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  • August Is National Black Business Month. Here’s How to Get Involved

Did you know…

  • There are more than 2 million Black-owned businesses in the US
  • Black businesses contributed up to $165 billion in revenue and created more than 1 million jobs
  • 35% of Black-owned businesses are owned by women
  • Nearly 60% of Black businesses were facing financial troubles before the pandemic (compared to less than 30% of white-owned businesses)

black business month - stats from groupon survey


These stats illustrate both the power behind Black-owned businesses as well as some of the challenges they regularly face (and this is barely scratching the surface!).

August is National Black Business Month, which is a month meant to highlight these challenges as well as show support for the Black-owned businesses in our communities.

But, how can you show your support and recognize National Black Business Month? We’re sharing ideas for Black business owners, non-Black business owners, and customers to help make this month impactful.


What is National Black Business Month?

National Black Business Month was started in 2004 by John William Templeton and Frederick E. Jordan, Sr. The purpose was to highlight and focus on the needs of Black-owned businesses in the US.

And supporting Black-owned businesses is more important now than ever. While many small and local businesses were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, Black business ownership declined by 40%, which was the largest drop across any demographic.

Since 2004, more communities and brands have gotten involved and shown their support for National Black Business Month, but there’s still a long way to go.


How to recognize National Black Business Month

So how can you celebrate and recognize Black Business Month as a Black-owned business, a non-Black-owned business, or a consumer? We’ve got some ideas!

For Black-owned businesses

Here are some ideas for Black-owned businesses to use throughout National Black Business Month.

1. Update your Google Business Profile

Within your Google Business Profile, you can mark that your business is Black-owned. This can help people seeking out businesses to support find you, and it also helps to add more information about your business so people can connect with you.

national black business month - update google business profile to display black-owned business

2. Show the face behind your business

Black Business Month is a great opportunity to introduce or re-introduce the face behind your business online. You can share social posts, video messages, as well as an update on your website about who you are, why you started your business, and what Black Business Month means to you.

3. Use hashtags

You can amplify your social posts throughout the month using some Black Business Month-related hashtags. This can help new customers engage with your business, as well as other businesses looking to show support.

  • #NationalBlackBusinessMonth
  • #BlackBusinessMonth
  • #ShopBlackOwned
  • #Blackmakers
  • #BlackOwned
  • #SupportBlackBusiness

national black business month hashtags on instagram

4. Get involved in community events

If your community is hosting any events for Black Business Month, this is a great way for your business to get involved. Whether it’s a local market, a roundup of local Black-owned businesses, or another type of event, reach out to your local Chamber of Commerce to see what’s going on that you could get involved with.

5. Talk to local news outlets and influencers

Many local news outlets or influencers may be looking to highlight Black Business Month. This is a great opportunity for additional exposure for your business as you could be interviewed by a local news outlet or featured in a roundup of local Black-owned businesses by an influencer or local blogger. Reach out to a few local outlets to see if they’re working on anything or would be interested in featuring your business.

black business month - talk to local media

For other businesses

Want to know how your business can get involved with Black Business Month? Here are some ideas.

6. Promote Black-owned businesses

The best way your business can get involved is to promote and highlight Black-owned businesses in your community. You could post a weekly highlight on social media for a different Black-owned business, round up a list of your favorite local Black-owned businesses, or reshare posts from Black-owned businesses. Any way to help customers in your area find businesses to support is a great idea.

black business month - local makers market featuring black-owned businesses


7. Partner with Black-owned businesses

Another way to promote a local Black-owned business is to partner with them for the month. This could mean selling their products in your store, hosting a pop-up shop, resharing posts from them throughout the month, or you could even run a social media contest where the prize includes products or services from both your business and your partner business (make sure to purchase the items from the business yourself!).

These are all great ways to show your support and make connections with other businesses in your area.

8. Feature Black-owned businesses or Black business owners on your social channels

This Black Business Month, make sure to also amplify voices outside of your business. You can do this by resharing posts from Black-owned businesses, including amplifying their events, sales, or what this month means to them. You can also do this by highlighting their businesses and their stories.

black business month - share stories from black business owners


9. Share relevant information supporting National Black Business Month

You can also share and reshare relevant information about Black Business Month, including the history behind the month, how customers can get involved, and what your business is doing to promote Black-owned businesses, not just this month—but all year.

10. Partner with Black influencers

Another way to amplify voices outside of your business during National Black Business Month is to partner with Black influencers in your niche. You can have them highlight their favorite Black-owned businesses in your area or just make sure that your influencer marketing strategy is reflecting your community with diverse voices.

black business month post from influencer

For consumers

As a consumer, you might be wondering how you can support Black Business Month. Here are some ideas.

11. Shop at Black-owned businesses or buy from Black-owned brands

The best thing you can do during Black Business Month (and all year long!) is to shop at Black-owned businesses. As mentioned, Black-owned businesses have been disproportionately impacted over the last few years, so supporting them with your patronage is crucial.

You can find local Black-owned businesses to support by:

Larger businesses are also starting to highlight Black-owned businesses and brands they carry, so you can seek out these labels when making your purchase.

For example, Sephora, Target, and Madewell all have dedicated sections for Black-owned businesses.

black business month - black-owned brands on madewell site

12. Share your favorite Black-owned businesses

If there are already local Black-owned businesses or brands that you love, make sure to spread the word! You can do this on social media by sharing a recent experience or product you love and tagging the business. Or you can make a point to tell your friends about your favorite Black-owned businesses.

Influencers and micro-influencers can also take this opportunity to highlight local Black-owned businesses so their larger audiences can discover a potential new business or brand.

13. Leave reviews for your favorite Black-owned businesses

Another way to spread the love for your favorite Black-owned business or brand is to leave a glowing review. Because search engines are still where most people discover new businesses, you can help Black-owned businesses get discovered by leaving relevant, positive reviews.

black business month - leave reviews - example


This is an easy—and crucial—way to support your favorite Black-owned businesses or brands in your community.


Support Black businesses past Black Business Month

While the purpose of National Black Business Month is to shine a spotlight on Black-owned businesses in August, it’s important to show your support year-round. Use these ideas regularly to support your favorite Black-owned businesses and spread the word!

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