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April showers bring May flowers…

And April email subject lines bring May results!

Maybe that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but it’s true that leveraging email marketing this April will boost your ROI now and later. However, creating an amazing April email strategy can be easier said than done… Unless you have this ultimate April email subject lines guide, that is! We’ve got you covered on need-to-know April email tricks. With this post under your belt, progressing your email results this April will be easier than picking daisies from a field.

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Amazing April email subject line tips

Start the second quarter of the year off on the right foot with these email subject line tips:

Create a schedule and stick with it

To maintain brand consistency, you’ll want to align your email marketing with your overall marketing plan. To start, think about your business goals and how email marketing could help you reach them. This exercise can help clarify when you should send your April emails. You’ll want your emails to mirror any ongoing offers or changes within your brand.

Sticking to regular emails also helps your recipients know what to expect. In fact, there are data points from email marketing trends that back this. For example, 35% of businesses are sending customers emails 3-5 times per week, and Fridays see the highest open rates. If you schedule your April emails ahead of time to follow these trends as well as your business needs, you’ll maximize your chances for success.

social media holidays - april marketing calendar

Using a calendar template to pre-set your email schedule can help you stay on track. 

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Always have a clear call to action

Be sure your recipient understands the point of your email. Try to give a heads up of what’s inside and make the action you want them to take as clear as possible.

This email copywriting tactic applies to both your subject line as well as the content inside. For example, if you want to drive traffic to your website, you might use your subject line to tell your audience about an offer inside the email. Once a recipient opens the email, they’ll find directions within the content on how to redeem the offer on your website.

april email subject lines - example of email with clear call to action telling recipient to shop specific products

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Know your audience

With over 4 billion daily email users, your target market is bound to be checking out your emails. That means appealing to your target audience as you create your subject lines is more important than ever. For example, add a personal touch of including the first name of your recipient in your email subject line for a higher click-through rate.

You may even want to segment your email lists to adjust copy accordingly. In fact, businesses that have segmented their audiences for email campaigns saw a 760% increase in revenue. That makes sense, as customers across different stages of the buyer’s journey may be receptive to totally different email offers.

april email subject line ideas - example of personalized email using recipient first name

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Don’t be afraid to be flashy

Did you know 33% of people will open an email just because they think it has a catchy subject line? Other fun elements, like emojis or hashtags, also see higher open rates. In fact, 56% of brands that use emojis in their email subject lines see an increase in open rates.  Be sure to get creative when drafting your April subject lines. With all the festive themes the spring season has to offer, this should be a no-brainer!

april email subject lines - example of trendy email using emojis

April email subject lines fit for any business

Whether you’re a small business just starting out in local marketing, a busy multi-location franchise using emails to grow, or somewhere in between, these email subject lines will be a hit for any niche market:

  • Talia, April Showers Are Bringing You May Deals☔
  • You’re Invited! RSVP to Our Spring Event’
  • How we’re springing into action this season🤓
  • Days Just Got Long, But Our List of Offers is Longer
  • Spring has us defrosting our latest updates!
  • Matthew, Are You Ready for Warmer Weather?
  • TTYL Winter! Hello, Spring😎
  • ✅Your Need-to-Have Spring Checklist
  • Ring, Ring! Hello? Spring?
  • Never Fear, Spring is Here!
  • Trevor, Click for Amazing April Offers Inside
  • Awesome April Deals Hiding Insideapril-email-subject-lines-example-of-small-business-spring-email


April email subject lines to increase sales

Email subject lines for sales are an easy way to boost revenue. Move your email audience down the sales funnel with these April email subject line ideas:

  • Spring is Here! So Are Our Sales
  • Celeste, April Sales That’ll Bring You May Joy
  • Spring into these savings🤑
  • Spring prices as fresh as the season!
  • April Showers Are Pouring Down Sales!
  • R-Yes-V-P to Our Anticipated Spring Sales Event
  • Terrence, Shop Last Minute Winter Clearance!
  • Heman, spring for these items before the sell out!
  • Spring Savings That’ll Have You Singing
  • Lucinda, Buy in April for a Surprise in May
  • 😊Jump for Joy Over These Spring Sales
  • Quick! 40% Flash Sale Through April 30
  • Hurry! This Discount Only Applies April 1-30
  • Spring Has Arrived & So Has Your Order.

april email subject lines -example april email subject line for sales

April email subject lines that will fill your books

Whether you’re a family-owned home services business, a growing consultancy, a local salon, or any service-based business in between, these April email subject line ideas are sure to bring in business:

  • April Booking Brings May Appointment Bliss
  • Book Ahead Discount April 1-30 ONLY
  • Gary, Is Your Home Prepped for Warmer Weather?
  • Pre-Book Summer Appointments Now for a Deal!
  • Spring Slots Filling Fast! Book Your Summer Job Now
  • How Are You Storing Your Winter Stuff? We Can Help
  • Nature is Healing. You Can Too.
  • Spring is Great, But Summer is Better. Book May-August Now
  • Kevin, Book Your April Adventure Now
  • The sun is shining on our newest spring services🌤
  • Our books are lighting up with openings☀

april email subject lines - small business email promoting spring services

Even more April email subject lines

Need to amplify your small business marketing even more? Look no further than these festive April email subject lines that’ll set you up for your best spring yet:

Amusing April Fools’ email subject lines

April Fools’ Day marketing is no laughing matter as this is the perfect time to market with emotion and hook your audience. Use these funny email subject line ideas to kick April off with a bang:

  • We’re Closing…
  • Sorry, We Lost Your Order.
  • Sales So Good They’re No Joke
  • Knock, knock…
  • April Fools’ Deals That Aren’t Even Funny
  • Only Fools Miss Out on Deals This Good
  • You’ll Be a Fool if You Miss Out on This
  • Deals too good to be true (really!)😉
  • Caresha, No Jokes Here. Only SALES
  • Don’t Be Penny Wise & Pound Foolish this April
  • Manuel, This Offer is No Laughing Matter!

april fools day email subject line ideas - example of april fools email teasing a store closing


Easter email subject line ideas

Easter, celebrated by nearly 80% of Americans, falls on March 31 this year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still include this holiday in your April email marketing plan. Use these email subject line ideas to speak to your Easter-celebrating audience.

