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AI can be a lifesaver when you’re short on time and resources to create marketing content. However, AI-generated content is only as good as the prompt (and the editor) behind it.

You want to use the best prompt possible when using AI for your marketing since it will impact the quality of your results. A strong AI prompt will save you from having to make a ton of edits to your AI-generated content.

Today, I’m taking the guesswork out of high-quality AI prompts by providing you with copy-and-paste prompt examples and ideas, along with tips to help you create your own AI prompts.

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How do you write a good AI prompt?

Before you jump into our list, keep in mind that there are some dos and don’ts of AI prompts.

For example, I had a blast trying to get AI to write a section for this post, but there was a big difference between the prompt I started with versus the one I ultimately used. I started with “please write a short 3-sentence intro to a blog post about AI prompts.”

ai prompt example - screenshot of simple prompt response from chatgpt

It took me a few more tries until I finally narrowed it down to an intro that had the potential to be edited and worth publishing—using this AI prompt:

“Please write a short, simple, and concise 3-sentence intro to a blog post titled ‘AI Prompt Examples and Ideas for Your Marketing’ in an educational yet approachable and friendly tone geared towards small businesses. Acknowledge and/or provide an example of how AI prompts can be a challenge but mention that the blog post is structured to help alleviate those challenges. Use the following blog posts as inspiration for voice, tone, and style.”

ai prompt examples - screenshot of high-quality ai prompt and response on jasper

While that last prompt may have been a bit of a mouthful, this exercise proved that some editing and finetuning will be inevitable to truly bring AI content to life. The better the AI prompt, however, the less work you’ll have to do to perfect your result.

You can avoid the same mistakes I made (and save yourself time) by following these AI prompt tips.

Evaluate your current marketing strategy

You’ll want to approach your AI prompts with your marketing goals top of mind. You may need to take a step back and assess where it would make the most sense to use AI in your marketing.

For example, if you’re looking to create brand awareness, then you might focus on perfecting your AI social media prompts to quickly scale your online presence.

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Be as specific as possible

The main difference between my first AI prompt attempt versus the last was the length and clarity of my prompt. Try to be as specific as you can in your AI prompts to ensure you get the best response possible. Here are some qualifiers you’ll want to include in your marketing AI prompts:

  • Length of response. AI tools tend to ramble, save yourself a headache by letting it know whether it should answer your question in one sentence, one paragraph, etc.
  • Your business’s industry. Add context to your AI prompts by clarifying what your business does.
  • Your target audience. AI can tailor its tone to best resonate with your target market.
  • The goal or purpose of your prompt. Mention what you’re looking to achieve so that your AI tool could include a call to action in its response.
  • Your brand style guide. You could either provide a link to your brand kit or simply type out a few guidelines within your prompt, but it’s crucial to let AI know the voice and style that you’re expecting.
  • Examples. AI can analyze links to examples you provide, so if you have a particular competitor or source of inspiration that you’d like your content to embody, be sure to share that for your tool’s reference.

ai prompt examples - ai prompt idea checklist

Consider your editing process

Know that, no matter how good your AI content initially comes out, you or your team should still be editing everything before it goes live. AI is not perfect, and no one can convey your business’s unique value better than you can, so you’ll want to read through your AI content and adjust to give it that “human” touch.

Be mindful of this when crafting your AI prompt. If you have limited time to edit or proofread your AI-generated content, it may be worth tailoring your prompt to limit any mistranslations or mistakes.

Be mindful of your AI tool options

Various AI tools will provide you with slightly different responses to the same or similar prompts. The AI prompt examples I used throughout this post are from a few different AI tools so that you could see this in action.

There’s no right or wrong answer as to which tool your business uses. You’ll likely end up trying a few different ones for various purposes as you get a feel for how AI works best for your business.

Some examples of AI tools include ChatGPT, Jasper, Microsoft Co-Pilot, and more. In fact, AI statistics show that small businesses use multiple different AI tools, so be sure to consider all your options.

ai prompt examples - ai tools used by small businesses infographic

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AI prompt examples for social media

To kick off our list of AI prompts, here are some ways you can use AI in your social media marketing.

