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It’s one thing to say your product or service is great. It’s another when an actual customer sings your praises. Customer testimonials are a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Not only do they make you feel all warm and fuzzy, but they also signal to prospective buyers that your company is reputable and delivers the goods.

Fully utilizing the power of customer testimonials goes beyond simply getting someone to say nice things about your brand. You need to present your customer testimonials effectively to get the most out of these trust-building pieces of collateral. To inspire you, here are the primary types of customer testimonials with examples for each.


  1. Case studies
  2. Review site testimonials
  3. Social media testimonials
  4. Video testimonials
  5. Customer success stories

5 customer testimonial examples to learn from

We scoured the web to find some of the best examples of customer stories, videos, and reviews. Use these creative, impactful examples to inspire your conversion-boosting testimonials.

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1. Case studies

Case studies are great, long-form testimonials. Unlike shorter testimonials, like reviews or quotes, they give your audience a deeper look into your company, your customers, and real-world proof of your solutions.

Case studies often provide a narrative that introduces you to a customer, their challenges, the solution they chose, and key results. Ideally, you want some success metrics to build trust with your audience. You should also include quotes in your case studies, as this further humanizes the story and shows that your business impacts real people.

Case study example

Dialpad is an AI-powered communications platform that allows teams to streamline their communication efforts and house all their channels in one place. They also have an excellent way of handling case studies, taking a hybrid approach that loops in elements of customer success stories.

Testimonial examples - screenshot of a headline from a Shopify case study.

Dialpad uses customer wins to tell beautiful stories and deliver data-backed case studies. These serve as both proof that its solutions work and as a way to highlight the customers who use them.

Why we love it

Customer testimonials and success stories are all about showing prospective buyers that you’ve successfully helped people in your audience. Dialpad epitomizes this by using customer quotes as headers throughout its success stories, like in this case study example.

Not only did the Dialpad team use quotes in their success stories, but they also featured quotes all over their product and solutions pages, building further confidence for potential buyers.

Dialpad is a great example of building on a tried-and-true formula like case studies. Don’t feel you have to follow the example of other companies. If you have excellent quotes or fun visuals to include in your case study, use them.

2. Review site testimonials

Review site testimonials are reviews your customers have placed on third-party sites like your Google Business Profile and other business directories. You have a little less control over how these testimonials are gathered and displayed, but they pack a big punch in terms of building credibility with potential customers.

Review site testimonial example

Plowman’s is a family-owned restaurant that pulls its Yelp reviews and places them on its website.

Customer testimonials - A review from Yelp showing on the Plowman's website.

Viewers who visit the website to check the hours of operation or to have a peek at the menu will also see the kind words previous diners have written.

Why we love it

What’s great about Plowman’s example is that the business is checking two boxes at once. People who Google the restaurant will see both Yelp reviews and the business’s website in the results. No matter which of the links hungry searchers choose, they’ll get to see these positive testimonials.

Small, family-owned restaurants don’t always have a lot of time for marketing and updating websites. Getting more mileage out of customer testimonials by placing them on the website is an efficient way to do both.

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3. Social media testimonials

Social media testimonials use the network effect of social media to get more visibility for your best customer feedback.

You can use several formats for social media testimonials. Video, static images, and quotes are all good options. The keys are to make them relatable and to use social media fundamentals to give them the most reach possible.

Social media testimonial example

Here’s a fantastic example of using customer testimonials on social media from River Region Derm & Laser.

Testimonial examples - Instagram post with a customer testimonial.

The business placed this post in its regular Instagram feed. It could have also used it in Instagram Stories to give it a temporary boost in viewership.

Why we love it

River Region Derm & Laser chose a great review to feature. It is detailed and includes the client’s results from using the service. Adding photos of the staff mentioned personalizes the testimonial, helping the reader connect the words with the people who earned the praise.

We also love the use of hashtags. Adding those will get this post on the screens of more potential clients.

4. Video testimonials

A video testimonial takes studies to the next level by giving them a big dose of reality. Seeing the faces behind the customer quotes helps to humanize the story, plus it adds another layer of relevance and trust.

This kind of testimonial is very versatile. It can be used on your website, in your social media posts, or on your YouTube channel.

Video testimonial example

Max I. Walker Uniform Rental is located near Omaha, where it supports many small, local businesses with uniform rentals, bathroom supplies, and more. Because of this, its local reputation and word of mouth are both hugely important.

Max I. Walker does a great job humanizing its brand and connecting with locals by showcasing customers on its YouTube channel, like this video featuring Rotella’s Italian Bakery.

Customer testimonials - screenshot of a video testimonial on YouTube.


Why we love it

The business includes customer testimonials from several of Rotella’s staff, broadening its appeal so that people with different job functions will find it relevant. Extensive testimonials offering deep insights into a single customer’s struggles really drive home the value of Max I. Walker’s service.

5. Customer success stories

A customer success story is a type of testimonial that puts the spotlight on the customer. Similar to case studies, customer success stories are generally lighter on data while placing more emphasis on the people involved, their struggles, and their victories as a result of using your product or service.

Customer success story example

Shopify offers one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world, empowering individuals everywhere to launch their own business.

Shopify has impacted thousands of customers, so it’d be easy to overwhelm audiences with testimonials and success stories. Instead, Shopify keeps things tidy with a beautiful testimonial page that houses all its customer success stories. Each success story shows how customers succeed using Shopify’s platform.

Testimonial examples - screenshot of Shopify's customer story library.

Why we love it

The ecommerce space is rife with competition, especially near the top where Shopify exists. Shopify uses its customer success stories to build good faith with its audience and stand out from the competition. How? By turning success stories into an opportunity for others to learn how to improve their own business by using Shopify. For example, see the snippet below from the Mission Belt success story.

Testimonial examples - screenshot from a shopify customer success story.

This unique approach makes Shopify’s success stories worthwhile as testimonials and builds goodwill between the company and prospective buyers. There’s nothing better than giving away quality info for free.

Customer testimonials are the best kind of social proof

Social proof exists in many forms, such as Google ratings, awards you’ve won, and showing how many customers you’ve served. But nothing can convert an undecided buyer like customer testimonials.

Positive customer testimonials prove that your business is legit and that your solutions help real people. They can expose your business to new audiences. And they’ll continue delivering ROI long after you’ve put in the work to complete them.

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