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  • 100 Catchy Fall Email Subject Lines for Lasting Revenue Growth

Smell that? It’s the crisp, cool air outside. You’re not too hot or too cold as the outdoor temperature feels just right. It must be fall!

You’re not alone in enjoying fall, either, as studies have shown it’s a favorite season for most Americans.

fall email subject lines - hocus pocus witches meme


Odds are your customers love fall too, so they’re sure to be receptive to your fall email outreach. To make your fall emails as effective as possible, though, you’ll want to have a fantastic fall email subject line strategy. Today, we’ll help you do just that by answering all your fall email questions like:

  • Why should I focus on my fall email subject lines?
  • What are some fall email subject line tips to keep in mind?
  • What should I put as the subject line for my fall emails?

And more!

So, heat up your favorite spiced drink, grab a piece of Halloween candy, and use this post to uncover fall email subject line success.

Why your fall email subject lines matter

Email marketing is a good idea for your business year-round, but businesses often see their fall emails pack the most punch. That’s because emails sent during fall and winter drive the most website traffic. Plus, average email conversion rates rise to 7.6% in October and 8.66% in November. Here are a few ways you might want to use fall emails:

  • Provide any business updates, like new holiday hours.
  • Let customers know about fall promotions or sales.
  • Show appreciation for your staff or customers.
  • Highlight fall specials for certain services.
  • Showcase how you’re celebrating the fall season.

Clearly, there are countless more reasons why you should put effort into your fall email marketing. 64% of recipients choose to open an email based on the subject line alone, so you’ll want to make your fall email subject lines count.

fall email subject lines - callout of october and november email conversion rates

📧 Find more ideas, tips, and examples for year-round email campaigns using our free guide to email subject lines for every month of the year! [/box

Fall email subject line tips

To get the most out of your fall email subject lines, follow these subject line tips:

Start with a goal in mind

For your business’s fall email marketing to be as effective as possible, each email you send should have a specific purpose assigned to it. Your fall email goals could connect back to your business’s overall marketing goals or objectives for Q3 or Q4. These goals will help guide you throughout your email copywriting process and keep your message to recipients clear.

Your email subject lines act as the first opportunity to convince your audience to take an action. Your email marketing goals will help you identify which call-to-action phrase might be the best to include in your subject line. For example, if your email’s goal is to drive traffic to your website, you might imply that with a “click for more” call to action in your subject line.

A final note with email goals is to also button up any coinciding details that impact your email’s efficacy. If your website or in-person location is not ready to handle increased traffic or order fluctuations that result from your emails, you’ll fail to meet your customer’s needs. Try using free tools at hand, like the LocaliQ website grader, to ensure you’re able to deliver on any promises your subject lines may make.

Know your audience

Now that you have your goals in place and you’re prepared to reap the benefits from your fall emails, you can tailor your email subject line’s message to resonate with your target market. Different audiences will be more or less receptive to varying messages, so try testing out a few different fall email subject lines to see what works best for your business.

Other factors to consider are what types of devices or email providers your recipients will be seeing your emails on. For example, if you know your audience primarily uses mobile devices, you may need to make your email subject lines more concise. Use this handy guide below to understand the max character counts you may have to work with to meet your audience’s needs.

fall email subject lines - character count chart

Personalize your email subject lines

It’s one thing to know your audience, it’s another to make your recipients feel like you truly care about them individually. That’s why including a personal touch in your fall email subject lines can go a long way.

For example, including your recipient’s first name in your subject lines can lead to higher click-through rates as people feel like they’re opening an email made just for them. You could manually input first names in your email depending on the size of your email campaign or leverage a marketing partner to do a full-scale personalized campaign for you.

💡For more email personalization info, read our free guide to small business email marketing complete with templates and tips!

fall email subject lines - example of a personalized email

Always avoid spam triggers

You’ll never achieve your fall email goals if you end up in the spam folder! Business emails getting moved to spam is more common than you might think, as 70% of people report an email as spam based on the email subject line alone. Your fall email subject lines can make the difference between you shining in an inbox or hiding in spam.

