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  • 19 Happy Father’s Day Post Ideas & Tips (+Free Templates!)

Why do dads bring an extra pair of socks when they go golfing?

In case they get a hole in one!

It only felt right to start off our Father’s Day celebrations with a dad joke. However, Father’s Day marketing is no laughing matter. Your business will need to make the most out of this social media holiday, so we’ll be covering everything you need to know for Father’s Day social media posts that pop. By the end of this post, your business’s social media will be like a door—everyone will be looking for your handle! Okay, that’s it for dad jokes… For now…


Father’s Day social media tips

As you prep your social media marketing for Father’s Day, here are a few key social media tips to be mindful of:

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Inclusive Father’s Day marketing is happy Father’s Day marketing

While some families look forward to Father’s Day, it can be difficult for others. Be mindful of the fact that not every person’s experience with fatherhood is the same. There may be folks within your audience that have lost their father, have strained relationships with their fathers, may be struggling with fatherhood, and more.

Try incorporating this sentiment into your social media posts with inclusive copywriting techniques. For example, you might adjust your post language to cater to those who celebrate other father figures in their lives, like grandfathers, mentors, uncles, brothers, and more. Be sure every type of father out there is clearly accepted and celebrated in your posts to keep your marketing inclusive.

happy fathers day social media posts - example of inclusive fathers day marketing


Keep your goals in mind

Even though Father’s Day is just one day, your social media plan for the holiday will impact your business’s objectives in the long run. Check-in on your social media goals to help identify what type of Father’s Day content may be best for your business.

For example, if you’re hoping to drive traffic to your website, you might want to host a Father’s Day sale rather than simply reposting funny Father’s Day videos.

You may even need to do a social media audit to understand what content gaps you’ll need to fill on Father’s Day.

💡 Find out which goals might be best to shoot for on Father’s Day using our free website grader to audit gaps across your website and social presence.

Follow Father’s Day social media trends

When trying to appeal to your target audience, you can guarantee results by following social media trends that are already popular. For example, using trending Father’s Day hashtags or emojis can help your posts stand out in crowded feeds. To start, try these Happy Father’s Day social media hashtags below:

  • #fathersday
  • #happyfathersday
  • #fathersday2024
  • #fathersdaygift
  • #fathersdaygifts
  • #fathersdaytreats
  • #fathersdaygiftideas
  • #fathersdayweekend
  • #fathersdayspecial
  • #fathersdaysale
  • #fathersdaycard
  • #fathersdaydeal
  • #fathersdaygiveaway
  • #fathersdaybbq
  • #fathersdayquotes
  • #fathersdayfun

happy fathers day social media posts - fathers day hashtags instagram example


Have fun with it

The best part about this June social media holiday? It allows you to unleash your creative side! Don’t be afraid to have fun with your Happy Father’s Day social media posts. For example, you might add sports-themed graphics, make your photos look like they’re fresh off the grill, and more to appeal to dads.

In fact, we put together some Canva templates to help you get creative with your Happy Father’s Day social media posts. You can customize these templates for each social site using the links below:

fathers day marketing - fathers day social media template preview

[Facebook] [Instagram] [Twitter]

Get our tutorial on how to use Canva here.

15 Happy Father’s Day post ideas

Here are our top Father’s Day post ideas to help your business make the most out of this social media holiday.

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1. Say “thanks” to Dad

To kick off our list, this go-to post is an easy social media win your business won’t want to miss out on. Paying tribute to all the dads out there is a quick yet meaningful way to acknowledge this holiday that your followers are sure to appreciate.

happy fathers day social media posts - thank you dads instagram example


2. Highlight a Dad in your brand’s community

Are any of your employees superstar dads? Featuring a dad from your brand on social media will give your followers an inside look at the fathers who make your business great.

Be sure to mention what makes them special—since most dads are juggling work and home life on top of fatherhood. Showing your appreciation for a dad employee will help your business stand out, as nearly half of consumers prefer brands that show they care about their employees.

happy fathers day social media posts - instagram of small business employee with daughter


3. Run a Father’s Day contest

Kick your Father’s Day social media posts up a notch by hosting a contest or giveaway. For example, you could lead up to the holiday with a dad trivia contest, as there are plenty of fun facts about dads throughout history. Have your followers comment with their answers, and the winner could win a freebie, a coupon, or other small prizes.

Whatever contest or giveaway style you choose, be sure that your participants are commenting or tagging you back with their entries for an added dose of social media engagement for your business.

happy fathers day social media posts - small business facebook contest for fathers day giveaway


4. Get personal

Do you have a special experience with fatherhood? Try marketing with emotion by telling your story to your followers. Whether there was a father figure who impacted your life or how becoming a father yourself has changed you, your followers will appreciate the inside look at the personality behind your business.

fathers day social media posts - example of personal fathers day story on linkedin


5. Promote a Father’s Day sale

Running a Happy Father’s Day sale and promoting it on social media is a must-have addition to your business’s marketing plan. Like with any holiday, your audience will be eagerly on the lookout for dad-powered deals. Post photos and videos that include the sale details throughout the holiday weekend to boost your social media presence.

happy fathers day social media posts - example of small business sale in caption with fathers day meme image


6. Share a Father’s Day quote

This holiday is a great way to touch your followers’ hearts through an inspirational quote for Father’s Day. Luckily, there are plenty of Father’s Day quotes to choose from, like this one from singer Michael Bublé:

“Fatherhood is the greatest thing that could ever happen. You can’t explain it until it happens; it’s like telling somebody what water feels like before they’ve ever swam in it.”

