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YouTube is one of the best platforms for enjoying video content, as confirmed by its massive audience of roughly 2.7 billion active users. That also means the platform is a great place to advertise your business.

To get the most out of your efforts, you’ll need to learn how to get verified on YouTube. Why? Because YouTube verification signals to potential channel subscribers and customers that your account is unique, authentic, and trustworthy.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to get and keep the coveted YouTube verification badge.


What does it mean to be verified on YouTube?

There are countless YouTube accounts, with more popping up every day.

In a sea of YouTube content and creators, it’s easy to fade into the background or disappear into the crowd. This is especially true for industries or niches with more competition and users.

A verified YouTube channel is one vetted by Google and proven to be the official channel of a person or organization. You can tell these channels apart from others, as verified YouTube channels have a checkmark next to them (similar to the blue check of verified Instagram accounts). This signals trust to potential viewers and helps the channel stand apart from others in a crowded feed.

How to get verified on YouTube - Screenshot of a verified YouTube account.

The little gray checkmark tells viewers they’ve found the official YouTube channel for that person or organization.

It’s worth noting that there are two types, or levels, of account verification on YouTube. One type of verification refers to the first steps you take when starting a YouTube channel. It simply involves attaching your contact info to your profile and clicking a link in your email. A verification badge, the type of verification we’re talking about throughout most of this guide, requires more work (we’ll get to that) and shows that the channel is run by an official creator.

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What are the benefits of being verified on YouTube?

We mentioned that there are two levels of YouTube account verification. The simpler one, where you attach your contact info to your account, comes with these perks:

The longer version, where you get the check verification badge, doesn’t unlock more features. Instead, it acts as a seal of approval that your account meets the more stringent criteria we’ll list in the next section. That designation will help your YouTube channel stand out against others in your niche.

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How do you get a verified YouTube account?

Getting the YouTube verification badge isn’t as complex as you might think. But remember that some verification requirements can take time to fulfill.

1. Make sure your channel is ready

First things first, your channel has to be verification-ready. Before filling out the application, make sure you meet the following requirements.

You have 100,000 or more subscribers

Typically, channels must have 100,000 subscribers to receive verification. This won’t happen overnight. It can take a long time to accomplish. To expedite the process, make sure you’re doing all you can to promote your YouTube channel.

How to get verified on YouTube - Screenshot of the YouTube verification page.

Don’t worry, YouTube will tell you if you don’t meet the minimum follower count before you apply for verification.

There’s still a chance of getting in, even if you’re nowhere near the subscriber count. In some cases, YouTube makes exceptions for creators with existing audiences outside of YouTube. If you have a huge following on Instagram or other channels, make your case for verification directly with YouTube.

Your channel is authentic

Your channel has to represent the person or brand it claims to represent. It can’t impersonate another person or organization—plain and simple.

You have a complete profile

Lastly, you need to have a complete YouTube profile. This means checking the following boxes:

  • Your channel is public
  • You have a banner
  • You have a description
  • You have a profile picture

How to get verified on YouTube - Vogue's YouTube channel page.

You’ll need all the account elements in place to get your YouTube channel verified like Vogue’s.

Once you have all the account elements in place, it’s time to apply.

2. Begin your application

Next, it’s time to complete the actual application. You can find this on Google’s page for YouTube verification. It’s important to make sure you’re signed into Chrome with the Google account linked to your YouTube account; otherwise, you won’t be able to complete the application.

From there, simply follow the prompts. This is also where you can try applying even if you don’t have 100,000 subscribers. Remember to clearly state your case, providing as much context and evidence as possible.

3. Reapply if you’re rejected

Your application may be rejected. That’s okay! You can always try again.

Take note of why you were denied. Then, remedy the issue. Was there something wrong with your profile? That’s an easy fix. Did they not believe your channel was authentic? Provide further proof.

If you need more subscribers, work on building your channel. YouTube shorts are a great way to generate views and get more subscribers. Also, write YouTube titles that convert and ensure your descriptions are top-notch.

How do you maintain your YouTube verification badge?

Your verified status and badge aren’t forever. If you’re not careful, you can lose both. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening.

Stay active

If your channel is inactive for too long, YouTube can and will likely revoke your verified status. Inactivity, in this case, usually means not posting any videos or home feed posts for six months.

How to get verified on YouTube - Screenshot of an active YouTube video feed.

Post regularly to keep your verification badge (and grow your channel).

You should also engage with other videos—like them, comment on them, share them, etc. This activity will not only help you maintain your verified status but also grow your channel over time. Plus, the YouTube algorithm often favors more active channels over others.

Abide by community guidelines

You risk losing your verified status if your channel breaches the YouTube community guidelines. In extreme cases, YouTube will even permanently ban your account. If you’re ever unsure about the content of a video or comment you’re going to share, review the guidelines and make sure you’re playing nice.

How to get verified on YouTube - YouTube community guidelines list.

The above is only a sampling of YouTube’s guidelines. When in doubt, check them out here.

Don’t change your name

If you change your channel’s name, your account verification status will drop. While this is unavoidable in some instances, like a business acquisition or brand makeover, avoid it if you can.

If you change your name, go through the application process again. You should receive approval. When you fill out the application, make sure to include details of your reasoning behind changing the name, as this can help your case.

Avoid copyright strikes

Copyright strikes can happen, especially if you use licensed music or visuals in your videos. Unfortunately, a copyright strike can result in your verified status being revoked. If this occurs, you can always appeal the issue or re-apply. But the ding on your credibility in YouTube’s view will make things more difficult.

Use license-free music or YouTube Creator Music to avoid copyright issues. If you want to use something copyrighted, contact the owner and follow the rules. You may get rejected and have to do something different, but the alternative isn’t worth risking your verification status.

Learning how to get verified on YouTube is step one

Getting verified is a huge milestone and one you should celebrate. But whether you’re verified or not, growing and maintaining an audience on YouTube takes constant effort.

Make sure you’re stocked with great YouTube video ideas, keep your thumbnail game on point, and don’t neglect the role of YouTube Shorts in your media mix. With enough time and effort, you can go from being a business with a YouTube page to a household name people turn to for education and entertainment.

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