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I just recently bought a few vegetables to grow in my garden over the summer. The first few days, I struggled to remember to water and check them regularly since this was a new routine for me. However, with a pre-planned watering schedule (and lots of TLC), they’ve now been growing like crazy!

Your business’s summer email marketing can behave the same way! If you neglect this aspect of your business’s promotional plans, you may disengage customers or miss out on opportunities to grow. However, if you take some time to start with the basics, like your July email subject lines, your business’s email marketing can bring a blossoming ROI.

That’s why we’re helping you plant the seeds of email success with this post. Let’s get growing!


July email subject line tips to remember

Before we jump in, let’s review some of our top email subject line tips.

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Stay true to your brand

While our subject line suggestions below are a great starting point for any business, maintaining brand consistency within your email strategy should remain a top priority. This means that you’ll want to tweak these ideas to match your brand voice or goals.

It can be tempting to follow along with hot email marketing trends, but staying true to your business’s identity will ultimately lead to higher email engagement rates. When your recipients find familiarity with your content, they’ll feel more inclined to act.

july email subject lines - small business email example displaying brand consistency

The friendly tone in this business’s email aligns with its overall brand.

Try adding a touch of personalization

Targeted email marketing is a go-to for any business that wants to provide a tailored experience for customers in different phases of the buyer’s journey.

To start, you’ll want to find ways you can make your emails seem more personable. For example, as you build your email lists, you may want to find a way to include your recipients’ first names in future subject lines. Studies show that subject lines that include a recipient’s first name leads to higher click-through rates.

Email marketing automation tools can add names for you in a flash. If you prefer to add them manually, that’s fine too! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with your audience in a more intimate way by trying a personalized approach. If you’re unsure of how to start, our expert resources are always here to help.

july email subject lines - example of small business using a first name in email

Avoid spam triggers

Did you know that nearly 70% of people report an email as spam solely based on the email subject line?

While it’s a good idea to use power words when spicing up your email copywriting, there are other terms that can be considered spam triggers.

When you’re running a contest or giveaway via email or looking to promote a new product, it can be tempting to use “spammy” sounding language. However, avoiding these terms is your best bet to ensure your email promotions are as effective as possible.

Our handy image below can act as a helpful starting point to know what words not to use:

july email subject lines - spam trigger words chart

Stick to the 4 C’s: clear, concise, consistent, creative

There are a few more email marketing best practices that we’ve packaged together into an easy structure. The four C’s stand for clear, concise, consistent, and creative. Here’s what the 4 C’s mean for your business’s email marketing:

  • Clear: The action you want recipients to take should be clearly conveyed in your email subject lines.
  • Concise: Almost 50% of recipients decide to open an email based on the subject line alone. That statistic combined with the rise of mobile usage means you must get your point across quickly before your subject line gets cut off or disregarded. Save our image below to understand how concise your email subject lines should be.
  • Consistent: Make sure your brand’s personality shines through to clearly establish your business in busy inboxes.
  • Creative: Eye-catching email subject lines can help your business stand out. Try adding the occasional fun element, like a hashtag or an emoji, to captivate your audience.

july email subject lines - character count chart

Reminder: Make sure to track your email marketing KPIs so you understand what’s working (and what’s not).

July email subject lines for all business types

Regardless of what niche market your business might be in, these email subject lines are sure to be a fit for your brand.

🚨 Ready to build your year-round email strategy? Get email subject lines for every month of the year here!

  • Splish, splash 🌊waves of new updates at Small’s Business
  • July is here (and so are our top items)
  • What We’re Grilling Up This July
  • Let’s Get Grilling!
  • The secret to summer fun (hint: it starts with a visit to our store)
  • The Weather is Heating Up & So Are Our Top Items
  • Lawn? Mowed✅ Cooler? Packed✅ What’s Missing? Us!
  • Soak Up the Sun & Have Fun! Here’s How

july email subject lines - example of a growing business summer email about beating the heat

July email subject lines for sales

July is the prime time for summer promotions. Try out these email subject lines for sales to help squeeze the most out of your limited-time offers:

  • Connor, Our July Sale is Making a Splash
  • Hot Sun & Even Hotter Sale Items Here
  • Suns Out, Sales Out 😎 Shop Now!
  • The sun is shining and so are our deals
  • Stephanie, Sweet Summer Deals Just for You
  • $15 off all items all July long!
  • Look No Further! Everything You Need for Summer Right Here
  • Cool Picks for Hot Weather
  • We ❤ summer sales
  • Crank The A/C, These Deals Are HOT
  • 🚨new sale prices coming in hot🚨

july email subject lines - example of retail summer sale email

July email subject lines for services

Service-based businesses need to ensure their books stay busy throughout the summer. These July email subject lines should do the trick:

  • Don’t Sweat Your Latest Project! We Can Help
  • July Booking Bonanza! Spots Filling Fast
  • Sadie, Unlock Secret Services for Summer👀
  • Super summer services that meet your needs
  • Have you booked your appointments for fall? Get ahead now
  • Proactive > Reactive. How Our Preventative Services Can Help
  • Service specials all summer long! Only at Superb Services LLC.
  • Book between July 1-31 & get ✨VIP✨ treatment
  • $10 off all appointments booked for July 1-31
  • Dana, What’s on Your Summer To-Do List? We Can Help
  • Make Your Next Summer Project a Breeze With Us
  • Lacey, what’s on your summer project list?