Check out more Father’s Day quotes here.

happy fathers day social media posts - example of small business fathers day quote on instagram


7. Promote a Father’s Day product or service

If you have any limited-time offers or products for Father’s Day, be sure you make that known to your followers. If you don’t already have any Father’s Day specials in place, there’s still time to make this social media post idea work for your business! You could simply reposition a popular product or service offering you already have with some dad-flair.

For example, if your fitness marketing plan for your gym usually includes a workout class calendar, try making one of the slots Father’s Day themed by including music from famous dads for that session’s playlist.

happy fathers day social media posts - example of a fathers day specific gym service


8. Crowdsource Father’s Day content

You don’t have to do your Happy Father’s Day social media posts all on your own. You can leverage your own following to help your business source content for the holiday. Call upon your followers to enter their best Father’s Day photos and videos to be featured on your page along with a small incentive, like a gift card.

happy fathers day social media posts - small business crowdsourcing dad photos for instagram


9. Repost Father’s Day funnies

Not all your Happy Father’s Day social media content has to come directly from your business. In fact, the 4-1-1 rule of social media states that you’ll want plenty of reshared posts mixed in with your original content.

That being said, it won’t take long to find plenty of fun Father’s Day photos or videos from other local business accounts or influencers that you can reshare to your page. For example, you could make your audience smile with a silly Father’s Day fail video.

happy fathers day social media posts - reposting dad meme example


10. Shoutout your customers

If any of your loyal customers are doting dads and willing to be featured, you could shout them across your business’s pages. If an individual customer doesn’t come to mind, it’s okay to show your appreciation for all your customers who are father figures too. The main point with this specific Happy Father’s Day post idea is that you show your followers you care about your customers and see them as people with families that matter. These Father’s Day Instagram captions from WordStream can help you out.

happy fathers day social media posts - small business thanking customers in instagram caption


11. Partner with a dad-owned business

Reach out to a local dad-owned business within your community to do a social media partnership for the day. You could tag them on Instagram, and have them do the same for you, to share the follower wealth. If the business complements your own, you could even run a small referral program between your two customer bases and promote it on social media.

happy fathers day social media posts - small business partnership instagram tags for fathers day


12. Dish out “dad jokes”

Humor in marketing should always be your default when you want to increase your social media interactions. In fact, over 50% of consumers are more likely to remember and enjoy a piece of content if they find it funny. A simple photo made in Canva that tells a dad joke, or a quick video of you or your employees telling a dad joke, will be a highlight on your followers’ feeds.

happy fathers day social media posts - linkedin image post that features dad joke with small business logo


13. Promote your Father’s Day event

Build your brand community with a family-friendly Father’s Day event. It can be held at one of your business’s offices or store locations, or even virtually. You could include fun Father’s Day activities like a dad joke segment or gift-making for dads.

This Happy Father’s Day social media idea is helpful because you can have many posts leading up to the event for promotion, then share photos or videos after of the fun your attendees had.

fathers day social media post - small business fathers day event twitter promtion


14. Post Father’s Day gift tips

Most people will agree that the dads in their lives are the toughest people to shop for. Help your followers pick out items for the men that seemingly have everything. Plus, you can squeeze in your own product or service offering on the list.

happy fathers day social media posts - facebook small business fathers day gift promotion


15. Run a Father’s Day social media advertising campaign

If you have a bit of a marketing budget to put behind your Father’s Day social media posts, try creating some ads to work with your organic posts. For example, you could run a Father’s Day-themed Facebook Ad to reach audiences your organic posts can’t.

In fact, 93% of businesses are active on Facebook, and 86% also take advantage of Facebook advertising. This means that your competition is likely reaping the benefits of both paid and organic social media marketing during crucial holidays like Father’s Day.

fathers day social media posts - ad example


Turn Father’s Day into a social media win

There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to planning your Father’s Day marketing posts. Regardless of what your niche market may be, you won’t want to miss out on the power of Happy Father’s Day social media posts. For more help with your business’s social media marketing on Father’s Day and beyond, see how our solutions can maximize your campaign success no matter the holiday!

To recap, here are our top Happy Father’s Day post ideas:

  1. Say “thanks” to Dad
  2. Highlight a Dad in your brand’s community
  3. Run a Father’s Day contest
  4. Get personal
  5. Promote your Father’s Day sale
  6. Share a Father’s Day quote
  7. Promote a Father’s Day product or service
  8. Crowdsource Father’s Day content
  9. Repost Father’s Day funnies
  10. Shoutout your customers
  11. Partner with a Dad-owned business
  12. Dish out “dad jokes”
  13. Promote a Father’s Day event
  14. Post Father’s Day gift tips
  15. Run a Father’s Day social ad

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