year–such a great present to have their PRESENCE. My favorite tradition is the holiday ’lamb cake’–which is just as it sounds–a cake made in the shape of a lamb. I have no idea why, but it’s the centerpiece of our table and always gets a great laugh–and tastes pretty dang good too! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, y’all!”

Andrea Vick, Vice President of Sales – Austin, TX

andrea vick lamb cake

The famous lamb cake.

‘Love, Actually’

gina kaiser holiday tradition“Florida holidays are full of sunshine, good times, and cherished memories. Each year we make the most of the annual traditions in our hometown of Satellite Beach, from the Jingle Bell two-miler through the neighborhood streets, to the boat parade down the grand canal with Rudolph up front guiding our nautical sleigh. Another favorite is the Surfin’ Santas, an annual Cocoa Beach tradition where hundreds of surfers dressed up as Santa ride the waves. But our longest and strongest held family tradition is winding down as a family on Christmas Eve and watching ‘Love Actually.’  I know, a movie sounds odd, but if you know, you know. The movie brings us together, reminding us that ‘love, actually, is all around.’ I can’t imagine the holidays without it.”

Gina Kaiser, Director, Brand and Product Marketing – Satellite Beach, FL

The American Girl doll

debbie milteer holiday tradition“Since my daughter, Margaret, was 5 and became the proud owner of an American Girl doll, Santa Claus has dressed Kit Kittredge in a new outfit and placed her under the tree. We’ve actually continued this tradition every year since, even though now she is about to enter grad school. The ‘theme’ of the outfit has changed every year according to what Margaret’s interests were at that time. So, Kit has gone from being a tennis player to wearing a school uniform, to Clemson pajamas, you name it. I know my daughter would be fine if we stopped–but I also know at the end of Christmas day, she starts looking around for Kit.”

Debbie Milteer, Account Executive – Greenville, SC

debbie milteer american girl doll tradition

Kit dressed up through the years.

The big nap

susie marino holiday tradition“Every holiday the one thing I look forward to is a nap after a big meal. It’s really a big thing! It’s truly our tradition to cozy up on the couch after we eat and purposely try to nap for an hour or two. It’s so relaxing and a great way to wrap up a special day off.”

Susie Marino, Content Marketing Specialist – Boston, MA

A day of volunteering

stephanie scanlan holiday tradition“My family and I participate in our local Wreaths Across America at the DFW National Cemetery. It is a day to remember and honor those who have served in the military. Volunteers go out and place real wreaths on the graves of those who were a part of our nation’s military. You say the name of each person out loud as you lay a wreath at their grave. It is a moving and wonderful experience to appreciate what you have and thank those who gave so much.”

Stephanie Scanlan, Vice President, Client Success – Plano, TX

stephanie scanlan wreath volunteering

Stephanie and her family at the DFW National Cemetery with their wreaths.

A Peruvian Christmas

holiday traditions - christiam seminario headshot“Since I am Peruvian, my family and I celebrate Christmas a bit differently. Everything begins on Christmas Eve. Around 5 or 6 p.m., family members start to get dressed for the main event of the night when we all gather together around the table having dinner. Turkey is a must for the meal. Waldorf Salad and Arabic Rice as well. Another key element to having a yummy dinner is ‘Panetón’ and hot chocolate. It’s up to each family to eat earlier or not, but the most traditional ones will wait until midnight (the 25th) to have dinner right after hugging and wishing each other a merry Christmas. In Peru, fireworks are legal and right at midnight, the whole country gets the sky lit up in beautiful fireworks for several minutes. Oh, how I miss that! Then, the next step is opening the presents that are under the tree. By dawn, we are all heading to bed.”

