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  • A Countdown of 47 New Year’s Marketing Slogans (+Examples Worth Celebrating)

Who doesn’t love the start of a new year? It’s a time for fresh beginnings, big goals, reinvention, and new marketing ideas!

Hopefully, you’ve already plotted much of your 2024 marketing calendar. But if you’re looking for ideas to fill in the gaps (and with the ongoing demands for digital marketing content, who isn’t!),

To make it even easier, we’ve organized this long list of New Year’s slogans into five themes:

Tips for your New Year’s marketing slogan

Selecting a slogan with just the right blend of humor and heart is a fun part of the marketing process, but it can only happen after you’ve done some foundational planning work.

This starts with defining your objectives for your New Year’s marketing campaign. What consumer actions are you hoping to drive, and how will you define success?

Using the SMART goal framework is helpful here. You’re looking to set objectives that are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

New Years marketing slogan - the SMART framework

In the context of your marketing campaign, that means establishing clear parameters with real numbers attached. For example, “We want to drive X additional dollars’ worth of sales in January with our start-of-the-year sale.”

After defining a goal, set your tactics. What marketing channels and techniques most closely align with your goal? For example, to drive additional revenue with a sale, how will you advertise it before and during the event?

Once you’ve decided when and where to employ your seasonal marketing messaging, you can start to brainstorm your creative. Armed with a clear purpose, you can devise slogans and visuals that fit your underlying strategy and goals perfectly.

Have you already defined your strategy? Want a sneak peek at the creative potential your marketing campaign could achieve? Read on for our list of New Year’s marketing slogans, broken down by theme, plus some ideas for campaigns to use them.

🎉 There’s a whole new year of marketing at hand. This free 2024 Marketing Calendar is full of trends, ideas, and messaging to make sure it’s a great one.

New Year’s marketing slogans to say farewell to 2023

The end of the year often comes with mixed feelings. People reflect on exciting moments or proud accomplishments that happened in 2023. And sometimes, they’re happy to put a rough year behind them!

New Years marketing slogan - a social post from a jeweler

Gembreakfest gave their customers a sparkly way to top off a great year (or put a positive spin on a ho-hum one).

Regardless of whether your audience is saying goodbye or good riddance to 2023, recognizing the end of the year closes the chapter and makes space for the possibility and promise of a new one.

These New Year’s slogans offer a hat tip to the soon-to-be-over year:

  • That’s a wrap on 2023!
  • 2023? That’s *so* last year
  • See ya later, alligator
  • Bye, bye 2023
  • RIP to 2023
  • Kiss 2023 goodbye!
  • Sending off 2023 in style
  • Turn the page on 2023
  • Your 2023 is wrapped
  • 2023 is going, going, gone!

Ways to use them

What are some of the best ways to use these end-of-the-year slogans in your New Year’s marketing? Here are a couple of ideas.

End-of-the-year sale

This year is almost over, and so are these deals! Running a year-end sale can give you a little revenue bump during those last days on the calendar.

New Years marketing slogan - Xtrema promotional email

This promotion from xtrema offers a deal worth celebrating; savings AND bonus points for new rewards members.

This is a perfect time to target consumers with messaging about treating themselves after an entire holiday season spent splurging on others. It’s also an opportunity to discount strategically—offering additional reductions on items you want to move from your inventory to make room for new products.

Offer a discount to say thank you for a great year

Where would any of us be without our customers? The end of the year is a great time to show some extra appreciation for the people who kept us in business in 2023 What better way to do that than with a little gift?

Offering your loyal customers a discount code ends the year on a sweet note for them (and might generate some extra last-minute revenues for you).

New Year’s party marketing slogan ideas

New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebratory nights of the year. People don their sparkly best, sip champagne, and dance until midnight!

For those in the US, watching the ball drop in Times Square is also an annual New Year’s Eve tradition. While you could be there in person, it’s even more enjoyable to watch on TV from the warmth of your party.

New Years marketing slogan - social media post from Perseney

The descriptive caption in this post from Perseny sets the stage for a great New Year’s celebration.

No matter how you choose to ring in the New Year, there are dozens of traditions and tropes you can reference in your marketing that speak to the festivities of the evening.