Create post captions

The easiest way to incorporate AI into your social media marketing is through simple post caption creation. Your prompt will be dependent on your post’s purpose. For instance, check out this social media post caption AI prompt example.

“Write a caption that recaps our followers on a fun costume contest we had in office and ask them to let us know in the comments which photo is their favorite.”

ai prompt example - social media post caption response from microsoft copilot

Depending on the social platform, you may want varying lengths of your post caption. So, you could refine your AI prompt like this:

“Write a one-sentence caption that recaps our followers on a fun costume contest we had in office and ask them to let us know in the comments which photo is their favorite.”

ai prompt example - short ai-generated social media caption screenshot

Here are some real-world AI marketing examples so you can see how other businesses use this technology.

Write profile bios

One of the most popular types of AI prompts used in social media marketing is for crafting your profile bios. For instance, if you’re looking to work on your Facebook bio, try this AI prompt example:

“Write a three-sentence Facebook business page bio for my trendy online women’s clothing store that encourages viewers to shop our site.”

ai prompt examples - facebook bio prompt

Here’s another example:

“Write a YouTube channel description for my B2B SaaS business that lets viewers know that they should subscribe to our channel for educational content on how to use our software for streamlined HR processes.“

ai prompt example - youtube channel description

Respond to comments

Responding to feedback (good or bad) is key to your business’s reputation management. But it can be tricky to think of the right response to a social media comment on the spot. Try copying and pasting the comment into your AI tool with the following prompt to streamline your online community management.

“Please write a friendly, one-sentence response to the following Instagram comment that shows appreciation for the comment and encourages the user to turn on post notifications for more content from our landscaping business.”

Run a giveaway

Running a contest on Facebook, an Instagram giveaway, or any other type of prize-driven game can be an easy social media win for your business. It drives engagement and motivates your customers to interact with you online. However, attacking all the details involved can feel daunting. Use the following AI prompt example to take the guesswork out of running a social media giveaway.

“Please provide the steps I should follow to run a lead-generating Instagram giveaway for my dental business.”

ai prompt examples - using ai for steps screenshot

Create a post series

It’s usually best to approach social media with the mentality that the more content you publish, the better your business’s online presence will be. This can be easily achieved with a series of posts that relate to one another and keep your followers coming back for more. To start, try these two AI prompt ideas:

  • “Break this list of tips out into a weekly LinkedIn post series.”
  • “Recap this blog post into a thread on X, using these threads as inspiration.”

Encourage engagement

If you’ve been hearing crickets in your social media notification centers, this AI prompt example is for you.

“Craft an engaging Facebook post that asks our audience to share their favorite part about working with [your brand]. Let viewers know that the best comments will get a shout-out on our page and use an enthusiastic tone of voice.”

Create cross-platform social content

Posting similar content across multiple social media platforms is an easy way to squeeze more out of your social media marketing strategy. Use a variation of this AI prompt idea to start.

“Paraphrase this X thread into a post that will engage [target audience] on Instagram.”

Promote your business’s unique value

If you’re looking to convey your brand’s value propositions on social media, try this AI prompt example that uses the PAS (pain, agitate, solve) copywriting formula to target your customer pain points.

“Write a [social platform] post that uses PAS on the [pain point] for [target audience]. Recommend [your business] as an alternative.”

ai prompt example - screenshot of ai writing facebook caption


AI prompt examples for blog posts and content marketing

Generative AI can lend a helping hand as you enhance your SEO strategy. Remember, though, no matter how good your AI prompt is, no AI-generated content should be considered finalized. You can (and should!) use AI for content ideation but be careful not to use it for strategies and tactics that require a high level of technical know-how. That said, check out these AI prompt examples for blog posts, content marketing, and SEO.

