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One of the biggest segments purchasing CBD products are members of affluent families. These people are between 25 and 49 years old and earn more than $75,000 per year. Many of them are caring for children or other family members and are looking for CBD to help them address common medical concerns, like stress and anxiety or sleep issues, while they navigate the busyness of daily life.

If you’re looking to get your products noticed by this important demographic, there are a few things you should know about how to reach them. In our study of over 10,000 respondents, we identified the key CBD consumer segments and their identifiers, including affluent families.

Let’s walk through some of the most important things to keep in mind while marketing CBD to affluent families.

They Start Their Search Online

Because the CBD market is still new and untested for many consumers, lots of savvy shoppers begin their search online. And members of affluent families are turning to celebrities and influencers for advice when selecting the best CBD product for them.

Forty-four percent of affluent family members read blogs and turn to celebrities’ social media feeds when searching for new wellness products. While you may not have the reach of a celebrity, you can mirror the authenticity and connection this consumer group craves through education and strong, trustworthy organic content on your website.

They Care About Reputation

Members of affluent families turn to the internet for product recommendations because they want to make sure they’re getting the very best. These consumers care about a brand’s reputation. Eighty-one percent search for a well-known brand with a strong reputation, and 80% look for seals of approval from trusted entities.

These consumers are parents of young children and have many responsibilities inside and outside the home. They want to be sure they’re using a product that will keep them healthy and won’t be dangerous to have around their children, pets, and other loved ones.

They Like a Good Bargain

Nearly half of the consumers in this category belong to a rewards program. Even though these families are successful, they’re running households, so cost is a consideration.

Think about this when you go to sell your product. If you’re selling your CBD products through your own website, are there ways that you can structure your pricing to entice cost-conscious shoppers? And if you’re partnering with other online vendors to sell your products, understand that selecting a partner with an existing loyalty program could help drive customer loyalty for your product as well.

They Prefer Certain Types of CBD Products

Most affluent family members are interested in specific types of CBD products. While products on the market currently run the gamut from oils to gum, these consumers are more likely to use CBD capsules or pills, beauty products, and beverages.

If your existing products fall into any of these categories, the affluent family demographic should be on your radar screen. If you’re hoping to reach more affluent families, consider expanding your product suite into these areas to attract their attention.

Many members of affluent families have incorporated CBD products into their lifestyles. They are busy, active people with lots of personal and professional commitments, and they rely on natural CBD products to help them stay calm, focused, and active. Understanding what motivates this important demographic can help you reach them with more effective marketing that speaks to their specific needs and concerns.

Our CBD marketing experts understand the key consumers your business wants to reach, and we have the marketing solutions to help you do just that. For more data and insights from our CBD study or to learn about our CBD marketing capabilities, contact one of our experts today.

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