  • Hoppy Easter!
  • We’re Hopping for Joy!
  • Jamie, Don’t Forget to Leave a Carrot Out
  • 🐣Peep These Deals!
  • Eggs? Dyed. Baskets? Filled. What’s Next?
  • 10 Eggceptional Easter Deals
  • Hop on Down to Jay’s Bar for Easter Specials
  • Rabbit food, anyone?🐰
  • Hopping all the way to our customers’ hearts

april email subject line ideas - easter email example from small business


You can get more inspiration for your subject lines from these Easter marketing slogans and Easter greetings.

Adventurous April email subject lines for other spring holidays

If you want your email subject lines to take a walk on the wild side, there are tons of out-of-box April holidays to frame your emails around. Try one or all of these ideas below for a boost in marketing ROI:

  • How our business celebrates diversity each day (National Diversity Month)
  • Stella, don’t stress! We’re here to help😌 (Stress Awareness Month)
  • These exclusive offers are no joke😅 (National Humor Month)
  • Let’s get movin’ and groovin’ (Move More Month)
  • Introducing our new customer loyalty program! (International Customer Loyalty Month, get our customer loyalty program tips to celebrate this one here!
  • Our Pledge to Autism Today & Every Day (World Autism Awareness Day, April 2)
  • Meri, How’s that DIY Project Going? (National DIY Day, April 3)
  • Woo! Party Like It’s 1999 (World Party Day, April 3)
  • We’d Be Lying If We Said This Sale Isn’t Awesome (Tell a Lie Day, April 4)
  • It’s Okay to Be Flashy! (National Flash Drive Day, April 5)
  • We’re proud to sponsor your local teams (National Student-Athlete Day, April 6)
  • Say It with Us “I am Healthy, I am Wealthy…” (World Health Day, April 7)
  • With this Weather, Why Not Walk? (Walk to Work Day, April 7, changes annually)
  • Warning: Extremely Cute Pet Photos Inside (National Pet Day, April 11)
  • Not to Be Cheesy, But… (Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, April 12)
  • We’re Laying Down the Law! (International Lawyers’ Day. April 12)
  • Dear Plant, Please Don’t Die on Our Watch (International Plant Appreciation Day, April 13)
  • What’s Another Word for Sale? (National Scrabble Day, April 13)
  • Breaking News: We’re Partnering with South End Florals! (National Gardening Day, April 14)
  • Worst Day of the Week? Laundry Day. (National Laundry Day, April 15)
  • Amalia, gift him something great. (Husband Appreciation Day, April 16)
  • Book Club! What’s On Our Reading List (National Librarian Day, April 16)
  • Join Us for a Day of Family Fun! (Healthy Kids Day, April 18)
  • Fourth of July in April! (Patriot’s Day, April 18)
  • How Small’s Business is Giving Back this April (Volunteer Recognition Day, April 20)
  • Ramadan Reflections from Us to You (Ramadan begins March 22 and ends April 21, changes annually)
  • High Five, Andy! (National High Five Day, April 21)
  • Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, & Buy Local! (Earth Day, April 22 — find more Earth Day marketing slogans you can use in your Earth Day email subject lines here!)
  • Arty, Learn the Science Behind Our Work (World Laboratory Day, April 23)
  • The Perfect Party Snack Doesn’t Exist… (Pigs in a Blanket Day, April 24)
  • Time to Celebrate at Seabrook Salon! (National Mani and Pedi Day, April 25)
  • Save the Penguins! (World Penguin Day, April 25)
  • Southwest Tech Thanks its Administrators (Administrative Professionals Day, April 27)
  • Look Up! (International Astronomy Day, April 28)
  • We Give You a Gift & You Get to Give One to a Friend! (Pay It Forward Day, April 28)
  • What We’re Planting Today (Arbor Day, April 28, changes annually)
  • How one tree can make a big difference 💚(Arbor Day, April 28, changes annually)
  • Local Businesses Supporting Local Businesses (Independent Book Store Day, April 30)
  • Name That Song! (International Jazz Day, April 30)

april email subject lines - example email for april holiday


April newsletter email subject lines

As Q1 officially ends and Q2 starts up in April, you’ll have plenty to discuss in your newsletter emails. Draw your readers in with these April newsletter subject line ideas:

  • RIP Winter. Here’s How We’re Dealing
  • Spring Has Us Singing! Here’s Why
  • Our 6 Tips for a Great Q2
  • Second Quarter Has Us Catching Our Second Wind!
  • What’s New in Q2 For You
  • 4 Ways to Have an Amazing April
  • What’s new this April
  • Fresh spring air and fresh updates to match!
  • Our Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist
  • How we’re sprucing up for spring🌲

april email subject line ideas - small business april newsletter email example


Let the April email subject lines shower down

Email marketing is effective throughout the year as it assists your lead nurturing while simultaneously attracting new business. However, this marketing channel can be even more important in April as you kick off the second quarter of the year.

Let your April emails help you stay on track for your year-end goals with these creative email subject line ideas. If you want to make your email marketing even more seamless, check out how our products and services can help bring these email subject lines to life.

Looking for more ways to market your business this month? Check out our big list of Foolproof April Social Media Holidays & Ideas and this list of April promotion ideas.

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