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  • 24 May Newsletter Ideas to Engage Your Readers All Month Long

It may (pun intended) be warming up outside, but if your email campaigns are still ice cold, a newsletter could be just what your business needs to gain and retain customers.

However, with over 80% of businesses claiming email newsletters as their go-to marketing strategy, you’ll need a May newsletter idea that stands out from the crowd. Use this complete list of May newsletter ideas as your business’s one-stop shop for everything needed to make a newsletter email that pops this month.


May newsletter ideas for any business

Regardless of which niche market your business aligns with, these May newsletter ideas can guarantee increased open rates.

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1. Sweet and simple May updates

Although creating email content that drives conversions is a common small business challenge, try not to overthink your May newsletter. In fact, a sweet and simple May newsletter can be just as effective as a newsletter with an added twist. If you’d rather simply provide your target market with news and updates from your business, don’t be afraid to do just that. After all, that’s what newsletters are for!

may newsletter ideas - example may newsletter

2. Show how your business has bloomed

When you think of spring, you likely imagine plants and flowers growing into full bloom. Your business has likely taken a similar journey, so show your readers how your business has grown by telling a story in your newsletter that takes them back to the beginning. For example, you could use a design tool like Canva to create a visual timeline to include in your May newsletter that shows how your business evolved over the years.

3. Give a Q2 progress report

May signifies the halfway mark of the second quarter of the year. Share what you’ve been up to in Q2 (and what readers can expect from your business in Q3) with this May newsletter idea.

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4. Highlight a recent customer story

While this May newsletter idea may (again, pun intended) not be specific to the spring season, there’s never a bad time to highlight a customer success story from your business! If you have a recent case study, customer testimonial video, or other reviews, make that the center of your May newsletter.

5. Make a summer to-do list

Odds are, your audience is eagerly looking forward to the hot summer season. Engage your readers with a can’t-miss summer to-do list that highlights all the ways you recommend spending the summer. You could angle this May newsletter idea around summer break or graduation. As a bonus, add working with your business as a must-do on your list so readers know to check out your business this summer!

may newsletter ideas - summer checklist newsletter

May newsletter ideas based on holidays and observances

Leaning into social media holidays, monthly observances, and other timely events is a common seasonal marketing strategy. To keep your email relevant to the season, here are some newsletter ideas framed around May holidays.

6. Challenge your readers for Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

May is Global Employee Health & Fitness Month, and there are tons of ways your business can work this observance into your May newsletter. See if your employees would be up for a fitness challenge, and share updates about your health and fitness challenge in your newsletter. You could even challenge your readers to follow along with your team to create a sense of brand community and inclusion within your newsletter.

7. Create a gallery for National Photography Month

Contrary to popular belief, your newsletter email doesn’t have to be super text-heavy. This May, you could take your readers on a visual journey for National Photography Month. Create a gallery of images that your team has taken or that you feel relates to your business. To increase your email engagement, link to a form or poll on your website or social media that your readers can click to vote for their favorite photo.

8. Give a Small Business Week Recap

Small business week runs from April 28 through May 4 this year. Keep the celebrations going all month long in your May newsletter by recapping all your notable Small Business Week events, and give your customers ideas for how they can support small businesses year-round.

9. Share a recipe on Cinco de Mayo

What’s the best part of any monthly holiday? The food of course! Hook your newsletter readers in with a mouth-watering dinner, dessert, or drink recipe inspired by traditional Cinco de Mayo cuisine.

may newsletter ideas - cinco de mayo newsletter

10. Partner with another business on National Small Business Day

National Small Business Day is on May 10, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by shouting out your favorite small businesses in your newsletter. See what other local businesses may complement your own, and try establishing a partnership for a joint newsletter. You could even link to one another’s social media platforms within your newsletter content.

11. Shoutout all the moms (and mother figures) on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a can’t-miss May newsletter opportunity. Falling on May 12 this year, Mother’s Day allows you the chance to highlight or thank all the moms in your business’s community. Just be sure to keep your marketing inclusive by using language that’s sensitive to audience members who may not have a traditional mother figure in their lives.

may newsletter ideas - mothers day example newsletter

12. Provide important updates for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is right around the corner on May 27, and your business is sure to be ready with this May newsletter idea! Just like how you would update your local listings for holidays, you should mention in your May newsletter if your business hours are changing for Memorial Day or if you’re running any Memorial Day promotions.

may newsletter ideas - memorial day updates

13. Have a laugh on National Smile Day

This final May newsletter idea is sure to make your customers smile—it’s in celebration of National Smile Day on May 31 after all! Humor is a great way to work psychology into your marketing so your potential customers associate your brand with happiness. Include a funny meme, a fun joke, comics, and more into your May newsletter to honor National Smile Day and put a grin on your readers’ faces.

May newsletter subject line ideas

Top your May newsletter campaign off with a click-worthy email subject line like these below.

  • May your spring season be bright 💡
  • Q2 Progress Report: What You Need to Know
  • [Recipient First Name], We Can’t Stop LOLing on National Smile Day😂
  • Those May flowers are finally here…
  • 🌷Click to see how our business is blooming🌷
  • May We Interest You In Our May Newsletter?
  • 😁Why Our Customers Can’t Stop Smiling
  • Happy May! Here Are Our Latest Updates
  • The Ultimate Can’t-Miss Summer To-Do List
  • Our Ultimate Checklist for Summer
  • Summer is right around the corner, are you ready?

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Put these May newsletter ideas into action

Between these May newsletter ideas, examples, and subject lines, you’ve got everything you need to promote your business in email marketing this month. It can be easy to overthink your May newsletter, but hopefully, these ideas showed that if you stick to the basics you can quickly and efficiently see positive results from your email campaigns.

Focus on the updates you want to share, add a creative twist or theme, and finish off with an eye-catching subject line to create the perfect May newsletter for your business. Plus, you can always build off your May newsletter and grow your year-round email strategy with our solutions that help you maximize your email marketing success!

Here are May newsletter ideas for any business:

  1. Share sweet and simple May updates
  2. Show how your business has bloomed
  3. Give a Q2 progress report
  4. Highlight a recent customer story
  5. Make a summer to-do list

Check out these May newsletter ideas based on holidays and observances:

  1. Challange your readers for Global Employee Health and Fitness Month
  2. Create a gallery for National Photography Month
  3. Give a Small Business Week Recap
  4. Share a recipe on Cinco de Mayo
  5. Partner with another business on National Small Business Day
  6. Shoutout all the moms on Mother’s Day
  7. Provide important updates for Memorial Day
  8. Have a laugh on National Smile Day

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