Despite email subject lines being the shortest portion of your email copywriting, writing the perfect one can often be the most challenging and time-consuming.

Don’t let your valuable time get caught up in a tiny email subject line! Today, we’ll reveal how to create the perfect subject line for all your August email marketing campaigns, plus we’re answering questions like:

  • Why should I run an email marketing campaign in August?
  • What are some subject line best practices to consider?
  • What should I put as the subject in my August emails?

By the end of this post, you’ll have the tools you need to finish summer off the right way with August email subject line ideas you can carry through the whole month (and that might inspire you the rest of the year)!

email subject lines - end of summer email subject line ideas for small businesses


Why run email marketing campaigns in August?

Email marketing is a perfect marketing strategy to run year-round. But August is a great time to capitalize on email marketing because consumers aren’t yet busy with fall and winter distractions like the holidays, but they are starting to think about them.

Here are some ideas for your August email marketing campaigns:

  • Promote a back-to-school sale or promotion
  • Let customers know about your upcoming Labor Day hours
  • Educate customers about how to prepare their lawn for cooler temps
  • Share end-of-season sales
  • Tell customers about your new loyalty program

While you don’t need a specific reason to send email marketing campaigns, having a goal in mind for your email can help you craft the best subject line.


Email subject line best practices to keep in mind

The most important thing to know when writing email subject lines this August or any time of the year is that you need to be concise. It’s no secret that email subject lines are short, but some underestimate just how short they should be. Especially since over 40% of consumers now open emails on mobile devices.

Ideally, a good email subject line is around 30 characters long. Since your email subject line is your recipient’s “first impression” of what they’re about to open, you don’t want your email to get cut off in the preview. Check out this full list below of max characters you’d need to cut down to in order to have your full subject line show in the inbox preview screen.

email subject line ideas - email subject line copywriting character count

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August email subject line ideas for sales

Whether you’re a small boutique, a car dealer, or any other type of business that sells products, these revenue-boosting email subject line ideas should help you to finish the summer season on a high note.

  1. Care for a Free Sample? Stop By Sal’s Pastry
  2. Summer’s Ending but Our Sale Is Just Getting Started
  3. New School Year Means New Wheels
  4. Fall is Coming Fast! Buy Now
  5. Hot Summer Offer Valid Until 8/31/21
  6. $5 Discount Instantly
  7. Up to 15% Off
  8. End of Summer Garden Supplies Sale


email subject line ideas - email subject lines for retail sales


August email subject line ideas to promote your services

Whether you’re a local plumber, stylist, or any other business that offers a service to your customers, you need to have your email subject lines display the value of your business.

We did some brainstorming, and here are some of our favorite email subject lines for small businesses that offer services:

  1. Family Back to School Cuts at Sam’s Salon
  2. You Don’t Have to Do That Remodel Alone…
  3. Let Us Help You!
  4. Signs You Could Have an Infestation from Pete’s Pests
  5. Grab Your Sunglasses! Sparkling Homes with Maids-to-Go
  6. Don’t Cause a Stink! Come By Luke’s Laundry
  7. Doesn’t Fit? Call Tyngsboro Tailors
  8. Back To School Refresh at Belham’s Interiors
  9. Cold is Coming, Are Your Gutters Ready?
  10. Don’t Be Left Without Heat This Winter
  11. Sick of Cold Showers? Pat’s Plumbing Can Help
  12. Be Our Guest! Back to Office Catering Specials
  13. Preorder Homecoming Corsages at Fun Florals
  14. Labor Day Landscaping Just in Time!
  15. 5 Ways Our Service Helps You

email subject line ideas - service based email example


Email subject line ideas for August holidays

Regardless of what industry you’re in, we can see from the image above that seasonal messaging gives your email interaction a boost. Try out these email subject line ideas to increase your engagement and give your business an edge this August:

  1. You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Friendship Day, August 1)
  2. A Gift for Her (National Girlfriends Day, August 1)
  3. A Treat on Us (National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, August 2)
  4. We Work Hard So You Don’t Have To (Work Like a Dog Day, August 5)
  5. Come Down to Josie’s Grill for a Cold One (International Beer Day, August 6)
  6. Eggs, Bacon, Yum! Brunch at Smith Café (International Hangover Day, August 7)
  7. Join Us at Our Annual August Webinar! (Professional Speakers Day, August 7)
  8. What’s Your Favorite Book? (Book Lover’s Day, August 9)
  9. At Gilford Roofing, You’re Family! (Son and Daughter Day, August 11)
  10. Ice Cream Party at Cityside Auto (National Creamsicle Day, August 14)
  11. Complimentary Yoga Class at FitGym Co. (Relaxation Day, August 15)
  12. A Coupon Contest That Will Make You Smile (National Tell a Joke Day, August 16)
  13. Affordable & Sustainable: Only at Saver’s (National Thriftshop Day, August 17)
  14. A Haiku For You (Bad Poetry Day, August 18)
  15. A Recipe from the Jen’s Jewelry Family to Yours (National Potato Day, August 19)
  16. Need Bug Spray? Visit Malden Hardware (World Mosquito Day, August 20)
  17. Open House Special Event at Sunside Senior Living (Senior Citizen’s Day, August 21)
  18. The Tooth Fairy Stopped by Demi Dental (Tooth Fairy Day, August 22)
  19. A Hello from Stoneham Kitchen & Bath, Just Because… (Just Because Day, August 27)
  20. Hold the Salt, Add Some Fresh Local Herbs! (More Herbs, Less Salt Day; August 29)
  21. Rockport Contracting Family Picnic (National Eat Outside Day, August 31)


email subject lines - august holiday email subject line email example


Even more email subject line ideas for August

Didn’t find what you were looking for from our other ideas or just want some more inspiration? We’ve got you covered!

  1. Meet Your New Local Grocer
  2. Knock! Knock! Susie’s Beauty Supply Moved in Next Door
  3. The Only Back to School Shopping List You Need
  4. 5 Tips When Buying Shoes
  5. Find What You’re Looking For?
  6. Fall Into Our Fall Favorites
  7. 3 Ways Our Product Helps You
  8. Hello from [your business]

email subject line ideas - email subject lines for summer


Fall into these email subject line ideas

Fall is right around the corner, so you want to get the most out of your summer email marketing strategy before the season’s over! Remember, your email is one out of probably dozens or more your potential customers get in their inboxes every day. So, don’t spend too much time overthinking it. If your email subject line aligns with the goal for your email and you have fun with it, then it’s sure to be a hit!

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