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  • 19 St. Patrick’s Day Social Media Post Ideas for 2024

St. Patrick’s Day began as a feast honoring the patron saint of Ireland back in the old country, but Irish immigrants in the United States transformed it into the day of revelry we know now.

Stateside, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with parades, gatherings in Irish pubs, and a big bowl of Lucky Charms. Wearing green is a prerequisite, with bonus points for white and orange accents!

For those who manage a business’s social media account, St. Patrick’s Day represents a perfect opportunity to create fun, engaging content.

In honor of the holiday, we’ve rounded up 19 social media ideas to celebrate and build attention and goodwill for your brand. Sláinte!

St. Patrick’s Day social media ideas

These St. Patrick’s Day social media ideas will be your lucky charm.

1. Try some festive hashtags

Whenever you’re creating social media content for a big event or holiday, it helps to employ hashtags. Adding a handful of hashtags to your content can get it noticed by a broader audience—users who search social media by hashtag may see your post in the results.

st patricks day social post hashtags


A few things to keep in mind with hashtags:

  • Understand hashtag etiquette. Different platforms have different expectations around the number of hashtags you include in a post. Using 20-30 hashtags is effective on Instagram, whereas the consensus is that three to five are best on LinkedIn.
  • Research trending hashtags. Not all of your hashtags need to be having a moment, but if you can include one or two trending hashtags, you may boost your content’s reach. A tool like Google Trends can point you toward what the internet is buzzing about.
  • Check hashtag search results before you add one to your post. Remember, your social media content will appear alongside other posts using the same hashtag. Make sure you’re comfortable with the overall vibe of the other content that appears.
  • Use camel case. Capitalize the first letter of every new word in your hashtag. This helps screen readers understand your hashtag, and it’s an accessibility best practice that allows more people to enjoy your content!

When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day hashtags, here are a few to try:

  • #StPatricksDay
  • #StPaddysDay
  • #LuckOfTheIrish
  • #Lucky
  • #Irish
  • #KissMeImIrish
  • #Shamrock
  • #Guinness
  • #StPatricksDayParade
  • #StPatricksDayDecor
  • #StPatricksDayNails
  • #ErinGoBragh
  • #IrishPub
  • #IrishDance

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2. Paint your page green

In mid-March, the color green can only mean one thing: St. Patrick’s Day.

Green is a color that’s strongly associated with the holiday. It’s one of the three colors in the Irish flag, Ireland is known for its rolling green hills, and green shamrocks are a common symbol of the holiday (St. Patrick himself is often depicted carrying a shamrock).

If you’re ready to get into the holiday spirit, an easy way to do that is to add green to your social media page. Incorporate green into any St. Patty’s posts you create. If your brand is doing something huge for the holiday—a major sale or in-person event—you may even swap out your regular banner and icon images for green versions.

3. Use holiday-themed emojis

Another way to incorporate St. Patrick’s Day imagery into your social media posts is to use emojis. Consider these emojis for your holiday posts:

  • Four leaf clover 🍀
  • Rainbow 🌈
  • Irish flag 🇮🇪
  • Beer stein 🍺 🍻
  • Green heart 💚
  • Red-headed people 👩‍🦰 🧑‍🦰

st patricks day social media emojis


4. Make a punny post

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday for fun and festivity. Drafting up some lighthearted, punny social media content can help you capture the day’s tone. Try these St. Patrick’s Day phrases on for size (or these St. Patrick’s Day greetings).

Or, consider incorporating some Gaelic into your posts! Show your Irish pride with “Erin go bragh” (which means “Ireland forever”), or end your post with a “sláinte!” (“Cheers!”).

5. Run a St. Patrick’s Day social media contest

Invite your followers to test whether or not they’ve been touched by the luck of the Irish: Design a social media contest to celebrate the holiday!

Hosting a giveaway or contest on your social media platform of choice can be a great way to encourage interaction with your brand. And if you ask your current followers to tag friends in the comments as part of the contest entry, you introduce your brand to friends of friends.

