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They say that a relaxed mind is a creative mind, but if you ask me, coming up with content for your email newsletters is never as easy as it seems it should be. And how can you relax knowing that your readers can unsubscribe in one click? It’s v. stressful.

stressful newsletter ideas meme - key and peele sweat meme

So you’ll be happy to hear that aside from typical holidays like Independence Day and Thanksgiving, each month of the year has its own set of awareness causes and observance days that open up endless avenues for creative and meaningful email marketing.

So in this post, I’m going to share with you:

  • 138+ potential topics you can use in your newsletters
  • 75 newsletter ideas from those topics
  • 12 real examples you can model after

Table of contents

Click below to skip to the month you want ideas for, or browse the whole post to get the full experience!


January newsletter ideas and topics

January is the month for fresh starts, resolutions, goal setting, the post-holiday blues, snow days, and more.

January awareness

  • Human trafficking
  • Mentoring
  • Slow cooking
  • Blood donor

January national days

  • Clean Off Your Desk Day
  • Vision Board Day
  • Dress Up Your Pet Day
  • Get to Know Your Customers Day
  • Backward Day

Newsletter ideas

  • Announce your goals for the year and how you plan to bring even more value to your subscribers. Include some teasers to keep them looking forward to future emails.
  • Appeal to post-holiday blues and cheer readers up with inspirational content or a mini-sale.
  • Give your readers a compliment and a coupon they can use on National Compliment Day.
  • Share photos from any holiday events or fundraisers you ran or participated in.
  • Run a flash sale on a snow day, or provide a coupon to be used on a snow day.

january newsletter example promoting a flash sale

Image source

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February newsletter ideas and topics

February is more than just the month of love (or singledom, for that matter). Let’s take a look:

February awareness

  • Heart health
  • Black history
  • Children’s dental health
  • American history
  • Cancer prevention

February national days

  • Girls and Women in Sports Day
  • Make a Friend Day
  • Groundhog Day
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day

February newsletter ideas

  • Celebrate Black History Month by featuring an influential Black member of your community or industry; link to a blog post with the full interview.
  • Share (even more) love with a customer appreciation email.
  • Send out a discount, coupon, or special offer on Random Acts of Kindness Day, encourage your readers to pay it forward.
  • Let your readers know that you’ll be emailing out one of two promotions based on whether the groundhog sees his shadow.
  • Feature your most-loved products.
  • Promote a referral program (they share the love!) or customer loyalty program (you share the love!).

february newsletter example with referral program

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March newsletter ideas and topics

March is the month of March Madness, MLB opening day, the first day of spring, daylight savings, and the whole in like a lion, out like a lamb thing. In addition, here is some more material for your March newsletter.

March awareness

  • Women’s history
  • Nutrition
  • Reading
  • Brain Injury

March national days

  • Mom & Pop Business Owner Day
  • Pi Day
  • Puppy Day
  • National Day of Unplugging (probably not a good idea to send out your newsletter on that day).

March newsletter ideas:

  • Include a puppy photo. Anywhere in your email. Puppies are the silver bullet of visual marketing (kidding but also not).
  • Send out some advice on how to Spring forward after the time change.
  • Do some cross-channel promotion. Tell readers about your Instagram giveaway for a lucky St. Patrick’s Day prize.
  • Share pictures from any February volunteer events or Valentine’s Day celebrations.
  • Spotlight an influential female in your company, industry, or customer base.
  • Run an email-exclusive pi day sale or Mardi Gras mystery sale.

march newsletter example with a pi day discount

march email newsletter example with mardi gras mystery sale

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April newsletter ideas and topics

In addition to Easter, Passover, and April Fool’s Day, we’ve got taxes, spring cleaning, prom season, spring break, and the Boston Marathon. What else? Plenty!

April awareness

  • Financial literacy
  • Planet earth
  • Sexual assault
  • Child abuse
  • Autism

April national days

  • Tax Day
  • Earth Day
  • Email Debt Forgiveness Day
  • High Five Day

April newsletter ideas:

  • Send out a bogus email on April Fool’s Day (but then link to a blog post or landing page that provides the real information or real offer you’re promoting).
  • If you’re a B2B business, encourage your readers to acknowledge Administrative Professionals Day within their organization.
  • Promote your affiliate program on High Five Day, or send a virtual high five to your readers with a small offer.
  • Announce your Mother’s Day and graduation specials before the season gets underway.
  • Add a teaser on a flash sale you’re going to run on MLB Opening Day.

april newsletter example with a virtual egg hunt

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May newsletter ideas and topics

May is graduation season, the time when things are in bloom, and summer is right around the corner. In addition to Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and the Kentucky Derby, there are plenty of other topics to target in your May newsletter.

