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July is a month synonymous with summer fun, but that doesn’t mean your customers are too busy to read your email newsletters! In fact, 99% of consumers check their email every day year-round, sometimes as much as 20 times per day. So, maintaining your email marketing during July can be key to your business’s overall success, and an email newsletter can help you do just that.

However, coming up with email newsletter content can be easier said than done. That’s why we’ve put together these 26 July newsletter ideas and subject lines to take the guesswork out of your business’s monthly emails. Let’s dive in!


July newsletter ideas for any business

Regardless of what niche market your business may fit into, these July newsletter ideas are sure to be a hit with any target audience.

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1. Wish your readers a happy July

To kick off our list, we’re starting with a July newsletter idea that’s sweet and simple. A happy July newsletter themed around your business’s latest updates and news is a perfectly effective strategy to engage any audience. While this July newsletter idea might feel like a given, it can be helpful to remember that the purpose of newsletter emails is to keep your customers in the loop.

july newsletter ideas - example newsletter for july


2. Share your Q3 plans

July marks the start of the third quarter of the year, so celebrate with your audience by updating them on any exciting upcoming plans you have for the next three months. Alternatively, you could reflect on Q2 and share any notable moments from the last quarter.

3. Give tips to beat the heat

July is peak summertime and, odds are, your customers are feeling the heat. Turn your July newsletter into a helpful resource by providing your readers with your top summer survival tips they can refer back to all month long.

july newsletter ideas - example summer tip email


4. Showcase a superstar employee

You should include employee highlights in your newsletter year-round. So, while this July newsletter idea isn’t necessarily groundbreaking. it is important to remember that shouting out employees on a marketing channel like email can help develop your employer branding. If you haven’t started featuring employees in your newsletter yet this year, July is the perfect time to start!

5. Highlight a recent review or testimonial

To spark reader interest and drive more actions from your newsletter this July, you may want to mention any recent reviews or case studies in your email content. For example, you could include a customer testimonial video to highlight your business’s recent success stories.

july newsletter ideas - customer testimonial feature


4th of July newsletter ideas

Since July is a month with a major national holiday, here are some dedicated 4th of July newsletter ideas.

6. Share holiday updates

Is your business closing or changing hours of operation around the 4th of July? Similar to how you would update your local listing for any holiday, you may want to send a 4th of July newsletter that includes any important business updates regarding the days surrounding the date.

7. Include a 4th of July recipe

The best part of any holiday? The food of course! There are so many fun foods for the Fourth of July, so spice up your newsletter with recipe or drink ideas. For example, you could share a red, white, and blue-themed dessert, a go-to grill marinade, and more.

4th of july newsletter ideas - recipe example


8. Make a 4th of July to-do list

There are tons to do to prepare for a big holiday like 4th of July, so help your audience out with your go-to July 4th checklist. As a bonus, you could include an action item related to your business.

Newsletter ideas based on July holidays and observances

Looking for more July newsletter ideas? We’ve got you covered with these ideas based on July social media holidays, monthly observances, and more.

9. Include resources for National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, so show your customers your business cares about this cause by relaying any links to helpful mental health resources for minorities. You could also share facts and statistics, like these examples here, to spread awareness for the cause.

july newsletter ideas - minority mental health awareness month


10. Encourage readers to shop local for Independent Retailer Month

Independent Retailer Month is the perfect opportunity to flex your small business muscles. There are countless benefits to working with small, local, and independent businesses, so make that known to your readers by mentioning some of the pros of shopping small. For example, you could recycle any Small Business Week marketing and rework it into your July newsletter for Independent Retailer Month.

11. Make your readers smile for International Joke Day

“Twice a year there is a newsletter released about dried fruit—on those dates it is raisin awareness of currant events,” and “I signed up for the newsletter at my local ham market—all they sent was a bunch of spam,” are just a couple examples of jokes you can include in your newsletter for International Joke Day on July 1.

Alternatively, try using a relevant meme, a funny comic, or other humorous material to switch up your July newsletter and give your readers a laugh. Humor can be a powerful marketing tool, so this July holiday is the perfect opportunity to work comedy into your email strategy.

12. Shoutout your webmaster for Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day

July 6 is Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day, and your business’s website is critical to your overall success. Show your appreciation for your webmaster in your July newsletter, and as a bonus, you could drive traffic to your website by encouraging readers to click a link to check out your webmaster’s hard work.

july newsletter ideas - take your webmaster to lunch


13. Fill your July newsletter with emojis for World Emoji Day

Emojis can be a fun way to draw more attention to both your email subject lines and your email content, so try filling your July newsletter with emojis for World Emoji Day on July 17. For increased email engagement, you could try including a poll that asks your readers what their favorite emoji is, and release the results in your August newsletter.

14. Thank your admins on System Administrator Appreciation Day

System administrators play a vital role in keeping your business running. On July 28, try dedicating your July newsletter to the system administrators in your organization to give your audience an inside look at who helps run things behind the scenes.

July newsletter subject line ideas

The perfect email content isn’t complete without a matching subject line. Try out these July newsletter subject line ideas to complement your email content.

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  • Let’s give a cheer, July is here!
  • Never fear, July is here!
  • Happy July ☀ From Us to You
  • [Name], Summer is Just Starting to Heat Up🔥
  • We ❤ Summer
  • Summer is our new favorite season, here’s why…
  • [Name], July Updates You Won’t Want to Miss👀
  • It’s officially Q3! Here’s what you need to know
  • Bye Q2 👋 Hello Q3
  • May Your 4th of July Sparkle & Shine🎆
  • Happy 4th of July! Here’s How We’re Celebrating
  • Red, white, and blue + something for you!

Use these July newsletter ideas for sparkling email marketing ROI

A July newsletter can be just what your business needs to maximize marketing ROI this month. Just be sure to give your email content a unique twist using these ideas above, and add personal touches from your business’s branding to make it your own. Add a perfectly paired subject line, and your July newsletter is well on its way to making a positive impact on your business growth. If you start on your July newsletter email but feel you still need more help to build out your email strategy, see what our solutions can do to kickstart your email marketing and maximize short and long-term campaign success.

Be sure to check out these resources for more July marketing ideas:

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