july email subject lines - summer email example for service business

Even more July email subject lines

Want other ways to boost your summer marketing plans? Try these fun July email subject lines framed around holidays:

4th of July email subject lines

There is plenty to play around with when it comes to your business’s 4th of July marketing. For example, these 4th of July email subject line ideas are the perfect mix of being both celebratory and promotional:

  • Red, White, & NEW! Shop 4th of July Deals Now
  • Let Us Make Your Holiday Sparkle & Shine
  • Let Freedom Ring!
  • Red, White, & Woo! How We’re Celebrating the Fourth
  • Stars, Stripes, & Everything Nice at [Your Business Name]
  • Proud to Be American + Proud to Have Your Business
  • Joyce, R-YES-V-P to Our 4th of July BBQ
  • Light off the fireworks & fire up the grill! It’s 4th of July
  • Jodie, celebrate America’s birthday with us
  • ❤💙star-spangled deals just for you💙❤

july email subject lines - 4th of july email example from growing business

Other July holiday email subject lines

Want even more July holidays to help frame up your email marketing content? We’ve got you covered with these July email subject line ideas below:

  • Noah, summer safety tips you can’t miss! (Fireworks Safety Month)
  • Wait! Did you remember your sunscreen? (UV Safety Month)
  • How we’re giving back for Minority Mental Health Month (Minority Mental Health Month)
  • 20+ ideas for an exciting summer 😄 (Anti-boredom Month)
  • Our top grill tips (+check your inbox weekly for more!) (Grilling Month)
  • Christiano, shop local this July (Independent Retailer Month)
  • Knock, knock… (International Joke Day, July 1)
  • Caleb, Do You Believe?👽 (World UFO Day, July 2)
  • The ONLY Caesar Salad Recipe You’ll Ever Need (National Caesar Salad Day, July 4)
  • We work hard so you don’t have to (National Workaholics Day, July 5)
  • Ain’t No Thing, Chicken Wing! (National Fried Chicken Day, July 6)
  • How our webmasters make our site awesome for you (Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day, July 6)
  • Did someone say chocolate? (World Chocolate Day, July 7)
  • 🎶If you like pina coladas…🍹 (National Pina Colada Day, July 9)
  • Maxwell, dip your toes in the water with a trial (National Swimming Pool Day, July 11)
  • Would You Like Fries with That? (National French Fry Day, July 12)
  • Our customers are the mac to our cheese (National Macaroni and Cheese Day, July 14)
  • Noah, we have a gift for you? (National Give Something Away Day, July 15)
  • ?Sssomething ssspecial inside? (World Snake Day, July 16)
  • I Scream, You Scream… We All Scream for Ice Cream! (National Ice Cream Day, July 17)
  • You’ll Feel Like You Hit the Lottery with Us! (National Lottery Day, July 17)
  • Hot Dog! These Deals Are Good! (National Hot Dog Day, July 17)
  • You Reviewed, We Listened! New Updates Inside. (World Listening Day, July 18)
  • We’re Jumping for Joy Over These Deals (World Jump Day, July 20)
  • Natalia, Do You Prefer Vanilla or Chocolate? 🍦 (Vanilla Ice Cream Day, July 23)
  • Get our top self-care tips (International Self-Care Day, July 24)
  • .. our secret to super summer margaritas inside… (National Tequila Day, July 24)
  • Read About Our Superstar Veteran Employees (National Hire a Veteran Day, July 25)
  • Our Customers & Our Products Go Together Like Wine & Cheese! (National Wine and Cheese Day, July 25)
  • Stop by for refreshments, stay for a demo (National Refreshment Day, July 27)
  • How We Said Thank You to Wonderful Our System Admins (System Administrator Appreciation Day, July 28)
  • Bring a Pal for Double the Savings! (International Day of Friendship, July 30)
  • Forget weights, it’s avo-cardio day🥑 (National Avocado Day, July 31)
  • You’re One in a Melon! 🍉 (National Watermelon Day, July 31)

july email subject lines - watermelon day email example

July newsletter email subject lines

July not only marks the mid-point of summer but also the start of the third quarter of the year. Get your Q3 initiatives off the ground with these July newsletter email subject line ideas:

  • Millie, We’ve Got Your July Checklist Ready to Go!
  • A Q3 Kickoff You’ll Never Forget!
  • Q3 Is Here! Are You Ready?
  • Summer is already halfway done?! Our end-of-summer plans
  • Our top tips to beat end-of-summer blues
  • What We’ve Got In Store for July & More!
  • 🍋Squeeze more out of summer with these July tips
  • Our favorite summer trends and tips you need to know

july email subject lines - example of summer newsletter

Looking for July social media post ideas? We’ve got you covered!

Use July email subject lines to light up your summer marketing

Your email subject lines can make or break your email marketing efficacy. Start your third quarter off on the right foot by paying extra attention to your July email subject lines. If you want to ensure you have a robust strategy year-round, check out our complete marketing calendar that’s filled with tips and ideas like the ones above to help you reach lasting success.

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