May awareness

  • Small business
  • Women’s health
  • ALS
  • Mental Health

May national days

  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Bike to Work Day
  • Geek Pride Day
  • Burger Day

May newsletter ideas:

  • Give subscribers a schedule of your sales promotions for National Small Business Week.
  • Let readers know that for a particular time period, you’ll be donating sales proceeds to a local organization that supports veterans or the troops.
  • Throw in some fun Star Wars facts for those in your audience who will be attending Star Wars Day trivia events.
  • Link to your Graduation or Mother’s Day gift guide blog post.
  • Or take a page out of this business’s book and show your sensitivity:

may newsletter example with option to opt out from mother's day emails

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June newsletter ideas and topics

We’re halfway through the year, and summer has officially arrived! The summer solstice occurs in June, which is the longest day of the year. Official June holidays include Flag Day, Father’s Day, and Juneteenth. Here’s what else you can use for June newsletter inspiration.

June awareness

  • PTSD
  • Safety
  • Camping
  • Men’s Health
  • Great Outdoors

June national days

  • Flip a Coin Day
  • Donut Day
  • Insurance Awareness Day
  • Higher Education Day
  • Splurge Day

Newsletter ideas

  • Share with your subscribers a promo code, discount, or coupon they can use on Splurge Day.
  • Link to your Father’s Day gift guide blog post.
  • Provide a list of favorite local spots where they can celebrate National Picnic day.
  • Announce a BOGO sales in honor of Best Friend’s Day.
  • Encourage readers to subscribe to your social media profiles on Social Media Day.
  • Generate excitement around sales promotions for recent graduates.


june email newsletter example celebrating pride month

More June marketing resources:

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July newsletter ideas and topics

When you think of July, you can’t not think of America, freedom, independence, fireworks, and the like. But there’s more to this month than you may think!

July awareness

  • Grilling
  • UV safety
  • Eye injury prevention
  • Minority mental health,
  • Anti-boredom
  • Purposeful parenting
  • Independent retailers

July national days

  • Get to Know Your Customers Day
  • Cheer Up the Lonely Day
  • Tell the Truth Day
  • Ice Cream Day
  • Get to Know Your Customers Day
  • Parent’s Day
  • Christmas in July
  • International Kissing Day

July newsletter ideas

  • Link to a blog post on anti-boredom activities in your community.
  • Talk about your all-month-long 4th of July promotions.
  • Announce temperature-related discounts to help beat the heat.
  • Invite readers to enter a giveaway in honor of National Give Something Away Day
  • In honor of National Tell the Truth Day and Get to Know Your Customers Day, ask for customer feedback.

july newsletter ideas—customer feedback email exampleImage source

More July marketing resources:


August newsletter ideas and topics

August is the calm before the (back to school) storm, the end of the good ol’ Dog Days of summer, the time to start gearing back up.

August awareness

  • Children’s eye health and safety
  • International peace
  • Black businesses
  • Family fun
  • Golf
  • Back to school
  • Wellness
  • Immunization awareness

August national days

  • Simplify Your Life Week
  • Relaxation Day
  • World Humanitarian Day
  • Senior Citizens Day
  • Friendship Day
  • Work Like a Dog Day
  • Purple Heart Day
  • Dollar Day
  • Lazy Day

August newsletter ideas

  • Announce an end-of-summer, buy-one-get-one-free sale (can we get another hyphen in there?).
  • If summer is your busy season, include a look-back on memorable moments with photos of happy customers who tagged you on social media
  • Include eye-opening stats about Black-owned businesses.
  • Give a preview of your back-to-school marketing specials.
  • Link to your September survival guide—this could work for audiences of students, parents, and teachers.
  • Create a back-to-whatever checklist (back to school, back to work, back to a quiet home…)

august newsletter ideas—puma email with a back to school checklist

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September newsletter ideas and topics

While August was the month of health and relaxation, September kicks into gear with a safety theme. It’s time to get your head on straight.