Try these slogans to celebrate the New Year:

  • Cheers to the New Year
  • Poppin’ bottles for 2024
  • Raise a glass to the New Year
  • 3, 2, 1….Happy New Year!
  • Ring in the New Year
  • Let’s dance the night away
  • Break out the champagne!
  • What are you doing New Year’s Eve?
  • Don’t let old acquaintance be forgot

Ways to use them

You don’t have to throw your own New Year’s party to get in on the fun—although we won’t stop you if you want to host a fete!

Here are some ideas to help you use your New Year’s Eve slogans.

Host an online contest or giveaway

Social media contests or giveaways can boost your follower count and expand your online presence.

New Years marketing slogan - social media post from korean skin care

You’ll grow your follower count while getting new customers with social media giveaways like this one from Korean Skincare.

If you want to put a New Year’s Eve twist on this marketing tactic, you might host a contest where the user who posts the most festive outfit (as voted by followers) wins. Or your giveaway items might be a New Year’s Eve treat, like some caviar and blinis.

Throw your own New Year’s Eve bash

This one is a no-brainer if you’re in the hospitality or restaurant industry. Put together a special New Year’s Eve menu and consider sweetening the deal with some party favors and a complimentary champagne toast. If you want to go all-out, you might bring in entertainment, like a live band or DJ.

If you’re outside the food and beverage world, you can still host an in-store celebration. Doing something more casual or family-friendly earlier in the evening can help you draw in prospective shoppers before they head off to their nighttime plans!

New Year’s marketing slogans to welcome 2024

On the flip side of your goodbyes to the previous year is the opportunity to extend a hearty welcome to 2024.

New Years marketing slogan - social post from Malin and Goetz

Malin and Goetz nail the celebratory New Year’s tone in this post.

The New Year is rife with cultural significance, with people across the ages creating traditions to help usher in prosperity, good fortune, and happiness in the 12 months to come.

Why not tap into that sense of joy and possibility in your New Year’s marketing slogans? Here are some examples:

  • 2024, here we come!
  • Polar bear plunge into the New Year
  • Run head-first into 2024
  • Nice to meet you, New Year!
  • Welcome to the best year of your life
  • 2024—Let’s go!
  • The countdown is over. Welcome to 2024!
  • You made it!
  • Usher in a year of health and happiness

Ways to use them

As your audience welcomes in the New Year, you can become part of the celebratory mood. Here are some ideas for marketing campaigns that allow you to share in the festivities.

New Year traditions user-generated content

Many cultures have special rituals and traditions associated with the New Year.

In Spain, it’s good luck to eat 12 grapes as the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve. They celebrate the last day of the year in Scotland with Hogmanay, a festival rich with traditions.

If your business offers any products or services that may be part of traditional New Year celebrations, create a campaign (complete with a branded or holiday hashtag) encouraging your followers to share your role in their annual traditions!

Offer pre-book specials

Some businesses experience a New Year’s lag as people return from the holidays. One way to combat that is to incentivize the pre-booking of services.

New Years marketing slogan - NYE marketing message from a landscaper

Even if January isn’t your high season, you can still drum up future business.

Offer a price cut to customers who commit now to future bookings. People always appreciate a discount, and offering a limited-time incentive may encourage those on the fence to leap—meanwhile, your business benefits by securing some guaranteed revenue for the coming weeks and months.

Resolution-themed New Year’s marketing slogans

New Year’s resolutions are popular—41% of Americans make them each year. They’re typically focused on some area of health and wellness; resolving to exercise more, smoke less, or adopt a more balanced diet are some perennial favorites.

New Years marketing slogan - contest social post from The Cove

This post from The Cove and Priest Lake is an engagement magnet!

If you’re in a business that supports any sort of self-improvement, tapping into New Year’s resolution messaging might be right for you. And even if you’re not, the concept of resolutions is so universal that you can still consider using it in your New Year’s marketing and advertising.

Here are some slogans to speak to the New Year’s resolution phenomenon:

  • Resolve to make 2024 your best year yet
  • New year, new goals
  • Here to help you stick to your resolutions
  • Going the distance on New Year’s resolutions
  • Get your [industry area of focus] in shape (e.g., a bank would say, “Get your finances in shape”)
  • Get fit with us this year
  • Commit to yourself this year
  • You set big goals. We help you reach them.
  • Make your 2024 happy and healthy

🛑 If business growth is your resolution this year, then you need this easy-to-use growth strategy template.

