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February is the month of love—even if the cold temps don’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy. But it’s not the time to let your social media channels cool off. Show your customers and followers some love this February by spicing up your social media marketing strategy.

You don’t have to only post about Valentine’s Day all month long, either. In fact, there are tons of options when it comes to social media marketing in February to keep your content fresh. That’s why we’re sharing February social media holidays, tips, and even more social post ideas to fill your calendar all month long!

february social media holidays marketing calendar

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Table of contents

Tips for your February social media posts

To maximize results from these February social media ideas, you’ll want to follow posting best practices.  Let’s refresh our memory on top social media tips:

Use emojis…

February is a fun and festive month, so your social media posts should follow suit. With so many fabulous February social media holidays, you won’t fall short of emojis to use.

Plus, emojis can help your February posts get more engagement since comments and shares increase by 33% when they’re present. Moreover, 78% of people say using emojis can make your brand more likable and 63% think they increase your business’s credibility.

This won’t take a ton of time, either, since you don’t have to go overboard. When writing a February post caption, try to include about 1-3 emojis to catch your followers’ attention.

february social media ideas - small business instagram post using emojis for february

…And hashtags

Hashtags fall in line with emojis as social media engagement drivers. These text-based tags help your posts get found by followers and new audiences alike.

Add February flair to your hashtags using our ideas below. You could even create your own custom hashtag to fit your niche market, too. (PS: Download our 2023 marketing calendar to get hashtag ideas for every month, holiday, and industry!)

  • #februaryfun
  • #valentinesday
  • #bemine
  • #bemyvalentine
  • #superbowlsunday
  • #foolishfebruary
  • #fabulousfebruary
  • #hearteyes
  • #frozenfebruary
  • #februaryfreeze
  • #groundhogday
  • #springisnear
  • #aquariusszn
  • #piscesszn
  • #piscespower
  • #presidentsdaysale
  • #februaryfunday

February social media ideas - small business instagram post using february hashtags

Get even more hashtags and winter Instagram captions to use all season long here.

Keep your social media specs in mind

As the year progresses, the last thing you want to let slip is your social media post sizes. This can lead to poorly cropped photos, blurry images, or unplayable videos.

Spare your followers from this poor social media experience by checking to ensure any media you post falls in line with each platform’s size guidelines. Save our handy image below to keep your February posts in check:

february social media holidays - social media size guide

Be sure to check out our full breakdown of social media image sizes here.

Always be tracking

Since February goes by so fast, you’ll want to ensure you have the right social media metrics being tracked properly. To start, review your social media goals, and use them as a guide to plan your posts.

From there, you can use free tools (like the LocaliQ website grader) to check in on your online presence progress regularly. This way, you can be sure you’re staying on track for the month before it’s too late!

💡 The LocaliQ website grader can help you understand where your business’s social presence stands.

February social media ideas based on holidays (with examples)

These February social media holidays have so many ideas to go with them your business can use them over and over to drive business growth:

Black History Month

Inclusion and diversity in your marketing should be present all year long, but as Black History Month, February is the perfect month to show how your business is doing its part to maintain equality in your community.

With such a rich history behind this monthly observance, there are plenty of post ideas to try:

  • Post a series of various books you’re reading on Black History, like Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X or Letter From a Birmingham Jail by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You could use the hashtag #blackhistorymonth to start a book discussion.
  • Highlight individuals throughout Black History that have inspired you or your business, like Shirley Chisholm (first Black woman in Congress) or Louis Armstrong (jazz music pioneer).
  • Amplify Black voices by inviting a Black employee or community member to take part in a social media “takeover.” You could have them post from your account about what this monthly observance means to them.
  • Support Black-owned businesses by partnering with one on social media. You could reshare content from the business on your page. It’s a best practice to include content that’s from other brands or accounts. So, this is a great way to mix up your February social media ideas with a fresh post from another business. Plus, you’ll be helping the business to grow by referring your audience over to their page.