September awareness

  • Food safety
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Life insurance
  • Self-improvement
  • Addiction recovery

September national days

  • No Rhyme Nor Reason day
  • Lazy Mom’s Day
  • College Colors Day
  • Swap Ideas Day
  • National Day of Encouragement
  • Grandparent’s Day
  • Boss’s Day
  • Dance Day
  • Cleanup Day

September newsletter ideas

  • Remind readers of your back-to-school specials.
  • Run an email-exclusive summer clearance promo to boost engagement.
  • Introduce a self-improvement-related challenge or contest.
  • Provide book recommendations in the spirit of National Reading Day.
  • Include an inspirational quote for Positive Thinking Day.
  • Let customers know if you’ve changed your hours for fall.
  • Provide some of your most helpful blog posts for staying somewhat focused before the long Labor Day weekend, or for transitioning back afterward. (Need ideas for blog posts? Get 20+ content marketing ideas here!)

september newsletter example by the muse

More September marketing resources:


October newsletter ideas and topics

October is about more than just Halloween–it’s also a crucial time to start your holiday marketing and look into some other awareness initiatives to keep your customers engaged with your newsletter.

October awareness

  • Fire prevention
  • Breast cancer
  • LGBTQ history
  • Anti-bullying
  • Sustainable energy
  • Emotional wellness
  • Financial planning
  • Global diversity

October national days

  • National Consignment Day
  • Child Health Day
  • Do Something Nice Day
  • Walk to School Day
  • Inner Beauty Day
  • Get Smart About Credit Day
  • Youth Confidence Day
  • Coming Out Day

October newsletter ideas

  • Send out a BOO! Surprise deal (Halloween promotion ideas here).
  • In honor of financial planning, round up any blog posts you’ve published with budget-friendly tips and feature them in your email.
  • Encourage customers to enter your social media costume contest using a branded hashtag.
  • Use a “like a boss” theme in honor of National Boss’s Day, or link to a blog post about what it’s like to be your own boss.
  • Let readers know where they can safely trick-or-treat in your community.

october email newsletter example with a trick or treat mystery coupon

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November email newsletter ideas and topics

With the November marketing trifecta going on—Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday—we are too distracted to notice the cold weather seeping in. And then the next thing you know, you’re setting the clock back. Wahhh. But on a more positive note, here is some November email marketing inspiration.

November awareness

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Military families
  • Healthy skin
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Drunk driving
  • Peanut butter lovers

November national days

  • Stress Awareness Day
  • Parents as Teachers Day
  • Pickle Day
  • Absurdity Day
  • World Kindness Day

November newsletter ideas

  • Dentists can run a promo for post-Halloween candy teeth cleanings.
  • Share nearby food drives or invite them to participate in one you are hosting yourself.
  • Talk about how you are going to help others this holiday season, or use a gratitude theme in your email copywriting.
  • Tell your readers how to get out of a pickle they commonly find themselves in, related to your business.
  • Of course, announce your Small Business Saturday deals.

november email newsletter example with a black friday sale

More November marketing resources:


December newsletter ideas and topics

December is light in awareness causes—and understandably so since the holidays take the limelight. But I’ll still provide you with some themes and national days that might spark an authentic twist in your holiday marketing strategy.

December awareness

  • Bingo’s birthday
  • Human rights
  • Seasonal depression awareness
  • Business plans

December national days

  • Free Shipping Day
  • Homeless Person Remembrance Day
  • Re-gifting Day
  • Special Education Day
  • Make Up Your Mind Day
  • Bacon Day
  • Rosa Parks Day
  • International Ninja Day

December newsletter ideas

december email newsletter example with the year in review

More December marketing resources:


More newsletter ideas and topics

To finish off, here are some ideas that can work for any month, as well as some of the common themes you may have picked up on throughout this post.

  • Highlight a customer/employee of the month.
  • Share highlights and positive customer reviews from the previous month.
  • Include motivational quotes from influencers or famous people who have birthdays that month.
  • Ask for customer feedback or provide a link to a survey or poll.
  • Link to your latest customer success story or case study.
  • Invite readers to sign up for webinars, RSVP to events, or enter a giveaway.
  • Share new products or new feature releases.
  • Include videos, infographics, and other mixed media types.

These ideas should help you create a plan to stay on the minds of customers throughout the year. Remember, email marketing works. Just make sure you follow best practices and use eye-catching subject lines.

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