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Spot-check your keyword lists

It’s not recommended to use AI for keyword research. AI tools can’t always read through contextual uses of words and phrases, and they also aren’t set up to report on important keyword metrics like competition or search volume. While you should be using keyword research tools to identify your business’s high-volume, local keywords, AI can still help you understand how machine learning might categorize different types of terms. You could ask for keywords to get ideas for your keyword research strategy. Try this AI prompt to compare your keyword research list to that of AI:

“Create a list of informational, long-tailed keywords that can be used in blog posts for [product or industry].”

ai prompt examples - keyword list chatgpt screenshot

Brainstorm blog topics

You can use this AI prompt idea to brainstorm blog post topics to build out your business’s content strategy:

“Brainstorm blog post five blog post topics for my [business] that are geared towards [audience] and target long-tailed keywords related to [keyword themes].”

ai prompt ideas - using ai for blog post topics

Outline and structure help

If you have your blog topics nailed down but aren’t sure how to tackle a blog post, this AI prompt is for you:

“How should I structure a blog post for my [business] about [blog topic] targeting the keyword [target keyword]?”

Rewrite or repurpose old blog posts

Give old content on your business’s website a refresh with this AI prompt:

“Write a new outline for this old post, making it more organized, concise, and SEO-friendly. Please target the keyword [insert keyword here] throughout.”

ai prompt ideas - using ai to outline blog posts example

Fill in existing content

Use AI to clear your writer’s block by asking it to fill in the gaps in existing content. For example, here is how you could ask AI to give you more ideas to add to a blog post:

“What is another [trend, tip, section] I could add to the following post [post link]”

ai prompt examples - blog content ideas

As a follow-up prompt, you could ask for a sample paragraph to be written based on the idea your tool initially suggested, like this:

“Write a short paragraph on that idea using the same format, voice, and style as the rest of this post, and be sure to target the keyword [keyword].”

ai prompt examples - blog post section idea from ai

Get meta description ideas

Your SEO strategy is in constant need of tweaks and improvements to increase your website’s chances of visibility and success. For example, if you want punchier meta titles and descriptions for your pages, try this AI prompt idea:

“Write me a meta description, under 160 characters, for a blog post titled [blog post title].”

ai prompt examples - meta descriptions from ai

AI prompt examples for email marketing

These AI prompt examples for email marketing can help you get ideas for subject lines, A/B tests, and more.

Ask for feedback and/or reviews

Using email to get more reviews is a go-to strategy for many growing businesses. Use AI to write your email copy with this AI prompt example:

“Write a compelling email that asks our existing customers for a review of the product they recently purchased.”

ai prompt examples - email content idea from ai

A/B test ideas

When implementing email marketing, it’s important to always be testing so that you can refine your emails based on what resonates best with your audience. Knowing what to test, however, is a common small business challenge. Take the guesswork out of your email testing strategy with this AI prompt example:

“Give me some lead nurture email A/B test ideas for my law practice.”

ai prompt examples - screenshot of email test ideas from microsoft copilot

Email subject line brainstorms

Nearly half of recipients choose to open an email based on the subject line alone. Combine that email statistic with the fact that your subject line is up against a character limit, and creating a clear but concise subject line starts to feel daunting. Luckily, the following AI prompt should do the trick.

“Brainstorm 5 different email subject lines, all under 60 characters, that encourage bookings for my travel and tourism business, and include emojis.”

ai prompt examples - email subject line brainstorm


If your business is focused on lead generation and management, you’ll likely want to send different emails to customers depending on where they are in the sales funnel. AI can help you create more personalized emails in bulk with a prompt like this:

“Write a series of email subject lines, one for the people who have already purchased our products, and one for people who are still thinking about purchasing but haven’t yet.”

ai prompt examples - using ai to personalize emails

Get call-to-action options

Speaking of leads, when you want more of them from your email campaigns, try this AI prompt example:

“I want to get more lead form inquiries from my cleaning business’s emails. What are five compelling calls-to-action I can use?“

ai prompt examples - call to action ideas

AI prompt examples for images

You can use AI in marketing for more than just copywriting. Check out these AI prompt examples for your business’s creative strategies.

Social media image creation

Social media images are the bread and butter of any AI-powered creative strategy. Since you’re constantly having to post across platforms, and you usually need unique images for each post, using AI to lighten your social media image workload is a no-brainer. Try this AI prompt example for your social media images:

“Design an attention-grabbing graphic for a social post on [describe the theme of the post].”