february social media holidays - black history month linkedin post

National Heart Health Month

We’re not talking about the shape! Yet, since hearts can be found everywhere in February, the American Heart Association thought this would be the perfect time to raise awareness around heart health. For good reason, too, as 1.5 million heart attacks and strokes occur every year in the U.S. Spread awareness and tips on prevention with these social media post ideas:

  • Aim for a “health” post each week of February. You could share a video or photo of how you and your team stay healthy or post a heart-healthy recipe.
  • Help your followers quit smoking! Cigarettes have been directly linked to adverse heart health, and over 35 million adults in America are smokers. Hold a non-smoking challenge and incentivize your followers with a giveaway.
  • Share your story! If your business’s community has been impacted by cardiovascular diseases, personalize your marketing by giving your followers an inside look at what happened.

february social media holidays - national heart month small business facebook health post

National Snack Food Month

Keep your post mood light with this monthly observance. Established in 1989, National Snack Food Month is a reminder to us all to keep our New Year’s resolutions going with a dose of healthy snacking.

Whether you want to focus on nutritious treats or sweet and savory snack indulges, these post ideas are sure to be a hit:

  • Who doesn’t love a good snack? Odds are your followers will be eager to comment with their favorite snacks if you ask in your post.
  • Post an employee spotlight series highlighting your team members’ favorite snacks.
  • Discuss your business’s favorite snack and offer samples throughout the month to create a buzz.
  • Run a social media contest for the best snack idea from your followers. The winner could be highlighted in another post on your page or get coupons valid through February and March.


February 2: Groundhog Day

Between Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day, this other notable February social media holiday gets too often forgotten!

Dating back to the Middle Ages, Groundhog Day started with the belief that animals would emerge from hibernation during this time to gauge the length of winter. Winter weather can certainly impact small businesses, but here is how you can use Groundhog Day to as part of your social media calendar this February:

  • Go live on Instagram or Facebook to have your followers join you in watching the Groundhog come out to see its shadow.
  • Wager a bet with your audience. If the groundhog sees its shadow, that means six more weeks of winter. If the fable comes true, soften the blow of extra winter weather by offering your followers six weeks’ worth of deals. If not, your business can post a celebratory video for early spring instead.

february social media holidays - groundhog day

February 4: National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

Without mail carriers, many small businesses wouldn’t be able to function. Between holiday packages, shipping products, and receiving service supplies, mail carriers help small businesses overcome challenges thrown their way. Show your gratitude on National Thank a Mail Carrier Day with these post ideas:

  • Give back during your next delivery! Offer your mail carrier a gift card or coupon. You could record the giveaway or take a selfie with your mail carrier to post about it on social media later.
  • Offer free shipping to your followers! Use National Thank a Mail Carrier Day to promote your business’s products. Encourage your audience to thank their mail carrier once their item arrives.

february social media ideas - thank a mail carrier university selfie instagram

February 9: National Pizza Day

The food fun doesn’t stop at Super Bowl Sunday in February. More than 41% of Americans eat pizza every week—that’s one in eight people eating a pizza on any given day! With those numbers, these pizza social media post ideas are sure to be favored by your followers:

  • Tie your Super Bowl Sunday and Pizza Day posts together. Super Bowl Sunday is the most popular day of the year for pizza, with 70% of watchers eating at least one slice. You could run a pizza recipe contest on Super Bowl Sunday and feature the winner on Pizza Day.
  • Pizza or Pie? Boost your social media engagement with a poll that asks your followers what they prefer to call a pizza. The poll format will be a refreshing twist that will encourage your audience to interact with your post.
  • Partner with a local pizzeria. With nearly 70,000 pizzerias in America, there’s bound to be a pizza shop near your business’s location. Reach out to them for shared posts on one another’s accounts. You could trade offers, tag each other, and spread new followers across both businesses.

february social media ideas - national pizza day small business partnership instagram post