While it can be tempting to use enticing power words in your email subject lines, you’ll want to avoid any “salesy” or “spammy” sounding terms like “free,” “winner,” and more. To be safe, try catching your audience’s eye with a compelling call to action or fun emoji instead. Save “salesy” content for inside your email, and keep your fall email subject lines as objective as possible using this go-to chart below to know what not to include:

Email subject lines for sales - table of words not to use in a sales email

Fall email subject lines for any business

Regardless of whether you’re a multi-location franchise, a local shop, a growing healthcare business, or any business in between, these fall email subject lines are the perfect mix of functional and fun for the season:

  • See ya, summer 👋 hello, fall 😎
  • We’re Falling for Fall! 🍃
  • Fall in love with fall
  • Fun in the (slightly less warm) sun☀
  • Temps Are Cooling Down, But Our Business is Heating Up!
  • Our Fall Favorites Are Here!
  • Shh! Fall Fun Hiding Inside…

fall email subject lines - general fall email example


Catchy fall email subject lines for sales

Boosting sales in the Fall is key to meeting your year-end goals, so be sure to try these fall email subject lines for sales:

  • Yuliya, Find Fantastic Fall Deals Inside!
  • Deals so good they’ll make you jump!
  • Did We Spook You with Our Low Prices👻
  • Cozy Up With Our Top Fall Picks
  • Weather is Cooling Down, Fall Deals Are Heating Up 🔥
  • Shop All Your Fall Favorites Now Through November
  • Fall Finds at Falling Prices
  • Back to school means back to great buys! Shop now➡

fall email subject lines - sales email subject line for fall


Fun fall email subject lines for services

Emails for small businesses that offer services have to be clear in what’s available to potential clients, patients, or guests. Use these service-based fall email subject lines to get more bookings fast:

  • Chilly? Harry’s HVAC Can Fix That…
  • A Dentist’s Expert Do’s & Don’ts for Back To School, Halloween, + More!
  • Fall Appointments Filling Fast! Book Now
  • How We’ll Make Your Fall Appointment Fun
  • Fun Fall Colors at Serenity Nails & Hair
  • Gabe, What’s On Your Fall To-Do List?
  • Get Your Project Done Before the Winter! How We Can Help
  • Spice up your palette at Like New Interiors
  • Fall flavors featured this month at La Bella Bakery
  • Still need to book with us? Hurry! Our fall books are closing soon…
  • Luke, book with us in the fall for a winter discount!
  • Easily fulfill your fall fitness goals using our tips 💪

fall email subject lines - services fall email subject line from fitness business

Email subject lines for fall holidays

The fall might feel like one big holiday, but there are a ton of occasions throughout the season that your business can use as email inspiration:

Hispanic Heritage Month email subject lines

Diversity and inclusion in your marketing is something your business should strive for year-round, however, one special observance falls right in the middle of fall that you won’t want to miss: Hispanic Heritage Month! Running from September 15 through October 15, Hispanic Heritage Month gives your business will have plenty of time to fit a celebratory email into your rotation:

  • How We’re Celebrating Heritage Month
  • To Those with Hispanic Heritage, We Support You❤
  • Our Top 5 Inspirational Leaders with Hispanic Heritage
  • 4 Hispanic Heritage traditions to enjoy this month
  • R-YES-V-P to our Hispanic Heritage celebration!
  • The BEST traditional Hispanic recipes to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

fall email subject lines - hispanic heritage month info email inspiration


Halloween email subject lines

There are endless ways your business can get creative with your marketing for Halloween. From Halloween social media posts to Halloween display ads and email subject lines, get ready to get ghoulish:

  • Spooktacular Updates Inside 🎃
  • Spooky Sales All Month Long
  • Scary-good prices every day leading up to Halloween
  • Happy Halloween, Trisha!
  • Happy Halloween from JJ’s Bar & Grill
  • 🚨Costume Contest Alert🚨
  • Calling all guys and ghouls!
  • Deals spooky enough to make you jump!
  • We Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Happy Halloween
  • Trick or Treat?
  • Trick 😈 Or Treat 😇 Find Out Inside…
  • Trick? Treat? You Decide!
  • All treats, no tricks!
  • Hooray! It’s Halloween
  • 🔮Wickedly good deals await inside…

fall email subject lines - halloween celebration email from small business

Thanksgiving email subject lines

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, food, and business growth, of course! Cook up success with these Thanksgiving email subject line ideas (and check out our Thanksgiving social media ideas, too).