Ways to use them

Setting New Year’s resolutions is about creating accountability and establishing an aspirational tone for the coming 12 months. You can lean into this sense of promise and potential in the marketing campaigns you design around resolution-based messaging.

Offer a deal for resolutioners

If you’re in the health or fitness space, creating a deal for people committing to resolutions on January 1 is an obvious marketing opportunity.

New Years marketing slogan - marketing email from my fitness pal.

Help your customers meet their new goals with a discount.

But even if you’re not in these industries, there may be a chance for you to get in on the resolution-setting mindset. Many people are defining health as something broader and selecting resolutions accordingly.

In 2023, Forbes found that 30% of people set a goal of improving their finances in the new year, while finding better work/life balance, embracing new hobbies, traveling more, and making more time for friends also made the list.

With the range of resolutions so broad, just about any industry can offer a deal to help people achieve their goals.

Launch a newsletter

Do you have expertise that could support resolution-makers throughout the year? Starting a newsletter to share actionable tips regularly may be for you.

A bi-weekly or monthly newsletter offers your readers the continuous help they need to stick to their goals. Plus, it ensures your business remains top-of-mind each time you hit readers’ inboxes.

Are you unsure what to write about? Build your newsletter around your area of expertise. A home cleaning service can offer tips for organizing and sprucing up around the house. A dietician might serve up healthy recipes that feature seasonal ingredients.

New Years marketing slogan - newsletter from Allgood plumbing

You can offer teaser tips in your newsletter that drive out to full-length articles on your blog, chock-full of additional timely advice!

New Year, new you marketing slogan ideas

A new year is a clean slate—a chance to reinvent yourself, transform old habits, and set big goals.

Chances are, people in your audience are thinking about a novel thing they want to do or try this year. And, depending on what your business does, you might be able to help them!

A salon or barbershop can transform a customer’s look. A yoga studio can help its clients find greater calm. A travel booking site can design itineraries for customers to explore a new country.

Whatever your angle on the “new year, new you” theme is, here are some slogans to help you tap into the sentiment:

  • New year, new you
  • Here’s to new beginnings
  • Make 2024 your year
  • Seize the moment!
  • Carpe diem in 2024
  • What are your big plans for 2024?
  • Time to try something new
  • Wipe the slate clean
  • Start fresh on January 1
  • New year, new possibilities

Ways to use them

How do you help your customers become their best selves in 2024? Encourage them to take giant leaps and realize dreams that may have been on their minds for a while.

Here’s how to dial into that energy in your marketing offers for the year.

Run a social media ad campaign

Sometimes, people are a little scared to seek out their big hopes and dreams alone. Running a well-placed social media ad campaign can meet these people where they are and help them decide to go for it.

New Years marketing slogan - social media post from Catbird

An ad with the right message at the right time can sometimes attract people who otherwise wouldn’t have made the purchase!

Smart targeting is essential here, and luckily, social media platforms allow you to set specific parameters for who will see your advertising. You may even choose to retarget people who have visited your social profile or website.

Imagine you run a skydiving business, and someone checks out your page on January 1, thinking about the dream they’ve always had of taking this big (and literal) leap. If you retarget that person with ads in the coming days and weeks, they might get the sense that 2024 is the year they should finally do it!

Go in for the upsell

Some people only want to take bold risks with brands they already know, like, and trust. Why not encourage them to take that next step with you by offering a calculated upsell to your existing clients?

For example, a salon may segment its email list based on the types of services its clients receive. They can target their cut and blow-dry clients with an invitation (and discount code) to book full highlights so they can finally try that new color in 2024.

You’ll likely connect with some people who are already considering a dramatic change to their look. Your email may encourage them to actually book an appointment.

New Year’s marketing slogans for a sparkling start to 2024

If you’re ready to kick off the New Year with good vibes and new sales, capitalizing on the season’s celebratory spirit is the way to go. Setting a SMART goal, building a campaign around it, and topping off your plans with a clever slogan and creative can add just the razzle-dazzle you need to help you close the last year out right and start the new one strong.

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