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6. Share your holiday spirit

Do you decorate your office or storefront for St. Patrick’s Day? Does your team get in the spirit with green outfits or accessories? If you’re sporting a festive look for the holiday, post about it on social!

st patricks day social post featuring window display


People love to see the real faces behind a brand. Giving followers a behind-the-scenes look at your decorating day or sharing a picture of your entire crew in Kelly green will put a smile on their faces.

7. Post a St. Patty’s Day tips list

Do you have holiday-related tips to share with your followers? Freely giving expert advice endears you to your audience and builds their trust in your knowledge.

Lists are easily consumable content for social media scrolling, so if you share tips, consider breaking it down into steps or a listicle.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A grocery chain might share its top 10 St. Patty’s recipes.
  • A bar might post its top five green cocktails.
  • A home goods store might share its top three decor items that bring good luck.

8. Promote a holiday special

Many businesses like to do something fun and festive for holidays. It’s a no-brainer for an Irish bar to host a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, and a restaurant or bakery might add some classic Irish dishes to its menu for the day.

st patricks day social post for seasonal promotion


Don’t just post about your holiday specials once. Instead, carve out some room in your social media calendar in the weeks leading up to the big day. Sprinkle in some teaser content, with the posts growing more frequent as you approach March 17. Be sure to continue marketing your special offers until they expire!

9. Talk up your sale

For others, a holiday is a time for a sale or promotion. Whether you’re a retailer or service provider, a special day is a chance to develop an enticing offer that gets new customers in your front door.

The guidelines for touting your sale are the same as for promoting any seasonal specials: plan it out in advance and create a cadence of your posts. The closer you get to the big day, the more the sale should be the focus of your social media content.

10. Go live

Live video is a great way to engage with your social media audience. Research shows that live Facebook videos enjoy an engagement rate nearly twice as high as pre-recorded ones.

If you’re doing something special to celebrate the holiday, consider going live to document your event. Whether that’s a video of the crowd enjoying the big party at your restaurant or live views from your business’s float in the local St. Patrick’s Day parade, there are dozens of creative ways to chronicle your day.

11. Run a St. Patrick’s Day poll

Quizzes or polls are the third most popular Instagram Stories format, and a holiday or special event is a perfect excuse to poll your audience.

Here are some social media poll ideas for St. Patrick’s Day:

  • A nail salon could ask which of two green sets of nails followers prefer.
  • A rideshare app could ask whether people prefer a chatty driver or a quiet ride after a night of bar-hopping.
  • A florist could ask followers to choose between two bouquets: one green and one orange.

st patricks day social post poll

Not only do posts like this boost engagement, but they can also act as a mini-customer research tool. Trying to decide what special to run on St. Patrick’s Day? Use a poll to ask your followers what they’d prefer.

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12. Repost St. Patrick’s Day social content from your fans

User-generated content presents several benefits for brands. First, it gives your social media manager a break. Creating a constant stream of content is hard work, and resharing things your followers have tagged you in helps fill gaps in your calendar.

Second, followers are more likely to trust user-generated content—consumers are 2.4 times more likely to say user-generated content is authentic compared to branded content.

Third, it’s an excellent way to strengthen rapport with your existing customers. When you reshare someone’s post and thank them for the shout-out, they feel seen and appreciated by your business.

If you host a holiday sale, promotion, or event, your customers just might post about it. When they do, take the time to reshare that content!

Pro tip: If you want to encourage your fans to create content for you, establish a unique hashtag for your sale or event and invite followers to use it.

13. Take followers behind the scenes

People love supporting local businesses. A recent survey found that 96% of consumers feel they provide a better experience than large companies in at least one key area, including quality of customer service, uniqueness of merchandise, and detail of product knowledge.

behind the scenes st patricks day social media post


Those personalized touches that a small business provides can attract customers to your business, so why not create content that shows the care and attention you put into your work?