February 11: Super Bowl Sunday

There’s no doubt social media will be buzzing on Super Bowl Sunday. In fact, some would even consider Super Bowl Sunday the biggest social media holiday in February! To capitalize on this, here are some ways to step up your Super Bowl Sunday social media game:

  • Host a watch party! Your brand could go live to stream all the game’s highlights. This way, you can start a conversation with your followers about notable plays or favorite commercials.
  • Post a game day recipe. Let’s be honest, one of the best parts of Super Bowl Sunday is the food. Between wings, dip, chips, and more, your followers will love to hear your ideas for game day goodies.
  • Share a video clip or photo from your favorite commercial! Commercials are a huge component of Super Bowl Sunday, and many viewers find them memorable or funny. Connect with your followers by sharing what you or your employees voted as the best one. Even better, tag the brand and you could earn a repost on their story.
  • Offer Super Bowl squares, but with a twist! Posting a picture of Super Bowl Squares that equates to products or services you offer is a family-friendly way to up your game antics. Followers can comment on their placements, and you can post updates throughout the day while tagging the winners!

february social media holidays - superbowl post example


February 14: Valentine’s Day

This day isn’t just for couples. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love for friends, community, yourself, and more. For your Valentine’s Day marketing, spread the positivity of this holiday with these post ideas:

  • Post self-care tips. Single or not, self-love is just as important on Valentine’s Day as it is any other day. Help your followers feel included on this special day by giving them ideas to give themselves some TLC. You could even mention a product or service you offer as a gift your followers can treat themselves to.
  • Spread the love by mentioning how much you love your followers! You could shout out a particularly active follower, or just say thanks for all the support your business gets on social media. The top reason for someone to switch brands is that they felt unappreciated. Avoid that by sharing your appreciation for your followers this Valentine’s Day.
  • Add a personal touch by posting a video or photo of someone you love this Valentine’s Day. It could be a family member, friend, or your staff. You don’t have to waste time writing a long, deep caption, but simply giving your followers an inside look at who your business values will be well worth the share.

february-social media ideas - valentines day linkedin self care post

For some extra inspo, check out:

February 19: President’s Day

President’s is a major marketing holiday as many brands take advantage of the opportunity to have flash sales, host events, and more over the long weekend. This patriotic holiday can be the perfect opportunity to add extra flair your February social media ideas. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Promote a President’s Sale. A sale over this holiday weekend is a go-to February social media idea for many businesses. Whether your sale is in-store or live on your small business website, you can leverage your social media accounts to make your target market aware of the upcoming discounts.
  • Send your followers to a unique social media landing page. If your marketing budget doesn’t allow for you to do a catalog-wide sale, you can still create buzz by creating an exclusive President’s Day discount code your social media followers can access via a link you share in your post caption or bio.

february social. media ideas - presidents day small business post


February 26: Letter to an Elder Day

The feeling of spreading love and positivity doesn’t have to stop at Valentine’s Day. Letter to an Elder Day was started by Love for the Elders, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting loneliness with love among senior communities. Your business can shine on this day with these social media post ideas that can display how your brand gives back to the elderly in your community:

  • Link to Love for the Elders! The organization makes it easy to submit letters. By unifying forces with your followers, you’ll be able to touch the hearts of more senior citizens than ever! Plus, the organization is active on social media. So, you and your followers could tag them for a potential shoutout.
  • Donate or volunteer at a local senior center. Giving back increases brand loyalty since consumers prefer to do business with companies that are active in their communities. This is a great way to do good while getting shots of new content for social media, too!