Christiam A. Seminario Porras, Multimedia Account Executive – Stockton, CA 

The Dradi Ladies

holiday traditions - stephanie vedder“Every year the women of the family (we call ourselves the Dradi Ladies) make homemade ravioli in the hundreds. We use grandma’s recipe and listen to Italian music for an afternoon of fun. Then we feast on Christmas Day. The other tradition carried on for generations is Crab cioppino on Christmas Eve. We travel to the coast (Half Moon Bay) and pick up fresh live crabs to feed our family of 25 (it’s a lot of crabs) and sit at a very long table for another feast. Yes, we like to feast ?” 

Stephanie Vedder, Regional Sales Manager – San Fransisco, CA 

holiday tradition - dradi ladies

A 30-year tradition

holiday traditions - jon and his family“Every Christmas morning after my family (myself, wife, and our two young daughters 2 and 4) opens Christmas presents at our house, we travel to my in-laws’ house for Christmas Brunch. They have, for the past 30 years, hosted a brunch for all their friends and family for a post-Christmas morning celebration. At this point they don’t even send out an invitation, it’s just something everyone knows to do. It’s always been the best thing about Christmas because all the families show up and talk and laugh and tell stories about what Santa brought earlier that morning to their houses. It’s a great tradition that I married into and plan on continuing this great tradition whenever they decide to pass the torch down.” 

Jon Bowers, Regional Operations Specialist – Orlando, FL

A day of giving back

holiday traditions - rebecca pate headshot“I like to volunteer at my local food bank. Growing up my family was always very blessed during the holidays with more food than we could eat. Our recipes have been passed down for generations and the memories I have making these meals for my loved ones is something that will always bring me comfort. Giving back and sharing the comforts that a warm meal can provide with individuals who are less fortunate is my favorite tradition. ’Spreading kindness and cheer to kick off the New Year!’”

Rebecca Pate, Sales Executive – Cloverdale, CA


5 holiday marketing tips from our experts

So now that you’re in the holiday spirit, how do our marketing experts suggest you make the most of the holiday busy season?

1. Understand your audience

Truly understanding what makes your target audience tick is crucial for building a loyal customer base–especially around the holidays.

“Be personal with the holidays. We have had a long almost two years and being personal with your customers helps provide ‘the human side’ of your brand and reminds everyone we are all in this together,” said Stephanie.

Get tips to appeal to your target audience here. 

2. Stay active on social media (especially Facebook!)

As consumers flock to social media during the holidays to connect with family and friends, you have a unique opportunity to get your business in front of them. In fact, our 2021 Holiday Research Study found that Facebook is the top social media platform holiday shoppers will use to find information this season.

Need to strengthen your Facebook presence? Check out our blogs The Only Holiday Facebook Ideas You’ll Need This Season (with Examples!) and 86 Christmas Social Media Posts & Slogans.

3. Utilize video

Did you know 87% of businesses using video marketing reported an increased return on investment? Video marketing helps bring your brand to life–it’s memorable, it’s engaging, and it’s a must-have for your holiday marketing strategy.

Learn more about the power of video (and get ideas to create your own) in our blog 10 Holly Jolly Holiday Video Ideas & Examples.

4. Make sure your local listings are up to date

Between gifts, entertaining, home preparation, and everything in between, the holiday season has consumers searching for businesses just like yours. Is the information they’re finding about your business accurate? Now is the time to update your listings with hours of operation, COVID-19 information, pricing, and more.

Find out our 11 Tips to Prepare Your Local Listings for the Holidays, including a handy checklist.

5. Know the facts about holiday spending habits

It’s probably not a surprise to you that holiday spending is expected to increase this year as compared to last. But that doesn’t mean you can resort to old ways. The past few years have created lasting impacts on holiday shopping habits that are here to stay.

Make sure you know the facts about the 2021 holiday consumer mindset by downloading Your Ultimate 2021 Holiday Marketing Guide.


Happy holidays from LOCALiQ!

We are grateful to have an amazing team that cares deeply about the community around them and that brings passion, commitment, and FUN to everything they do.

Ready to meet the team for yourself? Get in touch with an expert today to chat about how LOCALiQ solutions can help your business light up this holiday season and achieve continued success in the new year.

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