Behind-the-scenes social media content helps followers connect more deeply with your team and brand. Create a time-lapse video showing how you decorated your store for the holiday, or post a photo series of your bakery team decorating special shamrock cookies.

14. Invite a friendly social media takeover

Another way to welcome your followers behind the scenes is to ask a team member to do a social media takeover.

If one person is leading the holiday charge, ask them to give your audience a peek at what goes into getting your business ready for St. Patrick’s Day.

Inviting different employees to become the face of your brand during a takeover helps your prospects and customers get to know your team better.

The next time they walk into your store and see that person behind your counter, they’ll instantly feel like they’re seeing an old friend. Fostering that sense of personal connection helps strengthen customer loyalty.

15. Share some Irish wisdom

Many of history’s great writers, thinkers, and artists were Irish. St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect time to share a quote from a famous Irish figure.

st patricks day quote for social media

Here are some names to get you started:

  • Jonathan Swift
  • James Joyce
  • Oscar Wilde
  • C.S. Lewis
  • William Butler Yeats
  • Samuel Beckett
  • Bram Stoker
  • Frank McCourt
  • George Bernard Shaw
  • Iris Murdoch

Get St. Patrick’s Day quotes to use on social from our pals at WordStream.

16. Put your hours out there

Are your business hours changing because of the holiday? Maybe you’re staying open late to welcome more revelers, or you’re closing early to enjoy the holiday yourself!

Either way, share your holiday hours on social media. Posting about your extended hours encourages people to stop by, and sharing reduced hours saves customers the frustration of arriving to find your store with the lights off.

17. Create educational St. Patrick’s Day content

Social media content that highlights your expertise and teaches your audience something new is a win for your brand and followers.

Consider ways you can shape your educational content to honor the holiday. What Irish traditions or themes tie into your work? Here are some ideas to help inspire you:

  • A bookstore could ask staff to share a book by their favorite Irish author.
  • A jewelry brand could create a short video about the history and meaning of the Claddagh ring.
  • A record store could highlight albums by famous Irish musicians.
  • A bakery might create a video of them whipping up some Irish soda bread.

18. Create and share a fun St. Patrick’s Day graphic

If St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a huge deal to you or your followers, you might simply observe the day with a cute graphic. You can easily create one of these posts using a tool like Canva (we created a guide on how to use Canva here!) that will attract your audience and stand out on the News Feeds.

st patricks day image for social post

We curated some free St. Patrick’s Day social media templates for you here!

19. Share St. Patrick’s Day events

Your business is part of your local community, which means your customers may see you as a source of information about what’s going on around town. Share St. Patrick’s Day events happening in your area on your social media pages. You can even reshare posts about events from other businesses or local accounts (they might return the favor to help you increase your following later!).

If you’re hosting your own St. Patrick’s Day event, you can create a Facebook event and invite your followers to attend. This gives them an easy way to get all the information about your event and invite their friends.

st patricks day even on social media


Make your St. Patrick’s Day social media posts shine

You don’t need luck to create great St. Patrick’s Day social media posts

Those brands that do well on social media aren’t wishing on a four-leaf clover for better engagement rates. Consistency, creativity, and a solid plan are the secrets to their success.

By mapping out your ideas in advance and finding clever ways to generate new content around holidays and events, you, too, can follow the rainbow to the social media pot of gold.

Here are the best St. Patrick’s Day social media post ideas:

  1. Try some festive hashtags
  2. Paint your page green
  3. Use holiday-themed emojis
  4. Make a punny post
  5. Run a St. Patrick’s Day social media contest
  6. Share your holiday spirit
  7. Post a St. Patty’s Day tips list
  8. Promote a holiday special
  9. Talk up your sale
  10. Go live
  11. Run a St. Patty’s Day poll
  12. Repost content from your fans
  13. Take followers behind the scenes
  14. Invite a friendly social media takeover
  15. Share some Irish wisdom
  16. Put your hours out there
  17. Create educational content
  18. Create and share a fun St. Patrick’s Day graphic
  19. Share St. Patrick’s Day events

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