Even more February social media holidays

Fill your calendar with even more February social media ideas based on the extra holidays below:

  • Canned Food Month
  • National Bird Feeding Month
  • National Childrens’ Dental Health Month
  • National Hot Breakfast Month
  • February 3: National Golden Retriever Day
  • February 4: National Wear Red Day
  • February 5: National Weatherperson’s Day
  • February 6: National Frozen Yogurt Day
  • February 7: National Girls and Women in Sports Day
  • February 7: World Read Aloud Day
  • February 8: Propose Day
  • February 11: International Day of Women and Girls in Science
  • February 11: National Guitar Day
  • February 11: National Inventors’ Day
  • February 12: Abraham Lincoln’s birthday
  • February 13: Galentine’s Day
  • February 14: Valentine’s Day
  • February 15: Susan B. Anthony Day
  • February 17: Random Act of Kindness Day
  • February 18: National Drink Wine Day
  • February 19: President’s Day
  • February 20: National Love Your Pets Day
  • February 21: National Pancake Day
  • February 22: National Margherita Day
  • February 22: World Thinking Day
  • February 23: International Stand Up to Bullying Day
  • February 24: World Bartender Day
  • February 25: National Clam Chowder Day
  • February 27: International Polar Bear Day
  • February 28: Floral Design Day
  • February 29: Leap Day

february social media holidays - floral design day event planner facebook post

📧 We put together 100+ February email subject lines to go with these holidays and observances.

February social post ideas (not about holidays!)

Your February marketing doesn’t have to start and end with social media holidays. Here are a few other social media post ideas that can be a fit for any day in February:

Share your customer’s February favorites

84% of people consider online reviews to be just as impactful as a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend or family member. If you have popular products or best-selling service offerings during the month of February, your followers may be interested to know to help guide them in their own buyer’s journey. Plus, you could repost any reviews for that product or service to showcase what makes it a fan favorite during this time of year.

✅ Want to try this February social media idea but need more positive reviews first? Find ways to improve your local listings to get more reviews fast with our Free Business Listings Grader.

Check-in on New Year’s resolutions

The New Year’s excitement doesn’t have to stop in January! Only 64% of people who set resolutions are still on track to keep them by February. Motivate your followers by sharing your tips on how to stay consistent with your goals.

You could also start a February resolution challenge with a small reward at the end. Have your followers post evidence of them completing their resolutions and tag your business. The tag can help grow your following, while the challenge can incentivize your followers to stay engaged with your page.

Your business can benefit from New Year’s resolutions too. February isn’t too late to start implementing marketing resolutions to bring you results all year!

february social media ideas - new years resolution post


Provide tips for the changing seasons

February can bring a plethora of weather changes. While some businesses may be dealing with snowstorms, others could already be welcoming spring. Whatever the weather in your community, be sure to address it on social media.

Providing your audience with tips to combat the weather or prepare for the upcoming spring season will help make your business stand out.

february social media ideas - seasonal tip tweet

Fill up February

For businesses offering services or products, adding a dose of fun to your February posts with an idea like “fill up February” will help you increase sales. For services, you could encourage your followers to fill their tanks, fill their cups, or fill their calendar with appointments. For product-based businesses, it never hurts to tell your followers to fill up their shopping cart! Trying out new, catchy phrases like “fill up February” to come up with post ideas will keep your content fresh and effective.

february social media ideas - fill up february


Funny February

What’s social media without some silliness? Using another funky term like “funny February” to post foolish content all month long is sure to get some laughs. 71% of social media users go on the platforms to laugh, so be sure to indulge in some giggles by reposting a funny video or sharing series of jokes. By marketing with emotion on social media, you’ll be sure to see an engagement spike.

february-social media ideas - funny february b2b small business instagram post

Get our guide for how to use Canva to create social media images here.

Flashy February

Never be afraid to show off the best parts of your business throughout the year! Be a bit flashy by doing a post that showcases what you might be most proud of when it comes to your business this month.

Whether you have an awesome team, a freshly finished client order, or anything in between, a flashy February post is a creative way to show your followers your business’s best features.

february social media ideas- flashy february


Bring these February social media ideas to life

February flies by, so make the most of it by keeping your social media content as fresh as possible. When you continuously give your followers new posts to check out, you’ll be keeping them on their toes while maintaining brand consistency with regular posts. Using February social media ideas and holidays to amplify your online presence is a surefire way to bring in results!

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