You could build off this AI prompt by adding notes about your brand style, logo, colors, and more to maintain brand consistency throughout your AI-generated images.

Product mockups

You can use AI to create images of upcoming product or service offerings—this type of AI prompt should produce a product mockup that you can use across various marketing channels.

“Generate a realistic product mockup for [product], which will allow customers to picture the product before making a purchase”

ai prompt examples - product mock up image from ai


Create brand assets

You can use AI to create (or reimagine your current) business logo, mascot, and more. Here are a couple AI prompt examples for this:

  • “Generate a logo for a business [give some context about the company].”
  • “Make a [image style] of [object] [doing something, somewhere, related to your business].”

Here’s how I put that into practice on Canva: “A cartoon of an owl studying to encourage school children to do homework.”

ai prompt examples - using ai for branded images

More AI prompt examples…according to AI

Finally, I felt it wouldn’t be right to do a whole post on AI prompts without consulting AI. Let’s see what AI thinks good digital marketing prompts should look like.

ChatGPT AI prompt ideas

For ChatGPT, I started with this AI prompt:

“Please list five short AI prompts small businesses could use in their digital marketing strategies.”

ai prompt ideas - chatgpt screenshot

Instead, it gave me prompts to use in my own content. So, I rephrased my prompt as a question.

“I’m a small business looking to expand my digital marketing, what are five short ways I can have AI help me do this?”

ai prompt ideas - chatgpt prompt second try

While that response was closer to what I was looking for, here’s the final prompt I landed on:

“I’m a small business looking to expand my digital marketing, what are 5 short prompts I can give you to help me do this?”

ai prompt ideas - chatgpt best prompt

This slightly more conversational question ended up working. Here are the top five AI prompts to use on ChatGPT, according to ChatGPT.

  • “Provide insights on effective social media strategies for small businesses.”
  • “Recommend AI-powered tools for optimizing email marketing campaigns.”
  • “Share tips on leveraging chatbots to improve customer engagement on our website.”
  • “Suggest ways to use predictive analytics to enhance our digital marketing efforts.”
  • “Recommend targeted advertising platforms for reaching our ideal audience.”

Jasper AI prompt ideas

Jasper understood the context of my prompt below immediately.

“Please list 5 short AI prompts small businesses could use in their digital marketing strategies.”

Here are the top five AI prompt examples to use on Jasper, according to Jasper.

  • “Craft compelling social media posts to boost engagement and brand visibility.”
  • “Create captivating email campaigns to drive customer retention and conversion.”
  • “Produce high-quality blog articles to establish thought leadership and attract organic traffic.”
  • “Develop targeted ad copy to maximize ROI and reach your ideal audience effectively.”
  • “Curate visually appealing product descriptions to entice potential customers and drive sales.”

ai prompt ideas from jasper screenshot

Microsoft Co-pilot’s AI prompt ideas

Microsoft Co-pilot did more of a mash-up response on the same prompt I provided to Jasper.

ai prompt ideas - microsoft copilot ai prompt examples

Here are the top five AI prompt examples to try on Microsoft Co-pilot, according to Microsoft Co-pilot:

  • “Generate ideas for a new product launch in [month] that incorporates the theme of [season] and [tone].”
  • “Brainstorm content ideas for a blog post about [topic] in [number] of words or less, optimized for search engines using H2s and H3s.”
  • “Suggest high-volume keyword clusters for [topic] to improve search engine rankings.”
  • “Identify popular industry trends in [product or service] that [target audience] will be interested in this [upcoming season].”
  • “Generate ideas for an upcoming marketing campaign about [new product] with a mix of [product] [price] [place] [promotion channels].”

How to use these AI prompt examples

Ready to incorporate these AI prompt examples in your marketing strategy? With a bit of trial and error, you can end up saving yourself time on marketing content ideation and creation with these prompts. Just be sure to rephrase your AI prompts a few different ways until you dial in for the results you want. Also, leave yourself time to edit and refine your results afterward.

If you want more ways to put these AI prompt examples into practice, see how our solutions can help you maximize your marketing content across all channels!

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