  • Nelly, We’re Thankful For YOU This Year!
  • This Thanksgiving Recipe is a Win🏆
  • A Thanksgiving Recipe For The Books
  • Gobble, Gobble🦃
  • What We’re Thankful For This Year
  • Donny, What Are You Thankful For This Year?
  • Deals We’re Thankful For
  • Giving thanks by giving sales!
  • Give Thanks! Our Thanksgiving Sale is Here!
  • We’re able to give back thanks to YOU!
  • Contest Incoming! Tell Us Your Best Thanksgiving Dish…
  • Tailgates and turkey are right around the corner…
  • Gather ‘Round Our Table🍽
  • Just wanted to say thanks…

fall email subject lines - thanksgiving small business email example


Email subject lines for other fall occasions

There are tons of other fall holidays for your business to capitalize on, so try out these email subject lines below:

  • Here’s how you can unleash your wild side for National Wilderness Month! (Wilderness Month, September 1-30)
  • Tracy, Join Us in the Fight Against Breast Cancer (Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 1-31)
  • Click to unlock our roundup of inspirational Indigenous Americans to follow! (Native American Heritage Month, November 1-30)
  • Happy Fall! (First Day of Fall, September 22)
  • Clarinda, Join Us in Celebrating Woman-Owned Businesses (Business Women’s Day, September 22)
  • A Gift For You, And A New Friend 👀 (National Singles Day, September 22)
  • You Want Autumn Gear, We’ve Got It! (National Hunting and Fishing Day, September 25)
  • Wicked good deals today only (National Lobster Day, September 25)
  • On The Go? Grab a Cup of Joe on Us ☕ (National Coffee Day, September 29)
  • The must-listen podcast to add to your list today (International Podcast Day, September 30)
  • Southern Maine Hospital Thanks Their Custodial Workers (National Custodial Worker Day, October 2)
  • Name Your Car Contest! (Name Your Car Day, October 2)
  • Great Buys for Great Guys (National Boyfriends Day, October 3)
  • A little gift for you… (National Do Something Nice Day, October 5)
  • Thank you, Teachers! 15% Off for Teachers Today Only (World Teacher’s Day, October 5)
  • How Cranmore Dental & Orthodontics Can Put a Smile On Your Face (World Smile Day, October 7)
  • How to Give Back to Indigenous Communities Today (Indigenous Peoples’ Day, October 9)
  • Jason, a reminder to take time for you (World Mental Health Day, October 10)
  • Why our employees are the best! (Bosses Day, October 16)
  • Our all-time favorite fall recipe (World Food Day, October 16)
    Pumpkin spice and everything nice! (National Pumpkin Day, October 26)
  • Did someone say… CHOCOLATE? 🍫(National Chocolate Day, October 28)
  • Don’t let your DIY project turn into Frankenstein… (National Frankenstein Day, October 29)
  • Why candy corn is underrated (or overrated? Find out inside!) (National Candy Corn Day, October 30)
  • Our Top Cozy Reads for When It’s Too Cold Outside (National Authors’ Day, November 1)
  • The fail-safe formula for the perfect fall sandwich (Sandwich Day, November 3)
  • Picture Perfect Photo & Video: Veteran Family Photos For Free (World Freedom Day, November 9)
  • To all the caregivers out there, we thank you ❤ (Caregiver Appreciation Day, November 13)
  • How We Stay Green Year-Round ♻ (America Recycles Day, November 15)
  • How We Can Bring You Peace of Mind This Season (World Peace Day, November 17)
  • The Story of How Our Business All Started (National Entrepreneurs Day, November 25)
  • Elaine, Shop Small Business Saturday Online! (Small Business Saturday, November 25)
  • A roundup of our favorite local charities (Giving Tuesday, November 29)

fall email subject lines - email for small business saturday example


Fall newsletter email subject line ideas

Fall newsletters can be an email marketing engagement secret weapon. Use these fall newsletter subject line ideas to pique the interest of your recipients:

  • The year is winding down, we’re just getting started
  • Tony, Your Complete Fall To-Do Calendar
  • Fun-filled fall happenings at University of Nebraska
  • It’s Finally Here: Our Ultimate Summer Recap
  • What’s going on this fall and beyond
  • The first newsletter of the fall season is here!
  • Jimmy, Read Our Fall Newsletter to Stay Updated 🤓

fall email subject lines - fall newsletter example


Harvest a positive ROI with these fall email subject lines

A fantastic fall means your business is seeing consistent success and growth. Be sure you maximize your marketing ROI this season with these fall email subject line ideas. Once you get your fall email subject line brainstorming out of the way, the rest of your email marketing will be a breeze. And, if you still feel stuck when it comes to your fall email strategy, our experts are always here to help!

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