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When your business is looking to squeeze the last bits of marketing success out of summer, an August newsletter is exactly what you need.

There are a ton of topics to choose from when you’re deciding what to frame your August newsletter around. So much so that it can feel like a challenge to choose the right August newsletter idea or subject line that will best speak to your audience. Luckily, we’re making it easy with this handy list of August newsletter subject lines and topics any business can use.

Let’s dive in!


August newsletter ideas for any business

Whether you’re in retail, home services, healthcare, or any other niche market out there, these August newsletters could work for your business.

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1. Back-to-school newsletter

It wouldn’t be a complete roundup of August newsletter ideas without a back-to-school theme at the top of the list! Your business doesn’t have to directly connect to the education industry to take advantage of back-to-school marketing.

To craft the perfect newsletter, you want to include content relevant to your target market. Odds are, your audience is impacted by the back-to-school season on some level, even if you’re not necessarily targeting parents or students.

There is tons you can discuss about back-to-school, from increased traffic to busy schedules, and more, try and give your audience some back-to-school season tips or activities to take advantage of during this time of year.

august newsletter subject lines - back to school newsletter example


2. A newsletter to say goodbye to summer

Sadly, August is the last month of the summer season, so lean into this using your August newsletter as a farewell to summer. You could round up some of your favorite memories from the summer, and ask your readers to submit theirs too for a chance at a shoutout in your September newsletter.

3. Fall prep newsletter

With summer coming to a close and fall right around the corner, your customers would likely appreciate an August newsletter that includes prep tips for the fall season. Be sure one of the fall survival tips you mention includes something to do with your business.

For example, you could recommend that customers book ahead to fit your services into their busy back-to-school schedules.

august newsletter ideas - fall prep email


4. Q3 updates

August marks the middle of the third quarter of the year. In traditional newsletter style, you may want to update your recipients on any Q3 developments or plans your business has in the works, and you could even tease what’s to come in Q4.

5. Include trivia

Trivia can be a fun addition to a marketing newsletter any time of year, but it can be a great way for your recipients to beat summer boredom this August.

Add some interactive entertainment to your August newsletter by asking them seasonally relevant trivia. Alternatively, you could come up with creative quiz questions about your business.

Either way, your recipients could click a link to your website to participate in exchange for a small prize—which will help you increase site traffic and collect leads.

august newsletter ideas - trivia email example


6. Summer recap photo contest

What better way to recap summer and reflect on the sunny season’s memories than with a photo contest? Similar to the trivia contest structure above, you could encourage your audience to submit their best or funniest summer photos to your business for a chance to win a prize.

As a bonus, the submissions could give you more material to highlight in your next upcoming newsletter!

August newsletter ideas based on holidays and observances

Aside from the general August newsletter ideas above, there are tons of August social media holidays and monthly observances you could frame your newsletter email around, like the ones below.

7. Shout out Black-owned businesses for Black Business Month

August is Black Business Month, and while your newsletters should be an inclusive marketing strategy year-round, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to uplift Black-owned businesses within your community. Add a special section to your August newsletter that shouts out Black-owned businesses that complement your own, and include resources for ways your recipients can support these companies.

august newsletter ideas - black business month email example


8. Create a gallery for National Dog Month

Who doesn’t love cute pictures of pups? For National Dog Month this August, ask your business’s employees, friends, and family, to submit their best dog photos. Next, put those images into an interactive gallery your August newsletter readers can click through to increase your email’s engagement.

9. Share an inspiring speech on Professional Speakers Day

For Professional Speakers Day on August 7, you could send out a newsletter that features a speech from an industry thought leader. This will give your newsletter subscribers something interesting to read or watch while they learn more about the world behind your business.

august newsletter ideas - professional speakers day


10. Make your readers laugh on Tell a Joke Day

Tell a Joke Day falls on August 16 and is the perfect opportunity to incorporate humor into your August newsletter. You could include a recent funny meme or video, or insert a series of jokes throughout your newsletter to make your readers smile.

11. Highlight superstar women on Women’s Equality Day

Your business won’t want to miss the chance to highlight all the superstar women within your brand community for Women’s Equality Day on August 26.

For example, you could use this August newsletter idea as an opportunity to build your employer branding. Start with a shout-out for a top-performing female employee. You could also include a general message that thanks all the women who make your business great. Alternatively, you could use your newsletter to plug any Women’s Equality Day events your business may be running or participating in.

august newsletter subject lines - womens equality day example


12. Share a recipe for National Eat Outside Day

The best part of any holiday is usually the food—especially if it’s a food-based day like National Eat Outside Day on August 31. Eating outside while the weather is still enjoyable in August is likely something your readers look forward to doing. However, finding the right recipe that’s easy to pack and take outside can be a challenge. Help your readers out by sharing your favorite snack to pack on the go.

August newsletter subject lines

The August newsletter ideas above can be even more effective when paired with the right subject line. Check out these August newsletter subject line ideas.

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  • See ya, summer 👋 Fall, we see you around the corner 👀
  • [Name], did you hear about our latest August updates?
  • Happy August! Here’s What’s Coming for This Month
  • A Q3 Breakdown You Won’t Want to Miss
  • {Name], Here’s What’s Coming in Q4
  • [Name], We Can’t Believe This Was The Highlight of Our Summer
  • {Name}, What Was Your Favorite Part of Summer?
  • Support These Black-owned Businesses This Month & Every Month
  • 😂 We can’t stop LOLing on Tell A Joke Day
  • Looking back on summer, here’s what we found
  • Click for cute dog pics 🐶 on National Dog Month
  • Here’s to Women’s Equality Today & Every Day
  • It’s National Eat Outside Day! Here’s a Recipe You Won’t Want to Miss

Use these August newsletter ideas and subject lines for success that lasts all month long

When you need to increase your newsletter readership, drive more clicks, and maximize conversions this month an August newsletter should be your go-to strategy. No matter which of these August newsletter ideas or subject lines you choose from, your business is bound to reap the benefits of increased email engagement. Plus, if you try out these August newsletter ideas but feel ready to take your strategy to the next level, see how our solutions can help you enhance your email marketing year-round.

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